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  1. Yields Soar, Sending 30Y Real Rates Positive Amid Overheating Panic: What Happens Next | ZeroHedge To me it looks like the whole world wants to get out of the USD: Marc Faber about Zimbabwe School of Economics 2009.02.06 - YouTube
  2. Treasury Yields Surge Above March Spike Highs As Gamma-Selling Kicks In | ZeroHedge I say no.
  3. This is what a Portuguese lawyer emailed to me: 1. You may access golden visa from 280k (If you buy in a area classified as low density area - generally speaking outside of Lisbon and Oporto areas); 2. Legal fees, including application filling and due diligence for the property acquisition: €5000€; 800€ for each relative that wish to apply for “family reunion”; 3. Governmental fees: · Application submission and analysis: 533.90€ · Approval and issuance of the residence permit: 5336.40€ · Renewal of the permit (at the end
  4. Honestly when I read these things, I really wonder how quickly some people made that money in the first place? No way any normal person would put this much in his/her luggage not being able to answer a simple question as 'where does the money come from?'
  5. https://www.georgegammon.com/kyle-bass-predicts-hsbc-collapse-in-2020-heres-why/
  6. I am wondering if there will be a bank run on HSBC
  7. I keep on watching the Nice market. Hardly anything interesting pops up. Good news: I am not in a hurry! The other day I did see one semi interesting object on my wanted Route de Bellet. Within a week it was gone. I then did WhatsApp the agent asking him for how much it was sold. He did not reply, so I asked him again and still no reply. Is this typical behaviour of these guys?
  8. https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/OFAC-Enforcement/Pages/20200807.aspx In my opinion it is the rich Honkies that are in big trouble. They used to have it both ways, but now it is both the West and China forcing them to choose one side. They should have been the bridge builders between East and West. It is clearly not happening! Regarding Kyle Bass and his rants on the HK/US dollar peg. He might turn out to be right, but in my opinion for the wrong reasons. Kyle is of the opinion that China is doing everything to not let (the) HK (peg) go down. In my opinion China is
  9. Me too! Problem is that everyone focusses on a possible collapse of the Three Gorges Dam, but China will do everything possible to avoid that from happening. In doing so they ruin whole cities, which gets little attention.
  10. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-07-01/australia-house-prices-fall-for-second-month-as-shutdowns-bite With drops of 0.8% we are not getting there.
  11. ONLY 15%. That is nothing. We need to see 50%. I worry it will not happen.
  12. Make it a great way! The last 8 days I spent 4 nights in Mont Baron and 4 nights in Beausoleil. Mont Baron was never really on top of my list, but I can now confidently confirm that it is not a place where I would like to live. There are only two roads (Moyenne and Basse Corniche) leading to it from the city that both kind of close to each other bottleneck near Le Port. Traffic jams can be an unacceptable nightmare. And worst of all, even I cannot think of a solution to this problem, so for sure nothing will be done about it in the foreseeable future. Another funny problem: https
  13. Basically you are telling me that everything is selling very well (in Nice). Exactly not what I wanted to hear LOL AirBnb is a great way of experiencing any future acquisition. If it were not that I do plan to eventually live in Nice, then just using AirBnb for one's holidays is the way to go. The other way round I do not consider AirBnb as a profitable enough way to get some (extra) cash out of a property as a landlord. Not to mention the headaches. I predict that hype to disappear soon. Any idea how the market in Cannes is doing?
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