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  1. Forget the city centre. Get yourself in a shared house in Chorlton/Withington/Didsbury. All only 3-4 miles away from town and lots going on. I live in a shared house in Chorlton and pay about £350 quid for rent/bills/council tax. Lots more money for saving/enjoying yourself....
  2. Yeah moving at the end of month, hence why I've not paid this month and the rent is the bond. I plan on just leaving and postig the keys through the door. Shame there isn't any nice furniture I could take with me...
  3. Update on this. I sent a cheque which was for 50 quid. The difference between bond and a month's rent. Looked last night and he's cashed it! Still hasn't replied though. Well at least I know he's read the letter and I'm not bothered anymore. Still can't understand what he's up to though...
  4. I'm holding back the last months rent which is pretty much equal to the rent. I've found another address and sent another letter. That's it. If I hear nothing before I leave I'll post him the keys
  5. It's actually the cover story in G2 (The daily supplement). There are "for sale" signs with things written on them like "HELP! No way out", "Minted! I bought before the boom", "Locked in debt" etc etc. I have a couple of friends buying houses but I've given up on them now, but they do read the Guardian... So maybe this will instill some fear in them..
  6. I just quit my job after 3 years with Oracle and 3 with Sheffield Uni. Spent the last couple of years reading this site, realising that money makes the system work and I don't want to be part of it. Luckily my girlfriend thinks the same. Had enough of IT and decided to do an environmental masters and then go off travelling overland until the money runs out. I'd rather spend it doing that for a few years than losing it all. My peers (late 20's) are all mortgaged to the hilt and when I tell them what I'm doing they all say "I wish I could do that" but I've got the mortgage now. It's just an ex
  7. Hi all, A bit of a strange one. Been renting for a couple of years in a couple of different houses from my landlord in Sheffield. He's an ok bloke, late 20's and we've always got on well. Anyway I'm moving on and want to move out at the end of May. Only problem is I can't get in touch with him to give a month's notice. His phone goes to answer machine (I've left a voicemail) so I've written to the address on the contract but I know he has now rented this place out too (I assume they forward the mail). My paper contract actually expired last year so we've just had an informal keep paying mon
  8. I agree, there is no way they "missed it". Can you imagine them in the Guardian offices not knowing it was happening? They were probably writing another "how to get onto the property ladder before it's too late" article! I read the paper every day and they don't miss things like that normally - especially when it's a press release saying how much house prices are going up.
  9. I live near these flats and the builder is a relatively large one in Sheffield. They seem to be building a lot of things very quickly at the moment...
  10. Advance warning for this, could be interesting: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/youandyours/ From June Home Information Packs will be compulsory in England and Wales but will they speed up the house buying process? Live at 12pm. Also is inflation really what the government says it is?
  11. Listen to "You and Yours" tomorrow on Radio 4 at 12noon. They are going to be talking about whether inflation is more than the official figures for some people.
  12. Yup you're right. I've given him my take on things now it's his own decision. I'll just remind him of our parents being in negative equity in 1990...
  13. He's been working out of the country for a UK company so still getting paid UK wages but living rent-free in the middle east.
  14. My brother is a mid-20s first time buyer. He has a good job but I read this site a lot and think it's a bad time to buy. I sent him this email and got the following reply from him. How else can I convince him not to buy? As a bit of background, he's been working out of the UK for 6 months, is now back and living (very temporarily) at parent's house. He isn't sure of whether he wants to be in job for more than a couple of years (Job is in Preston but wants to live near Liverpool - maybe Waterloo/Crosby in North Liverpool)... I think Liverpool is overpriced due to city of culture and glut of fla
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