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  1. Hi there,

    I'm a long time (2004) lurker who has just had an offer accepted.

    We have been renting the property for the last 3 years and it is the first property we have not wanted to leave. It is currently, easily, large enough for our family of 4 with massive potential. It is a bungalow with a huge untouched loft space and a wide south west facing 120ft plot.

    The current owner bought the property in Feb 2003 (£305000.00) and subsequently had a conservatory (£10,000.00) added together with other works of an estimated £5,000.00-10,000.00 (driveway, garden, gates and bathroom).

    The offer we have had accepted is£335000.00. Even without spending money on the property he has made just over 1.2% per year.

    We have been renting together for 11 years now and in that time have never stayed in a house longer than 18 months. I do not feel that the time has been wasted. Touch wood, we will be able to now decorate the house in our own style and live in it for the rest of our lives.

    I never imagined for a moment as a young family we would end up buying a bungalow but through renting that is what is about to happen!!

    Fingers crossed the mortgage will go through.............



  2. Not really too fussed by the indicies to be honest.

    Last November the house we are renting was valued at £385,000. Last week it was valued (by the same estate agents) at £360,000.

    That is during a time when prices were generally rising, not falling.

    I expect it to be nearer £320,000 in May next year when I plan to negotiate with the landlord to buy it <_<

  3. From the spec:

    The ground floor of the property has been built up with comprehensive specification of tanking and pumped overflow/sump arrangements in the sub floor structure to restrict any flood potential.

    In other words, its uninsurable against flood :D

    I'd like to know how they have tested with wonderful piece of engineering?

    "Shit Shiela the tanking and pumped overflow/sump arrangements in the sub floor structure to restrict any flood potential don't appear to be working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  4. In my place too:


    22 May 2010 Price changed: from 'Guide Price £325,000' to 'Guide Price £275,000'

    14 May 2010 Price changed: from 'Guide Price £300,000' to 'Guide Price £325,000'

    20 April 2010 Price changed: from 'Guide Price £325,000' to 'Guide Price £300,000'

    13 April 2010 Price changed: from '£325,000' to 'Guide Price £325,000'

    09 April 2010 Status changed: from 'Available' to 'Premium Listing'

    08 April 2010 Initial entry found.

    Oh my God - what have they done to the Garden? It looks like they have taken advise from Laurence LLewelyn-Bowen FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hilarious :lol::blink::lol:

  5. I can't see clearly at the moment... we have a baby on the way and I keep dreaming of doing up a baby bedroom.

    Also, a couple turned up earlier to view the property next door to us, with a newborn baby! It just looked so right and I was wishing I was in their shoes :unsure:

    Am I losing my marbles? If so please talk me out of it :)

    Bonkers mate.

    You've got 4 years before you need to worry about schools. Junior will not give a flying as to where he/she is. Sit tight , relax and watch it all unwind.

    Good luck with parenthood!!!!

  6. I'd rather live there than in nearby Chesham (Buckinghamshire) which has the tube line into London, local plod I know there can't wait to move away from the area its horrible.

    I have lived in Chesham for 4 years and actually quite like it. Sure it has its rough edges but that is part of the appeal. I used to live in Amersham before that and absolutely detested the sanitised feel of it. Berkhamsted is not all it's cracked up to be. There are some fairly shitty estates scattered around all corners if you look. It also does not benefit from the Grammar School system that Chesham does.


  7. My Mum waited well over a year and half for hip replacement. When it happened, I couldn't believe

    the conditions in the hospital. I'm not convinced things are better, just cost more.

    My Nan went into the now infamous Maidstone hospital just before Xmas 2006, for a hip replacement, as a healthy if old lady. She died on January 2nd 2007 from Cdif.

    The conditions in the hospital were absolutely disgusting and a disgrace to our country. My mother worked in the NHS for 25 years and she could not believe what she was seeing.

    Utter B******s

  8. Check this one out:

    Lot 112

    Dunstable 15 Farriers Way, Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire LU5 5FF

    This property was bought new in October 2003 for £175,000.00


    It sold at auction for £126,000.00. That is a massive 28% lower than the original price 5 years ago !! :o:o:o


    Unfortunately prices do not go back any further as it is a new build. However we must be looking at 2002 as a minimum??

  9. Yes, pure nonsense, something for the "consumption/IPlod generation" to Bray about at dinner parties. Soon no one who bought a property within the last ten years(and hasn`t sold) is going find anything remotely amusing about house swop websites (and certainly not HPC websites) and many egos are going to be very deflated. I`m sensing some of the middle class swagger in Edinburgh turning to a "not sure if I`ve pooed myself" type of swagger. All good stuff.


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