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  1. I forgot to mention. Ours wasn't the only offer on the property. We knocked 20% off the asking price but we were bidding against someone else.
  2. The reason why noise is such a problem here is because you can hear a pin drop. Constant noise (like traffic, planes and trains) raises noise levels and compresses them. Therefore you're not so hyper-aware as you are when you hear a peak (such as a trumpet) against complete silence. I'm fine with constant noise and actually find it quite soporific. I've lived right next to a tube line and also beneath the flight path of Heathrow. The main road is a positive for me. Not sure I'm explaining this well. I was looking for a main road for this very reason - noise levels are transient.
  3. Agreed. Wonder why the government doesn't buy the Northern Rock totally and borrow directly from TBE at 3% and do 90% mortages at 4% and 75% mortages at 3.5%. Probably multiple reasons why you can't do it however. Nice little property we're buying incidentally. Maisonette on a busy road (so constant background noise of cars) with two bedrooms downstairs and reception room/kitchen upstairs. No sign of children's toys in neighbours garden and according to EA single bloke renting upstairs. Hopefully, he doesn't play a trumpet.
  4. No, it really is a Phillip Lim... We reserved a mortgage package by the Abbey that tracks the base rate before it was withdrawn on Wednesday night because we've agreed a purchase price on a flat. Because of the 1.5% cut, the mortgage rate is 4.29%.
  5. 5.79. Actually, meaning that it's now 4.29%. Oh, and a nice skirt by Phillip Lim.
  6. Of course I'm shopping. Reserved a 5.89% tracker with the Abbey on Wed, and some nice John Smedley jumpers.
  7. *twirls* Already reserved mortage before Abbey knocked .5% off their tracker deal on Wednesday...
  8. Why not turn this into a closed forum where you have to fill in a forum membership application in order to get in? It could go something like this: Desired username: Location: Reason for joining: Describe suitable torture for an Estate Agent: Describe suitable torture for a Buy To Let Investor: Write an anecdote about HPC please: Tell a suitable joke to the forum: I mean, is this the masons? Some of us don't catch Panorama because we gave up on TV as being a pile of shite some years ago and prefer to do other stuff, like work in the evenings and at weekends. Not all of us have time to pour over the press either. Martial Arts indeed. Gay as a Christmas tree, that remark. Share the love, man.
  9. That's Hotblack Desiato, isn't it? So, HPCers, take your places at table. The candles are lit, the band is playing, and as the force-shielded dome above us slides apart, revealing a dark and sullen sky, hung with the ancient light of livid, swollen stars, I can see that we are in for a fabulous evening's apocalypse...
  10. The problem is that my road doesn't feel like London. It feels like Stepford. I come from the provinces actually, and I'd miss the London vibe. I like London - I hate Britain. Strangely enough, I'd be better living somewhere noisier because noise levels compress and you don't hear the 'peaks' (a baby crying, a trumpet being played, machine gun laughter etc) so much against constant hum of traffic etc. I've lived right beside a train line in Finsbury Park when we rented for six months and found it soporific. I also lived beneath the Heathrow flight path without any issues. There is also a specific noise problem in this block that has never officially been recorded in the minutes of the block meetings in case it makes it difficult for people to sell their flats. In the 80's someone in an upper flat took someone above him to court over the noise of a cat jumping up and down, and last year, a woman in another flat paid a couple who live upstairs from her thousands for a *sound proof* floor because of the noise of a toddler. It didn't work because the only way to really sound proof anywhere is to build a room within a room. I also believe that this kind of neurosis is a female thing, not helped by increasingly being expected to work at home.
  11. I'm going to bring the keyboard back from the studio, load up a trumpet sample, whack it up full and echo back to him exactly what he's doing. That's what I'm going to do. An eye for an eye and all that. Anyways, yesterday, we had no trumpet. Oh no. Yesterday, their daughter-with-a-laugh-like-a-machine-gun went to see them and found something hysterical (as always) for hours on end. They have no class, these people. Why? Because anyone with any class would have read a copy of Viz and would have cognitively educated themselves out of sounding like The Fat Slags whenever they laugh.
  12. Eh? Well, given that we are going to move (because I'm mad and husband's having a strange one), given that we're not going to sell, given that husband seems to have an allergy to renting, and given that even Orsino and I are now eventually agreeing that I am giving a true but eccentric impression of myself, would people mind giving me the best advice under the circumstances? You know, other than just laughing/shouting? Understandably, when I first realised that (again) we had bought the wrong flat, husband and I had some rows. Not through the night rows, but some Loud Sweary ones. The trumpet player and his nose in the air wife must have heard. He only used to play the trumpet every now and then, but since that sale board has gone up, he's doing it all the time in the room right next door to ours (they have a huge house). This is a bloke in his 50's, not some child learning an instrument. And he seriously can't play, so if you're a musician who can, it grates like fingers on a blackboard. I have to play music to try and cover it, but even then you can still hear it. Yesterday, my choice was Outcaste. But I didn't particularly want to listen to Outcaste. I wanted peace and quiet. Given that this couple have a £1k + house, and must know how much we've spent on this glorified railway carriage and must also know how difficult it is for people to sell in this market (to their minds we're probably looking desperate), aren't they complete arseholes who deserve to be shot in the face? *gets up to make tea*
  13. Yeah well, very soon I suspect I'll experience the ultimate in Freedom and be fashioning a home from cardboard on The Embankment. More appealing than living next door to an inept trumpet player at the mo.
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