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  1. Sky tv now stating a new deal is being negotiated......................................
  2. BBC.co.uk Lloyds demands re-negotiation of HBOS deal -- more soon
  3. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Business/..._HBOS_Collapses here ya go!!
  4. Put sky news on (cable / Sky) Its on the yellow breaking news ticker
  5. Think this will make Brown a busy boy! Also this could make banking share prices interesting too tomorrow. Just also stated on Sky Fred Goodwin to stand down tomorrow!
  6. Not much info currently on sky ticker Deal collapsed!!!!!!!
  7. A friend and I was going to buy some shares in RBS tomorrow, may hold off now lol
  8. Sky just shows 168p a share on telly. If talks fall through watch price plummet again.
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