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  1. Not everyone takes a package holiday you know. What you don't realise if you aren't single is that there is a whole holiday industry that caters for people not going away with kids. You can go to adult only Mark Warner sites, take a lifestyle holiday such as yoga, painting, hiking, diving or drop into the backpacker thing and chill out in Asia or S America for a couple of weeks. Or you can go on holiday with friends whether they have kids or not. I'd happily take a holiday with my goddaughter and family even though I have no desire to have children of my own. Or you can visit friends or family in other countries.
  2. Does anyone have any data on the proportion of recent homebuyers who have variable rate mortgages versus those on fixed rates? And if they are largely on fixed rate, what length of fixed rate is typical?
  3. I think you only value something in your accounts if you have bought it as an investment. If you have created it by building a business it isn't valued at market value each year so you can generate a large paper profit on sale. So selling a [profitable part of the business like BGI has created a one off profit. But obviously you then don't have the ability to generate BGI's profits in future years. It's a bit like selling your right arm - it's easy money but affects future productivity. The deal with the toxic assets being seperated into another company insulate the bank from future volatility in those assets values but presumably if they really tank there will be a clause which comes into effect which will cause Barcalys to take a loss. But they won't have to add in +£100m this year then down £200m next year, then up or down £50m the next year etc
  4. I am thinking of getting one of these bonds. Is there any reason I shouldn't get the top paying 5 yr bond? If I can get my money back anytime and lose only 90 days interest isn't 5 years preferable to 1 yr bond? Or could the government change the terms and keep my cash for the whole 5 years???
  5. 700 houses sold for £180m. So average selling price of £257k. I didn't realise 2 and 3 bedders in ashford were so expensive...
  6. From nethouse prices: New sale on Thornhill Square Address Details More Info 43 Thornhill Square, Islington, London, Greater London, N1 1BE £1,550,000 Detached Freehold Not New Build 06-Mar-2009 Map (N1 1BE )
  7. Why would you sell two flats now which have been rented out successfully for several years? Perhaps even Tony is short on readies?
  8. Maybe not £4bn a month. Per the Beeb Q1 08 was only £5.2bn so perhaps the growth to £10bn in Q3 was people shoring up their day to day finances and getting some readies in the bank for a rainy day before tightening their belts. And the £5bn in Q1 could have been partly due to people getting a cash fund ready. What were the 2007 figures? Edit: now I've re read the Beeb article I see the £10bn WAS 2007 - bumpy ride ahead!
  9. 38, work in Finance for a London bank. Rent in N1 for £325 a week but was living with a friend until recently for £800 a month including all bills. Never owned a place as been waiting for this crash for abot 5 years! Saved for years so have a chunky deposit for when the time is right. Loving the fact that my friends - who previously thought I was overly cautious because I wouldn't buy - are now quite envious of my flexibility and that I'm not concerned by potential job insecurity.
  10. I need to move some funds around due to recent takeovers and being over the £35k limit. Today I applied for 2 new accounts at ING Direct and Citibank. I assume ING is covered by EU law and toppped up by FSCS if needed so safe to £35k? Or am I being naive here? And does anyone know about Citi? Are they covered by FSCS? Do all accounts require a certified passport copy these days? Also I read that the Irish Gov has increased compensation to Eur 100k. Are UK resident account holders open to that level of compensation? And is Ireland too high a risk now too?
  11. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle4831474.ece 'John Lewis Partnership, which owns the Waitrose supermarket chain as well as the famous employee-owned department stores, said sales had plummeted since the financial storm of last week, when Lehman Brothers went into administration and HBOS was rescued by Lloyds TSB. '
  12. Been lurking for a year or so. Been waiting to buy for seven! Came back from travelling in Oz in 2001 wanting to get back on the career ladder in banking and buy. Wasn't a good time in the banking market and had to temp for a while before taking a less than ideal permanent job. Toyed with idea of buying but was never the right time. Either didn't want to live in what I could afford and then was waiting till my relationship was at the right stage to buy together. Didn' t want to get in at the top of the market so waited and waited (and saved and saved). Finally the falls are coming but am now getting concerned it's all getting too bearish. I don't want to lose my deposit! Currently renting in Central London. Vague plan is to watch the bad news coming, stay out of trouble jobwise - I work for what has so far been a safe bank - and hopefully buy at the bottom of the market in 2010. Am hoping that's when the bottom will be...
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