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  1. What I learned from this whole Evergrande saga is that the last thing you want to own are Chinese bonds. Once they fail, you simply lost all your money.
  2. Hong Kong property prices have not dropped much if any at all. Story has it that for every BNOer leaving HK, it can easily be replaced by a Mainlander.
  3. This to me sounded, as if you would at least no longer have children going to school. I hear very mixed stories about Portugal. The fact that prices have indeed gone up and that I do not speak the language, looks to be enough to not put any attention on it. Spain will have similar issues. Regarding the French areas that you mention. By not even referring to the Côte d'Azur, but the Alpes-Maritimes in specific, probably means that you also totally exclude the Provence. I can even be more specific: I prefer Nice above anything else. The good news is that Nice itself is still cheaper than all the villages around it. The bad news is that more and more start to pick up on the idea that living in Nice has so much more to offer than a sleepy village like Cannes. And there is a lot for sale in Cannes! Achat immobilier Cannes (06400) - Bien’ici (bienici.com)
  4. Meaning that France is not dealing with an overall price increase, but certain areas have gone up significantly more than others? I am a real city person and it seems I am not the only one, so I did see cities go up more than country sides. However with Covid (and working at home) it seemed as if the country side got a bit more attention, but I guess this may have been very short lived. Which areas/cities in France are you interested in? And if it will not be France, where would you be interested in moving to otherwise?
  5. What impact could Marine Le Pen have on property prices?
  6. 2.7130+0.0610 (+2.30%) We are starting to reach levels where I will slowly start buying these bonds. I cannot believe that governments will try to dampen (food) inflation in favour of a house price crash. Also if this unintelligent war comes to an end or "normalises" to just the Eastern region of the Ukraine, (which may even be favoured by the West, as it will keep Russia bleeding), then you will see world wide trade recover quickly, which will be deflationary.
  7. 2.4920+0.1510 (+6.45%) As of 02:59PM EDT. Normally this should be considered some what of a good sign, as in that the economy is picking up, but I think this is the ultimate killer for housing (world wide).
  8. I think that this is all that was needed for Putin to change his mind! "If you invade the Ukraine, we will take your (friends) houses!"
  9. I think it is the other way round: The Fed watches the markets and decides what to do. I still cannot work out why spyguy says that the Euro will get hit. Personally I think it is the US$ that will get hit, if they do not raise rates, which is due to the negative impact it has on markets unlikely to happen.
  10. And when the FED or the BOE raise rates, their bonds held will keep its value.
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