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  1. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/cdc24a48-2078-11...144feabdc0.html
  2. Well im going on a few holidays this year. Shall i buy USD now @ 1.40 and EUROS @1.06 Or do you think it will rise further?
  3. Well personally the NHS is shite....When i lost my voice a few yrs ago if it was for the nhs it would have taken 4months to see a ENT specialist. i was fortunate to have bupa cover and within 10days i was seen by a specialist, had an MRI SCAN had a further consultation, had me opened up (bet the surgeon loved opening up a chelsea fan since he was a gooner) and then my final consultation. I lost my voice for about 4 weeks before i went to see a specialist but after the last consultation a day or 2 later my voice was back. doc fort i had a form of cancer in the throat called lymphomia but it wasnt whooooooooop whooooooooop
  4. Very true but hopefully in none of my places. Housing association is now paying the tenants and the tenants then pays the landlord but what ive been hearing in the passed 12 months is the tenants are getting the money and not paying the rent. Then what happens. With regards to the ***** who said they would get a headed letter and make up how much they get paid and how long they have worked there for. Dont you think i would possibly ring up and make an enquiry? Im not an estate agent nor am i mug, im a good judge of character i feel and if i think your havin me on you wont be getting in.
  5. Im quite stupid But why are you so annoyed that letting agents/managing agents/landlords want references? You could be joe bloggs on the social with no form of income other than 1months deposit and 1months rent and then we're fuked. Asking for a reference of your current employer which says how long you been working there for and how much you earn annually is quite simple. Getting people to MAKE up references would make alarm bells ring. I wouldnt accept a lawyers reference/doctors etc etc I would expect a letter from your employer only and if your self employed 2/3yrs account of your business.
  6. I wouldnt say it rubbish 2007 october i completed on a property @£200k 2007 december i sold the property to the new owner @ £235 mortgage express was curious as to why i bought it so cheap but a letter from my solicitor to the buyers solicitor just basiclly said..my client put an offer up to the table (july 2007) in which he did not think would get accepted and it did. the new owner completed middle of december very good xmas/new years i have to say
  7. TBH if i was your parents i wouldnt have listened to you either. You just sound like your after there WONGA You have no experience in the business you were just pulling a rabbit out of a hat and guessing. Interest rates wont rise till at least 24/36months, they wouldnt be cutting rates for them to put them up instantly. They still have a bit to go maybe another 1point happy days. what i would say to you is, if your parents are making a profit and when they come out of the marriage period of the great rate they got when they signed up to there mortgage i would say just hold on. The market will be back, when fuk knows. in the next 10yrs..EASIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILY
  8. The euro is a fake blown up bubble. They know they need to cut rates more (eurozone) but they are trying to keep a strong currencie. FALSE ECONOMY/FALSE CURRENCY
  9. You said it perfectly. Wether prices go up or down it dont matter, but you NEED to make some form of income from the rental otherwise its pointless, your really not in it for the long term cos your going for capital appriciation. At which point you hope you bought low and sell at the top which is near impossible.
  10. you do relise if your parents sold they would have to pay tax on the profit they would make i think 40% you say to your parents that prices are going down but they never got into the BTL as a shrot term investment, im guessing they done it to have a better life when they turn pension age correct? property is a long game and not like the stock market a short game. property has cycles, as long as your paying your mortgage to date and have tenants HAPPY DAYS. Why talk about selling, They make 100k and put it in the bank doing nothing.. Unless you have ideas of gettin them to buy a new range rover sport supercharge fully customised by overfinch????
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