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  1. Oh dear, there is a 101 reasons why they wouldn't want to delay results and only one reason they would...
  2. It was lax bank lending that caused the boom, so I guess it will be a clamp down on mortgage lending that will bring prices back down. Interest rates need to rise to stop folk maxing out as much as they can spend on property. On a positive note a lot of my work mates are finding it hard to get mortgages, the banks are stress testing them on the assumption that rates will rise. FTB's are still out of the game. Sentiment still seems to be that property is a one way bet to riches, I don't think vat rises and job cuts will change this sentiment, the banks need to get into more financial trouble and change their ways. The government are trying to engineer a soft landing (possibly through inflation), THEN keep prices under control.
  3. How are they going to cut deep and still maintain GDP. Libraries for example you would think you cut those without effecting GDP and hence the tax take, but most of the cash is spent on labour, book suppliers and utilities all of which are recycled back into the economy in various different ways. For example income for the book supplier who then pays his employers, printers, writers. Then there is the librarian who then claims benifits and stops paying tax, buys less consumables. If tax take falls because of the economy GDP suffering from increased jobless and falls in government orders and contracts ie.. the book supplier. How do we stop this snowballing?
  4. Devolve Scotland and you lose the tax take, big oil wages in Aberdeen and financials in Edinburgh.
  5. The igindex site stops updating the futures a few hours after the markets close, so they should be of little relevance.
  6. I hope not! food has already jumped up in price, some Items I used to buy have jumped up in price by 100% over a short period of 2-3 years. If the government start taxing food, the tax will no doubt stay forever.
  7. As far as I know there is no way you can live in a commercial legally without getting a change of use order. If its not surrounded by residential property there is almost no chance of obtaining permission.
  8. Thanks, should they be able to give me a quick free answer? Or will I have to dip into my pockets for them to pounder the situation. What is the market cap for a garage? £40,000 seems overvalued, but how high do they?. This gargage is in a nice area of a SW English City. However a single garage in a not so nice area of the same city can be had for £7500 without the uncertainty of auction.
  9. I have found a 400 square foot double garage coming up for auction at the end of the month. I fancy the challenge of turning it into a home for myself to live in, its got water and electricity fitted, the only hurdles I can see would be sewage and planning laws preventing me living there. Has anyone ever done or investigated doing a similar thing? Guide price is £40,000
  10. The world economy at the moment reminds me of Mr Burns from the Simpsons, he's get every disease a man can contract but somehow they all balance each other out and nothing happens....
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