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  1. ONLY 15%. That is nothing. We need to see 50%. I worry it will not happen.
  2. Make it a great way! The last 8 days I spent 4 nights in Mont Baron and 4 nights in Beausoleil. Mont Baron was never really on top of my list, but I can now confidently confirm that it is not a place where I would like to live. There are only two roads (Moyenne and Basse Corniche) leading to it from the city that both kind of close to each other bottleneck near Le Port. Traffic jams can be an unacceptable nightmare. And worst of all, even I cannot think of a solution to this problem, so for sure nothing will be done about it in the foreseeable future. Another funny problem: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=10156103791855579 As soon as the A8 has been connected directly (without any traffic lights) to the Voie Mathis, I think property easy accessible via the Voie Mathis will sky rocket. How long will this take? Beausoleil is a good place to live having Monaco nearby, but I like Nice better (discussed before) and in general Beausoleil is 25% more expensive than La Madeleine.
  3. Basically you are telling me that everything is selling very well (in Nice). Exactly not what I wanted to hear LOL AirBnb is a great way of experiencing any future acquisition. If it were not that I do plan to eventually live in Nice, then just using AirBnb for one's holidays is the way to go. The other way round I do not consider AirBnb as a profitable enough way to get some (extra) cash out of a property as a landlord. Not to mention the headaches. I predict that hype to disappear soon. Any idea how the market in Cannes is doing?
  4. I got onto this government site: https://www.data.gouv.fr/fr/reuses/explorateur-de-biens-vendus-dvf/ which then tells you to go to meilleursagents.com Am I missing something? Do you also experience that apartments up to 500k Euros are selling quite well, as buyers generally fall into the category of those that have some 200k Euros cash and can then easily get a 300k mortgage? At the same time houses above 1m Euros have few buyers simply because those working in Nice cannot afford them. It seems as if the market has shifted from holiday/retired owners to those working and truly living there. Is this true?
  5. Probably true! Problem is that I want full sea view and I am willing to pay for it. God, I have been keeping an eye on the many property sites, but there is indeed so few available. What needs to happen for this to change? The good news is at least that I am not in a hurry.
  6. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/hong-kong-hotels-slash-prices-protests-deter-tourists-cheapest-room-now-just-9
  7. https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/dubai-housing-prices-tumble-2008-levels
  8. https://www.businessinsider.my/boris-johnson-wants-ireland-form-new-union-uk-after-brexit-2019-8/ You wait and see! In my experience they are terminally stupid!
  9. CNH has past 7 against the USD: https://player.vimeo.com/video/159240866
  10. The bad news is indeed that I just cannot see those rates ever go up in my life time. Europe has become like Japan. I was already very surprised to see the Fed ever raise rates, which has now come to an end. My biggest hope lies in there simply being less and less demand for second houses. Having a second house is anyhow a hassle, restricts one from travelling elsewhere, there is too much on Airbnb, etc. I put little hope in an economic disaster.
  11. Thanks for your opinion. For quite some time I have my eyes on an object there. It initially got on the market for 355k. According to an estimate of www.meilleursagents.com giving it the most positive ratings, it got valued at 250k, so I told the agent that the seller is insane. It dropped quickly to 344k, a month later 324k, another month later 309k and now 299k. The agent contacted me asking me for an offer of 250k. In the mean time it is available on booking.com and in one of the reviews it says: "Large hole in bedroom ceiling with exposed pipes, wasn’t mentioned and no explanation.". I forwarded it to the agent and she then came back to me admitting that there was indeed a leakage. I did another less positie estimate on www.meilleursagents.com. It came up with a value now of less than 200k. My big question is: Is the seller in a hurry, because there are issues with the apartment? OR Is this a clear sign (as according to my hair dresser in Juan les Pins) that France is in trouble?
  12. Nice comment. Not saying that Trump is doing the right thing, but reversing corporate taxes and dropping Chinese import taxes without conditions sounds even more crazy. I strongly doubt the Democrats will do that. Personally I do not think China is playing a game. It may appear so, but similar to the Brits regarding Brexit, in my opinion China has no idea yet of the exact kind of deal that it wants.
  13. I have been 90% cash for quite a bit longer. Successfully been doing some very minor trades here and there. Bottomline is that I DID NOT short anything, which saved me a lot of money. I feel for those bears that did call it right in my opinion, but did not get it right and are now out of ammunition. By the time the market will have crashed my only comment will be: Why did it take so long?
  14. Regarding Airbnb rentals there are so many choices now and rental prices dropped so much that hotels had to follow. Holidays have never been cheaper. This already makes buying something not so attractive. I do not want to renovate myself. I love the idea that many others do this already. I understand I may end up paying more than I should, but this way without headaches I at least see what I get. Do you consider the lower part of the Route de Bellet centre or outskirts?
  15. I will be in Nice next month. Any updates?
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