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  1. Basically we are discussing the labor-leisure budget constraint With a bit of capital to live of, for many there is totally no point in doing any work at all. Having said that I do think many retire with too little. I know many 50 year olds with Euro 1m net assets worth (including housing). If they do reach 80, they will be in trouble.
  2. https://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/evergrandes-employees-held-hostage-as-worried-investors-demand-payments
  3. Evergrande Denies Rumors Of Bankruptcy As Crisis Boils Over, Social Unrest Breaks Out Across China | ZeroHedge
  4. Australia expands ban on citizens leaving country (msn.com) Who still wants to be an Aussie?!
  5. Peter Schiff talks about things the way they really are (yes, we got predictable inflation), but let it be well known that for years he has been suggesting that one should buy gold/oil (stocks) and that one he got completely wrong.
  6. Society of fools, Thanks for your comments. I also encountered this: Deloitte | [email protected] (taxathand.com) Regarding Holland there are mainly issues for as far as estate duty goes.
  7. I heard stories that Australia will start taxing its citizens wherever they are. Same as they have always done with US citizens. However I have not managed to find a link about it. Does anyone happen to know more?
  8. Why Cristiano Ronaldo can’t sell his Trump Tower apartment: the soccer star bought the US$18.5 million New York City property in 2015 – now he’s struggling to find buyers at less than half the price | South China Morning Post (scmp.com)
  9. I disagree. Almost everywhere it is the same story, so the dollar relative towards other currencies will remain ok. The only good news that may come out of food inflation is if wages remain the same, people have less money to spend on housing.
  10. I do think it is only temporarily and worse so do the bankers, so sadly no hikes in interest rates.
  11. I am reading that in Holland property prices keep going up and that in the South of Italy property is being sold for 1 Euro. Is France somewhere in the middle?
  12. 1.63% I doubt it will last, but it is not a bad start.
  13. London Home Prices Tumble As Return To Peak Values Five Years Away | ZeroHedge
  14. ^IXIC 12,723.47 -274.28 -2.11% : Nasdaq - Yahoo Finance
  15. PROPERTY BOOM: House prices see fastest surge in 17 years (yahoo.com)
  16. Yields Soar, Sending 30Y Real Rates Positive Amid Overheating Panic: What Happens Next | ZeroHedge To me it looks like the whole world wants to get out of the USD: Marc Faber about Zimbabwe School of Economics 2009.02.06 - YouTube
  17. Treasury Yields Surge Above March Spike Highs As Gamma-Selling Kicks In | ZeroHedge I say no.
  18. This is what a Portuguese lawyer emailed to me: 1. You may access golden visa from 280k (If you buy in a area classified as low density area - generally speaking outside of Lisbon and Oporto areas); 2. Legal fees, including application filling and due diligence for the property acquisition: €5000€; 800€ for each relative that wish to apply for “family reunion”; 3. Governmental fees: · Application submission and analysis: 533.90€ · Approval and issuance of the residence permit: 5336.40€ · Renewal of the permit (at the end of the 1st year; 3rd year and 5th year): 2668.20€ · Approval and issuance of the residence permit of relatives (family reunion), each person: 5336.40€ · Renewal of the permit (at the end of the 1st year; 3rd year and 5th year), each person: 2668.20€ 4. Taxes: Property transaction tax: +/-8%, plus stamp duty 0.8% As an example: Property cost: 500.000,00 € Property transaction tax: 28.964,75 € Stamp Duty (0,8 %): 4.000,00 € TOTAL A PAGAR: 32.964,75 € 5. Public deed costs, Land certificate, city council certificates and other related costs, : +/- 900,00€ After completing 5 years of Golden Visa, you may apply for permanent residency or, on the 6th year, apply for citizenship.
  19. Honestly when I read these things, I really wonder how quickly some people made that money in the first place? No way any normal person would put this much in his/her luggage not being able to answer a simple question as 'where does the money come from?'
  20. https://www.georgegammon.com/kyle-bass-predicts-hsbc-collapse-in-2020-heres-why/
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