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  1. Its a by product of leaving the single market. It seems as if the UK were looking at using mode 4 under WTO... WTO | Services: Movement of natural persons Lobbying Update: Another Week, Another Brexit Argument | The MU - Musicians' Union
  2. The main stream acts will have their lackeys to arrange all the carnets et al... Its the small acts that get their names around Europe are knackered.. 70% of their income comes from playing live.. The next industry to kick off like this, will be F1..
  3. ...So the French are anticipating queues of at least 30 miles on their side...
  4. Did the UK ask for free movement between UK & Australia? First blow for post-Brexit Britain as Australia rejects trade deal (thelondoneconomic.com)
  5. If you look at the TCA - both the EU and UK are committed to following global standards, in pretty much every part of its relationship. If the UK diverges, then punitive tariffs kick in, and perhaps even cross retaliation. We're technically out of the ECJ's jurisdiction, however, the equivalent probably has almost equal bite. Thus divergence is going to be small. Another threshold has to be met, is rules of origin. These have to be met in order to qualify for zero tariff. So, we're on the same trajectory as the EU. but we aren't in the single market - which doesn't make a huge amoun
  6. U.S. Recreational Marijuana Tax Revenue - A Deep Dive [2020] (ais-cpa.com) It could bring in much needed revenue...
  7. Constant dialogue in order to make our lives a little bit easier post transition is always welcome..
  8. It almost becomes a word salad... I feel really sorry for the SMEs who have to navigate all this...the big boys will be able to navigate through it...
  9. How the UK will work as a third country with the EU... December_BordersOPModel_Medium.pdf (publishing.service.gov.uk) ...with examples in all their glory...
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