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  1. I missed out the most important part! I'd like to have the money returned one day, so I was hoping there was some common way of having something in the will that I'd get x amount returned to me before the remainder of the estate was shared equally between myself and two siblings. And by safe, I meant in a way that they wouldn't incur any tax from my contributions.
  2. My parents are moving from down south to up north and downsizing in an attempt to get mortgage-free and clear credit card debt. Despite the change of location and downsizing however, they can't quite achieve that goal and will still need a (small) mortgage in order to move. I'd like to find a way to help them by way of monthly contributions. What's the safest way of doing this without being on their mortgage/deeds, etc?
  3. Hi, Currently, my wife and I are both on the mortgage and on the deeds. We need to remortgage but this has turned out to be impossible due to my having bad credit from a few years ago. The reason we need to remortgage is that our current mortgage (5yr, interest only) has reached the end of it's term and we want to switch to a repayment mortgage for the same amount. Together we run a business and own 50% shares each, decent 3 year accounts available. My wife has obtained an agreement in principle as the sole applicant for a new mortgage. In 2 years, the bad credit will drop off my file and we can put things back to normal. Basically, we want to proceed on this basis, but before she makes the full application, I'm guessing we need to get my name off the deeds and the current mortgage because I can imagine that once the underwriters see my name on the current mortgage and land reg info, they'll decline or start asking questions, etc. Is this possible? Beachball75
  4. I informed my landlord after moving into my ground floor flat during first week of the tenancy that a horrible sewage smell exists in the bathroom. I have been waiting 4 months for it to be fixed. Currently, the landlord says it is major work and can't be done over night. It'll be at least another month before any action, but access won't be required to the flat for the works. On top of that, it's been very difficult to keep the flat dry. Mould grows and needs continues washing off. The flat stinks. Window vents were recently installed. I moved out two weeks ago because I couldn't stand living there. A dehumidifier has been running 24/7 since then, collecting 80 pints of water per week. The landlord has agreed to end the tenancy, but wants me to continue paying until they have moved the next poor tenant in. Do I have any rights to terminate right away and claim back rent from the time that I moved out? Environmental Health visited today. Their verdict was that the dampness was condensation. The sewage smell needs to be vented up out to the roof. If that doesn't resolve it, the ground has to be dug up; at which point I couldn't live there anyway. Have tried leaving windows open as much as possible, having heating on permanently at at least 17c, using the clothes dryer and not a clothes horse, etc. The dampness and humidity remains even though I've not lived there for 2 weeks (just visited twice per day to empty the dehumidifier). I need to find somewhere else to live sharpish, but can't afford the deposit + first month rent + agency fees without getting back the deposit and rent from the point I was forced to move out. Deposit is with TDS. What are my rights? Beachball
  5. A 250g bar (about 5k) is very small - you can easily hide them well. They're slightly bigger than credit-card sized really. The trouble (for me) with BV is that it's all too easy to feel the need to sell if the value increases, buy as it falls back...etc. With physical, I didn't have the same feeling and it's much easier to keep a hold of!
  6. If RBS were left to fail, what would happen to Coutts?
  7. Sold my business this year. Thanks...just the help I was looking for really. I'm quite out of touch with the property game, so you'll have to excuse me! I was planning to wait a couple of years, but right now I don't feel safe having money with banks so was looking at property - and was hoping to get "tomorrows price" today. I see now that 165k is too much to offer, so thanks guys.
  8. re: offering 110 or 150.... I know people on this forum always come in with whacky figures (especially 110), does anyone actually be that bold? I can imagine that if I had a viewing and then offered 110k (just 60% of the asking price) I would be laughed at. I thought I was being cheeky with 165k!
  9. Thanks for that... of course it's not a benefits scam. Anybody have a proper answer?
  10. Probably nothing but I'm sure I read that B&B and Kaupthing Edge are having a "systems upgrade" tomorrow, also...
  11. ...sorry to bump this up but if anybody has an answer I would be grateful as I was thinking of asking for a viewing tomorrow. Although I'd hate to buy right now because of potential drops, I wouldn't feel so bad about it if I could pay 10% below asking price; just not sure what a reasonable offer is at the moment! Last time I bought, the rule was to offer 5% less.... Thanks, James
  12. A 2 bed house has come up for sale over the road from where I live, through Oakleaf. It's vacant, so must have been sold through a part-ex deal with Barratt on a new rabbit hutch. It's up for 185k and before I knew it was being sold through Oakleaf (a couple of local agents also have it - saw it there first), I was thinking about offering 165k to start. Now I know it's Oakleaf, I'm not sure if they accept offers in the same way that a normal vendor would. Anyone have any recent experience dealing with Oakleaf? The house next door to it (identical) sold for £160k in mid 2006, so £185k does seem a little high? I'm cash buyer and this property would be to rent to a family member... James
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