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  1. I corrected my post. We'd have to deploy an emergency suspension of checks on medicines via the WTO.. On pretty much anything else, all goods from third countries have to be treated the same.
  2. It'll have to get emergency suspension on medicines via the WTO..
  3. Can she go against the red lines she set out in her Lancaster House speech?
  4. What a shame.... https://www.mortgageintroducer.com/brexit-cost-london-landlords-1800-rental-growth/
  5. I think we'll run out of time.. I think we'll have to go out before the parliament starts treating this seriously. The remain option will be gone, and JRM and alike will eventually be out on their ear by the amount of lies they have been spreading..
  6. Their decision of remaining within it has been poisoned by the ultras within the remain and leave camps..
  7. Are we going to remain in the single market or not? Seeing as we wont be, then the withdrawal agreement is pretty much the best we were going to get. No punishment - its the byproduct of leaving the SM whilst the EU being able not to breach existing FTAs with other third countries under treaty law..
  8. The EU cannot force us to take on the single market. I think we are going to have to go out with nowt, and realise how damaging that is, then rebuild from there. If we'd have accepted the EEA off the bat, I suspect it would have shortened the process by 5 to 10 years..
  9. A two tier Europe - eventually. A no deal pushes that out even further and delays the process.
  10. Yup, otherwise the likes of Canada, Korea, and the rest of the world will want the same treatment under MFN..
  11. The EU will treat the UK as a third country, just like any other...

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