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  1. Mods - could you please delete this thread now? the time has passed. Thanks so much.
  2. Dear all, the Worcester News is running a story on Monday about young(ish) people being priced out of the local market. Is there anyone out there in the Faithful city who would be prepared to give the newspaper a quote? It would need to be with a name, and to to the point (no essays, please!) If you can help, please e-mail [email protected] by Sunday lunchtime. Thanks in advance.
  3. Go on! Buy British! http://www.morgan-motor.co.uk/carpages/evagt/evagtcar.html
  4. Doesn't that mean "my thing operated more effectively when I was beneath my colonel"? Either way, it's a sad day for Northern Africa.
  5. RIP brother leader. You will be missed. What's the Arabic for "Things were better under the colonel"?
  6. Do you think he's lying about his age? He looks a lot older than 36. I would have guessed 56 from the picture.
  7. Start with a sharp, clear focus: The madness of Phil and Kirsty returning to our screens and acting like it's 2003. As you gently mock this pair, you can casually draw in some of the serious issues. It could make for a highly amusing piece, with some hard edges.
  8. To be fair (argh, this hurts) they've taken a lot of stick (often from their core supporters) over their continuing foreign aid budget. About the only thing they refused to cut, wasn't it? Anyway, back to reality. I'm still swallowing down a little bit of sick.
  9. There's a word that's much over-used these days, that I tend to avoid. But the old Saab 900 Turbos (particularly in black) were AWESOME. I had a beauty for a few years, until it was written off by a 17-year-old chav crashing into it while I was stationary at a junction. I will always miss it. Can I say it again? AWESOME. In fact, I'll go further, and use a word I've never uttered outside discussions of early Icelandic heroic verse - it was EPIC.
  10. noddage

    Darius Guppy

    .... well worth a read. I suspect he may have been a visitor to this forum over the years. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/comment/darius-guppy-growth--it-aint-happening-2295967.html
  11. We're all talking about it - I would say that's pretty much the definition of "newsworthy". (oh, and don't forget that this is a local paper - the alternative story might have been about chimney fire that had extinguished itself before firecrews arrived, or somesuch)
  12. No wife, no kids, and money in the bank. Why don't you go and see something of the world for a while? Perhaps somewhere in South America - British English speakers are very much in demand for teaching. Get a job, cover a proportion of your costs, have a lot of fun and come back with Spanish as a second language and something interesting to talk about at your next job interview when you get home.
  13. Sorry to reply to myself - but I just walked past the chair where Lulu always used to sit. Lulu was a very grumpy but very loveable little dog. She died a few months ago. It just made me think; sod it. I don't care how many per cent I might save on any house purchase. Lulu's gone. No amount of annual falls in house prices will bring her back.
  14. Pick up the keys tomorrow, I just don't care anymore. Been waiting for far too long. Sod's law will come into play now. Ten years waiting, now prices will fall. I don't care. Merry Christmas.
  15. The other day I was talking to this bloke in the pub and he said, in all seriousness: "What's the point of that? It's like wiping your **** before you get into the shower."
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