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  1. Mods - could you please delete this thread now? the time has passed. Thanks so much.
  2. Dear all, the Worcester News is running a story on Monday about young(ish) people being priced out of the local market. Is there anyone out there in the Faithful city who would be prepared to give the newspaper a quote? It would need to be with a name, and to to the point (no essays, please!) If you can help, please e-mail [email protected] by Sunday lunchtime. Thanks in advance.
  3. Go on! Buy British! http://www.morgan-motor.co.uk/carpages/evagt/evagtcar.html
  4. Doesn't that mean "my thing operated more effectively when I was beneath my colonel"? Either way, it's a sad day for Northern Africa.
  5. RIP brother leader. You will be missed. What's the Arabic for "Things were better under the colonel"?
  6. Do you think he's lying about his age? He looks a lot older than 36. I would have guessed 56 from the picture.
  7. Start with a sharp, clear focus: The madness of Phil and Kirsty returning to our screens and acting like it's 2003. As you gently mock this pair, you can casually draw in some of the serious issues. It could make for a highly amusing piece, with some hard edges.
  8. To be fair (argh, this hurts) they've taken a lot of stick (often from their core supporters) over their continuing foreign aid budget. About the only thing they refused to cut, wasn't it? Anyway, back to reality. I'm still swallowing down a little bit of sick.
  9. There's a word that's much over-used these days, that I tend to avoid. But the old Saab 900 Turbos (particularly in black) were AWESOME. I had a beauty for a few years, until it was written off by a 17-year-old chav crashing into it while I was stationary at a junction. I will always miss it. Can I say it again? AWESOME. In fact, I'll go further, and use a word I've never uttered outside discussions of early Icelandic heroic verse - it was EPIC.
  10. noddage

    Darius Guppy

    .... well worth a read. I suspect he may have been a visitor to this forum over the years. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/comment/darius-guppy-growth--it-aint-happening-2295967.html
  11. We're all talking about it - I would say that's pretty much the definition of "newsworthy". (oh, and don't forget that this is a local paper - the alternative story might have been about chimney fire that had extinguished itself before firecrews arrived, or somesuch)
  12. No wife, no kids, and money in the bank. Why don't you go and see something of the world for a while? Perhaps somewhere in South America - British English speakers are very much in demand for teaching. Get a job, cover a proportion of your costs, have a lot of fun and come back with Spanish as a second language and something interesting to talk about at your next job interview when you get home.
  13. Sorry to reply to myself - but I just walked past the chair where Lulu always used to sit. Lulu was a very grumpy but very loveable little dog. She died a few months ago. It just made me think; sod it. I don't care how many per cent I might save on any house purchase. Lulu's gone. No amount of annual falls in house prices will bring her back.
  14. Pick up the keys tomorrow, I just don't care anymore. Been waiting for far too long. Sod's law will come into play now. Ten years waiting, now prices will fall. I don't care. Merry Christmas.
  15. The other day I was talking to this bloke in the pub and he said, in all seriousness: "What's the point of that? It's like wiping your **** before you get into the shower."
  16. The picture above (for the trailer) really illustrates one of my big bug-bears. Why does everyone in a position of power feel the need to wear a charcoal-grey suit? Nobody has ever dictated this as a style of dress for the managerial class, but yet they still do it. The only other context in which men dress with such uniformity is black-tie balls. But I thought that was so nobody would upstage the ladies. So, who are these people trying not to upstage? Or is the world run by people who are afraid to wear a nice harris tweed jacket with cords, or a smart blue Nehru suit? Or a rakish purple velvet smoking jacket with cravat? Where does this conformity come from? It's everywhere. What's going on with the charcoal grey? And what is most sickening is how they use their ties to send subiminal messages. For example, look at any footage from just before the Iraq war, and all our politicians were wearing pale blue ties. About the same blue as the United Nations use. Or Gordon Brown, suddenly swapping his red tie for a purple one, to show that he could merge red with blue. I'm not sure, but didn't Cameron start wearing yellow ties when the Coalition was being forged? I think one of the greatest HPC nuggets of wisdom (apologies, I can't remember who said it first) is DON'T TRUST ANYBODY WEARING A TIE. And, more specifically when it comes to estate agents - the bigger the knot, the less they deserve your trust.
  17. I missed it. And so have no opinion.
  18. I think this is very true of the States. Everybody I know who has tried to live there has ended up tearing their hair out trying to find 'real' food. They tell the bread is awful, the cheese is artificial, the milk is a weird white liquid and it's hard to find real vegetables. And this is a country that laughs at British food. I've only spent a few days in America about five years ago. It was a long weekend in NY with a friend who lives there - I was en route to Haiti. Haiti seemed more normal to me - particularly the food. The only meal in the States I can specifically remember was a 'chicken diablo'. The chef was skipping around me warning me about how hot it was, and how I wouldn't be used to it, being from England. It wasn't, it was actually seven (yes seven!) chicken breasts in a slightly spicey tomato sauce. The chicken breasts had this really weird reconstituted texture. I couldn't work out if they were mechanically recovered chicken protein or the real thing. But, really, a dish for one person, with seven chicken breasts in? Absolutely obscene. I managed one and a half of them, before the roof of my mouth furred up with some horrible gelatinous substance. Really, really, deeply unpleasant. One thing I promised myself then was: If I do end up with diabetes, it's going to be because of good old-fashioned booze.
  19. But, and this is a big but, Boris does redeem himself - slightly - with this sentence: The last year of the Labour government was the worst for building new housing for 40 years. And when the economy takes off again, as it undoubtedly will, that shortage of new homes will combine with a growing population to produce the most almighty spike in prices – and young people will be less able than ever to buy a home. That is - for me at least - a genuine fear. And I say that as somebody currently buying a house. I don't care about 40pc falls - bring them on for all of our sakes - I just want to decorate. My mortgage is only 30pc of the place I'm buying, and it's where I want to be. I'm happy to see prices fall. But it they fall too quickly, I think there will suddenly be a lot of 'sleeping' money suddenly arrive in the market, creating the whole nonsense over again. I'm just so sick and tired of the whole thing, my only refuge is going to be building shelves and unblocking drains. And I'm currently in the process of being dumped - by an estate agent. Just so tired. So very, very tired. I just want to paint walls in magnolia.
  20. No, not really canny. My family going back for years were market gardeners. Dirt poor subsistence farmers - in any other country they would be called peasants. They broke their backs on this land for generations growing sprouts. Most of their land was rented, but they had a few acres. When my grandparents' generation passed away, it turned out that there was one acre for each of the grandchildren (of three brothers). It just happens this land is a part of the 27-acre site that's going to be built on. Anyway, chickens aren't hatched yet - the developers could yet go bust.
  21. So, mortgage confirmed. I remain a bear. Within 20 minutes of confirming the mortgage my windfall comes in - district council gives go-ahead for 508 houses, where I own one acre of land. I already have an option on it (or, rather they do - they gave me 30 grand a few years ago) so,I'll get about 400k, minus 10 per cent. I kid you not, this all happened within 30 minutes. (NOTE: Chickens haven't hatched yet, the money isn't in the bank) Personally, I'm relaxed. The house I'm buying is a bargain (relatively) at 145k and my mortgage is only 65k. (and I decided that without any thought of the windfall, it was just the most amazing co-incidence it happened within the same hour.) To repeat: I'm still a bear, but I'm so tired of all this, and I want to buy a sofa.
  22. http://www.oobject.com/category/depressing-million-dollar-london-property "It's October 2010 and Chinese property booms while most of the Western world’s houses have shrunk to more realistic levels. In the US, homes have ceased to be ATMs to buy oriental barbecues, but in Britain, a crowded island with a cultural attachment to carving out a personal defensible space Englishmen’s homes are still castles, with prices to match. As US housing prices adjusted, UK ones, faltered then regained their losses smack in the middle of the recession. This time things look different, with last month seeing the largest dip in housing prices in history. Perhaps prices in Britain will go up forever, or perhaps Britain will be like Japan, another crowded island which had the same phenomenon and where eventual capitulation resulted in a crash where property is worth less than a decade ago?"
  23. "Camoron" Can you stop this playground thing of miss-spelling people's names in an attempt to be funny or satyrical? Please, it's never in the slightest bit amusing. Like Gordon Clown or Mandleslime or Hilarity Clit-on or Ed Balls, it's just pathetic. And not at all amusing. It's the sort of thing you do at primary school. Please stop it, hilltwat, this site should be better than that.
  24. There was a picture on a few news websites (apologies, I don't know how to copy them onto here) in which he was with his wife in a doorway. It was only after I read the caption that I realised it wasn't his mum. To be fair to the loser, he doesn't look a day over 30. But his wife could easily be in her late 50s. I would imagine he's probably going to spend a fair bit of time now getting all that doo-dar he's been holding off from for the sake of his career. God knows, I would. As a rising political star he would have been fighting them off with a shitty stick for the last few years. But will those lovely dewey-skinned interns still be interested in him now? Or will his brother be phoning him up on his mobile saying: "Hi Dave, I'm just hanging out the back of that girl Jenny who helped your leadership campaign. It's ace!" I know I would be. Arf arf.
  25. The comments after the article are worth a read. I have just spent a thoroughly enjoyable 20 minutes going through them. There were a few names I recognise from here, and it was all good rough'n'tumble stuff. But not many people contradicting AEP, with any conviction or sound argument. (bearing in mind his up-front apology for being wrong in the past) However, they're worth a read, just for thought-provoking entertainment's sake.
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