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  1. Maybe it has something to do with this: Those living here can count some of the biggest names in business among their neighbours. Apart from steel tycoon Mittal (worth £14.9bn at the last count), there is property magnate Chris Lazari (£1bn), who lives a block away in the equally exclusive Winnington Road, as does Gerald Ronson (£280m). Richard Desmond (£1.9bn), press baron and owner of Express Newspapers, owns two properties on The Bishops Avenue; one, a sprawling Edwardian mansion, is being renovated by his wife Janet. guardian article
  2. Phone in discussing whistleblower
  3. I've found quite a few properties listed as POA and a few at £0. Maybe you could find out if the POA are included in the figures (they are listed in the less than £20 000 section). Here is a selection: rightmove rightmove rightmove
  4. Did May instead to allow for the lag May 2004.....20 sales May 2005.....2 sales Yes just TWO
  5. We had a few surveys done last time we were house hunting. They were full structurals but, as you say, the surveyor seemed to just keep covering his back by recommending having just about everything looked at by professionals. It seemed a waste of money. However a friend had a home buyers report done when buying her house and the surveyor missed some really obvious dry rot (even obvious to me). Consequently she threatened action against the surveyor and they coughed up the full cost of the work required (a can blame someone else if anything goes wrong.bout 4K as they needed to replace entire
  6. Is a house sold for exactly 250K liable for 3% stamp duty or does it start at £250,001?
  7. Check out these two houses. They are next door to each other. Very close to M62 and a train station and not that nice an area IMO. One is £329K (recently reduced from £350K). The other is £209K. Are the EA mad or are the vendors extremely greedy? House ONE House TWO I wonder which one will sell first.
  8. Click on my controls (on white bar just above advert), then on edit personal profile and fill in location box.
  9. A friend of mine bought at the last peak in West Derby. He was subsequently in negative equity for years, in fact the houses in his street didn't return to that value until 1999. Also, my father bought a house in Calderstones in 1992. It was a forced sale from a lady moving to an OAP home. Asking was 99K and they offered 85K; they were the only people who had viewed. The house is in a very good area and is now probably worth 400K (that's if they could sell it). Obviously this is anecdotal but I don't think Liverpool escaped the last bust completely unscathed. By the way, Apollo, I know quit
  10. As delighted said there are plenty of reductions in the local free paper. The houses I am looking at have had reductions of about 5-10%. (These houses were overpriced even at the 2004 peak so there is plenty of room to reduce). IMO this is not enough to shift them as they've been on the market for around a year already. These are the advertised prices....so they will not be on nethouseprices as they ARE NOT SALES. The transaction volumes on nethouseprices are definately down on last year (L18, L17 and L16).
  11. delighted you started this thread twice. There are more replies on the other one.
  12. Do you read the property mag "Your Move" (I think)? It makes me so angry how they can't admit that it's a bad time to buy and keep spouting such VI rubbish. But then it is obviously not going to upset the EAs who pay for all the ads. The pictures of people who work for solicitors/EAs having parties are awful too. I mean who gives a sh1t? And the restaurant reviews never ever say a bad word about anywhere, and some of them I've been to and it's difficult to believe they're talking about the same places. (Sorry if you work for them converted lurker....although Idoubt you do as you are obvio
  13. Yes, lots of properties have been on the market for at least a year. Quite a few have dropped their prices but still not sold (unsurprisingly as they are still vastly overpriced). I'm waiting a couple more years before buying, hopeful;ly the sellers will be more realistic by then. I really hope the estate agents are suffering.
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