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  1. yeah, i'm not entirely convinced the housebuilders will fancy btl all that much.
  2. for most of the decade because my personal financial circumstances didn't allow it. When the brief window of opportunity opened i was perhaps a bit too cautious for my own good. although i'm not one to worry or try and fret others too much about 'missing the boat' there are always opporunities that come up.
  3. I have nothing to gain in reporting good news in order to spin a postitive hpi VI. Because i don't have a VI, i'm a potential FTB. i suspect i'm one of only a couple or three bulls on this forum who don't own a property and never have done. When did you win the lottery aka STR ?
  4. as soon as i read the above i somehow knew you'd talk shit for the remainder of the post. you didn't dissapoint.
  5. i'm sorry, what is it EA's don't want us to see ? All i can see is a chart which someone has scribbled on.
  6. that's the general idea isn't it ? Govt like the UK calls the shots not Mr Bond.
  7. but then nodoby can predict the future. So why throw stones specifically at an EA or EA's who aren't trying to do that. They're just telling you how it is, if you don't like it.....shut your ears.
  8. @HonestEA I've only just read your Jan 17th post, and i'd like to thank you for taking the time to post. TO other posters i'd advise they read HonestEA's post as it's more illuminating than much of the other claptrap written on here by the 'chartists' And while i don't live in your region, HonestEA, much of what you say has similarities with my area. I think there have been one or two early new year sales, but the trend appears to be a bit of a levelling off [note i'm not an EA, just following my local market] It would be great if you can continue to take the time out to make the occasional post, although i don't think your saying anything different to what's being said predominantly in the RICS surveys. Your merely confirming what some of us have already suspect is happening. But thanks, nonetheless.
  9. Your quite right, it is moral hazard. But that's not stopping the govt. paying the Interest on over 200,000 mortgages for people who are on the qualifying benefits long-term. For as long as they are on those benefits the govt. pays their mortgage. They can even get help in some cases with other loans they've taken out. Good, innit ? Bateman is quite right, it's politically very incovenient to be labelled a heartless, callous govt. intent on repo'ing thousands of people. The tories got a bad enough rap for this and for effectively forcing countless numbers of women back to work or dual income households into existence to pay for 15% interest rates, where that was possible. Now it's gone completely the other way, govts. are compensating a little too much. Zero IR's and mortgage interest holidays would be enough without effectively paying 200k+ mortgages for an indefinite period. ridiculous. What's probably more ridiculous is the number of public sector jobs still being protected, but again politically they have little other option.
  10. but i bet they'll continue to spend more on buying houses.
  11. what your really saying is your bullish on house prices. don't need to mention Argentina, just change your status.
  12. Exactly. A revaluation based on up to date market values of properties is all that's required. That quality of life thing is priced in to the market value. And you'd get proportionately fairer rates being paid as a result. Rather than being dispropotionately unfavourable to nice neighbourhood folk.
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