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  1. Have you got a link to that EU document? Customs is different to regulatory harmonisation..
  2. Sure? Interesting to see who the authors are... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Britannia_Unchained
  3. Does "free trade" truly exist? (which is what this govt it hoping on)...or is it based on regional and global norms, of which the European Union is a major player?
  4. Heard of the "Brussels effect"? we are in its regulatory orbit, whether we like it or not..
  5. Indeed, but we will end up needing a pragmatic, close and comprehensive relationship with our nearest neighbours, which will now take a decade or so to sort out (and not with this govt). This question is purposely being avoided & skirted around - but an answer will need to be found at some point (something that I've said on here for years now), especially as the TCA is not suitable for the UK, long term. This govt (and parties of all colours) keep going on about climate change et al. but does it make sense that we're now looking to drag products half way around the world, whilst try
  6. Potentially a shift of food imports into NI from ROI & single market, until there's an agreed comprehensive SPS agreement between NI & GB - but I can't see that happening under this govt, as its stance is ideological.
  7. ...and replace it with? They'd be fallout...I suspect, ultimately, Johnson will cave, especially if the US places more pressure on him. Then there's entry into CPTPP...that's put into jeopardy, if we can't honour our agreed treaty commitments.
  8. Third country is third country. "Mutual recognition" isn't going to happen either... Every other third country will be wanting the same treatment... https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/default/files/20210518_coloured_table_agreements_with_third_countries_in_sps_area.pdf
  9. The knock on effects are going to be felt awhile longer... https://theloadstar.com/ever-given-rises-with-the-tide-and-uncorks-the-suez-canal-freeing-357-ships/
  10. All the networks have their own foibles and good and bad points...
  11. For twenty quid a month for all unlimited, it's probably the best value out there at at the moment..
  12. Go to Smarty instead...Twenty quid a month all in... https://smarty.co.uk/plans/unlimited
  13. Interesting to see how the process works... Issues like this may well put doubts in people's minds, about Boris's "global Britain"...putting emphasis on the far east in particular...
  14. Not everyone is using a "work" laptop. They could well be using their own laptop, and using a VPN to dial into the network. Or they are using something like Office 365 (office suite & email / Zoom / Teams).
  15. This one? Would the Russians like it? And isn't it frozen for much of the year?
  16. Is it going to be a week or two, or longer? If longer, will the TEUs need to be removed? There's already a massive shortage of TEUs, which have pushed their prices up from $1500 to around $9000. It'll also push up the prices of goods and commodities, especially when you have to factor in the extra cost (and time) of going round the Western Cape. Such a diversion adds the best part of three weeks on to a journey...
  17. There will be a push somewhat, from certain quarter for this type of monitoring to become the norm..unless there's specific legislation to prevent it..
  18. The thin end of the wedge... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/mar/26/teleperformance-call-centre-staff-monitored-via-webcam-home-working-infractions
  19. A drop in trade was seen as a minor consideration, but the fact is that, as of yet been recognised, is that the EU is, perhaps the most influential global trader player. Not just at national, but at a global level. They have perhaps the main hand in writing the playbook that most of the world then follows. For instance, the WTO appellate body is not overly effective, and is slightly toothless. What the EU does, is to take these WTO rules, and writes them into all their agreements, but with a more effective enforcement mechanism. Even with us outside, they determine how the UK moves for
  20. It'll be an excuse to push up prices in order to keep that mark-up up..
  21. The European Union is implementing a carbon border fees plan | World Economic Forum (weforum.org) What's the betting that we introduce an equivalent regime...effectively pushing up the price of materials?
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