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  1. "Median prices in the region, at $308,500, are at their lowest level since May 2003, and are 38.9% below their peak level of $505,000 reached in the spring and summer of 2007." Blimey - I thought America had been falling longer than that. After all - It's where it all started!!!!
  2. Not sure I understand your thinking here? I've had 2 kids in the last 3 years in rented accomodation. They haven't once complained about our lack of "ownership". However they have been delighted that Daddy has been able to spend weekends in their company rather than doing DIY. GET BREEDING!!!!!!!!
  3. I tried to start my first topic regarding this the other day. Unfortunately it did not appear. I can only assume that the moderators were not keen on the use of the word "Turd" in the title? Anyway - Taylor Wimpey really can't have long left now......
  4. http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/fds/hi/...764/default.stm
  5. Neither do I. As I said previously prices have been driven by a huge wave of cheap money being made available to anyone and everyone.
  6. Very good - do you own a car? Do you have children that are crammed into classrooms designed for class sizes 60% smaller? I don't own a house so that does not effect me, however overcrowding (especially in the South East) does. Also if we were building quality housing that blendid with surroundings I'm sure there would be fewer complaints. But who wants Mr Barratt/Wimpey camped at the end of their garden. The vast majority of this boom has been fuelled by cheap credit being made available to every Tom, Dick and Harry.
  7. I'm sure their attitude will be the same as the email address - Go whistle mate!!!!
  8. Not so sure about that - I live in Chesham and I can see prices falling and quite quickly. The type of house now appearing at the 425k mark are far superior to 12 months ago. There is a house on my road that has been reduced from 350k to 299k in a fairly short space of time. This is going to be big!!
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