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  1. They aren't going to give a third country the same access to the single market as they do for a single market member...
  2. Karlsson, IIRC, was a signatory of Plan A+ (of JRM / David et al.). There’s customs controls and then there’s Sanitary and Phytosanitary controls. Something that papers like these don’t usually address.
  3. Indeed, but then do you overly put your trust in supply chains that are 6,000 miles long? (especially in this current climate), and you typically do the most trade with those closest to you..
  4. The TCA binds us into a myriad of global conventions, guidelines, frameworks, that keeps us in lock step with the EU. We could diverge from that, but then expect the zero tariff zero quota bit to go as a starter.
  5. Having to speak to the too numerous to count customer services "hotlines" over the last two years has really been irksome. Having to wait anything from 20 mins to 1 hour in order to speak to someone (where I then get cut off)... Suffering appalling line quality or the constant barking of dogs in the background..
  6. Don’t forget that a “full brexit” has yet been established. We are still letting goods through. We still don’t have the infrastructure to perform sps checks et al.…or that that the new third country visa regime has yet started..
  7. Add a one at the front of that number... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/6260516.stm
  8. They don't know...so do people think that Labour are still the saviours?
  9. A full Brexit has not yet happened yet - which is supposed to come in to effect by July 2022, where checks are applied to EU goods. At the moment, its an open door.
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