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  1. Here we go - its "zombie armageddon" again!!
  2. Kurt where do i buy the kit from and anywhere i can go to get info on installation? L
  3. we have people here installing systems for under 1K with no explosions. They are being supplied with hot water for at least 6 months of the year. If it isn't hot enough for bacterial decontamination the gas is kicking in to bring it over 55-60. FACT But no "it cant be done - I know Ive done the research" "the world is flat - I know Ive done the research"
  4. Hi Kurt Id be grateful for this new blog! You mention insulation, what steps have you taken to insulate that can be replicated ? Lawrence
  5. why dont you leave? I think things are going to get very bad of course in the UK but where will you go? The "green shoots" will eventually come, Jeez even the "property can only go up" will come again one day. Why are so many threads on this site hijacked by end-of-the-world comments?
  6. I like this from Cameron. Jesus, if we had proper taxation on savings i.e. NONE and proper taxation on property ie Capital gains on equity think of how much better nick this country would be in now. What other sensible things could he come up with? end prescription charges? flat income tax?
  7. This is another key marker in proper value eh? This is also a major problem in the social structure or should I say de-structure in UK Plc. You cant put a roof over your head and have kids. No kids = fokked pension industry working parents = problem kids problem kids = lack of respect, hoodies and all that. Now we have the wrong people have legions of kids because they are on the Social = genetic re-engineering Stupid House Inflation has made us poor in many ways
  8. Some figures are nonsense in this thread. 70K for a 5 bed? Off your head mate. You would have been just like the idiots on Property Ladder with their "budget" all worked out and not worth the paper its written on. Factor at least £100 per sq foot and add the land and duty, this gives you new build type standard. Self build is usually more as self build plots are often uneven and need clearing and people often overspend on the little extras and dont want the box with four walls. New build is not crap. All property was "new build" once and the builder was looking for profit and not spending a penny more than needed. Tall ceilings are expensive to heat nowadays! Old is not necessarily better. Developing used to based on 1 third land, 1 third material and labour, 1 third profit before fees. Nowadays this profit has decreased due to land cost becoming more like 1 half of the cost.
  9. The South East is where the majority of the "nations wealth" is and so the majority of the people. This density of people per square mile pushes up the asking price for land/residential building sites. This is not exclusive to the SE area, the "golden triangle" in harogate/leeds area another example.
  10. I think you can work house cost price on £100 per square foot + land price + stamp duty. So that works about £100K + land + duty cost price for a small new build 3 bed. That is a likely floor and seems about right given average earnings (average FTB's would probably by a new build 2 bed) Obviously its the land prices that influence the price more than anything and its this that reflects population density and where the bubble builds. South East = financial services = loads of money = loads of people = land price bubble = house price bubble. To me a 30-40% drop is inevitable now from the peak and we are in the resignation phase now. This would give a good correction and would lead to more winners than losers. Also to me 70% drop is going to put most purchasers in at least the last 10+ years into negative equity. For the UK (we are not Japan) this would have to be part of a SEVERE recession with MAJOR bankruptcies and unemployment. The "housing market" will cease to exist as credit would cease do to bank busts from bad debts. Repo-auction sales to the cash buyers will be the norm. The question will be why would anyone want to own a house in this theoretical basket case country? So I think it comes down to how many redundancies, bankruptcies and repos there are. The underpinning effect will come from negative equity stagnating the market.
  11. I own a property I inherited. I didnt sell a year and a half ago as it was let to the long-term tennants the place came to me with. I thought it not right to tell them to move out but now they have given notice. I have had it valued and the EA has suggested a price a full 30% less than the peak. The rent is likely down 5-10%. Not sure what to do, I'd market it to sell if I thought it actually would. I am starting to think that property is going to become worthless as no-one will be able to buy due to lack of funds.
  12. 9000 banks collapsed in the US in the depression, was the Army on the streets? Were the streets littered with corpses? Get real. If your out of debt with some money handy you could well profit from this.
  13. Stop reading this site. Hey presto you'll feel much better.
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