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  1. This is the same govt that entrusted Chris Grayling to setup the ferry services...
  2. Manston airport is going to look pretty full in January.... I don't think Starmer is an article 49 kind of chap...
  3. Canada / Australia don't have JIT supply chains with the EU... Its basically the only trade agreement in history that will put up trade barriers. Non tariff barriers will be kicker. We'll be spending the next ten years (probably under a Starmer govt) rebuilding the relationship. The no dealers need their fun in the sun for five minutes..
  4. Yes, I am, but they are thousands of miles away... I take it you know what the single market is? ...and what a third country is? (I've had this conversation hundreds of times over the last four years)...The UK has decided to come out of it, but still wanting its benefits, but without accepting any of the obligations...When the EU doesn't offer this, then the UK kicks off.. This isn't the greatest time in ruining our exports further...
  5. What is a "mutually beneficial deal" especially when the UK wants nothing to do with the single market?
  6. We shall see...it would be a huge gamble on our industries. Are we looking at getting our head blown off, as well as our legs and arms?
  7. Whether we like it or not (and I was a remainer come keen leaver) is that we share a border with them. The last thing we want to do absolutely screw our exports - something that we are going to have nurse over the next ten years.
  8. ...New trade agreements will be based on biosecurty. Coronavirus has thrown this "global Britain" idea (promoted by the likes of John Redwood) into folly. You always do the most trade with your nearest neighbour, and I'm of thinking of the short, medium and long term...
  9. Do we want to destroy our supply chains even further, at precisely the time when we need them?
  10. If you use China for example. They went into lockdown on the 23rd January, and are just starting to unlock So in our case, I reckon mid May for small scale, moving into June. How many deaths will need to go down to before unlocking becomes possible? A handful? I also expect several flare ups for the next 18 months, until a vaccine is in wide circulation.
  11. That's why I wont have Amazon or Google Home smart stuff...You are effectively putting in an always listening microphone into each room of the house..
  12. I wonder how many of these VOIP type companies aren't recording you, one way or another?
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoom_Video_Communications (Its actually based in California!!!)
  14. By the time that the Chinese had realised that Coronavirus existed (unless you believe the stories that the Chinese created it as a bio-weapon), then it was already too late.
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