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  1. Most lenders will not be interested and once you have gone round the houses with specialist lenders you will figure out that it will be more hassle than its worth. A commercial bank loan looks the best bet but this is again difficult for a householder .
  2. Councils have minimum density requirements these requirements lead to housing to meet these density requirements. This coupled with affordable housing having to be pepperpotted with open market housing leads to low cost low level housing. It is very difficult to build large houses as the density will be lower than the councils policy. It is then also difficult to build decent sized houses on decent plots as those who want to buy these houses do not want to live next door to affordable housing. This has lead to the cut paste developments we see in every town and city where the small 2.5 bed house with an 8m garden is most common. This is the safe option for developers as it ticks the council policy box and delivers affordable so politicians can then pat themselves on the back. If a developer seeks high quality detached houses in most areas the need for a large % to be affordable kicks it in the nuts.
  3. There is no demand for three bed flats . It is just a way to get politicians to say they are "building family homes".
  4. This surprises me as how does it all work with insurance? What if a tenant was injured due to the work , I doubt the landlords insurance for the building work would be in place if tenants were in situ but I am not too sure.
  5. This happens from the top to the bottom, it is not new and is how many policies move forward. When are we going to stop using the term donations when they are clearly just bribes? This happens day in day out with our local councils . It is well know the way to a councilor is over dinner at a charity event. Planning permission will suddenly become easier over a charity boxing match / auction or similar. Very little is determined inside town halls now days as public servants model them selves on fat cat bankers.
  6. What rubbish. He had been fed a load of bull by his boss which will all be based on target earnings which will never happen. Just wait 6 months he will be on his **** saying he was paid less than minimum wage , and all the time had to use his own petrol for viewings etc etc.
  7. The sooner you move the better your sanity will be. W e had a similar problem and it drives you to do strange things. In our case it ended up with us sending a car load of rather large people around to read them the riot act after the police and council showed no interest. The quicker you move the better. We ended up moving even after the above and now look back on it as the best thing we did rather than dread another sleepless weekend. The noise did stop but we realised that living near people was not for us.....
  8. You decided to buy the properties and bet loved the idea of having a portfolio. Its come back to bite you. I bet the lender want shot of you and will be asking for this 35% drop from you back in cash once they see the valuations. Best thing you can do is try and get out of it now before the pressure is applied by you lender.
  9. All councils will have the same and most have officers who's job it is to look after the signing and collecting of cash related to these agreements. It will not be long until lenders stop signing 106 agreements as they are the ones at greatest risk as when developers go under the liability then rests with the lender. The amount developers owe across the UK will be massive and in most cases where a developer has gone bust the 106 will be of a greater value than the site. The government is looking to introduce a new 106 process called CILL (Community Infrastructure Levy) which basically will ask developers to pay more on developments going forward. The lenders of sound mind will not enter into these agreements thus stopping all development unless developed out by cash. This will all stop building for a long long time.
  10. Agreed and many have burst already . But many more have funding for the coming few years and have been passed off overpriced land by private developers on a land/build deal. Councils are also helping HA's with cash from affordable housing payments from private developers. This wont last long perhaps up to five years if lucky for those who currently have funding.
  11. I predict major differences between types of properties. Flats in most Towns/ Cities to drop 20-25% . Individual flats will remain difficult to sell in new blocks and may be hit harder than this. New build blocks from here on in will be sold to investors at big discounts based around rental yields of at least around 10%. Housing associations will become strong buyers in Town/Cities and those who bought "lifestyle" City Centre flats will see little estates popping up next to their "luxury flat". This may then lead to most single new builds being auction properties. Houses in most Towns/Cities to drop around 5-10%. Houses in decent areas with difficult planning policies and strong residents associations opposing development will remain stable.
  12. The idea behind zero carbon homes will relate to paying for carbon offsetting . The government thought up this policy and rather than back down, developers will have to pay towards carbon offset funds. The whole carbon offsetting will lead t 106 payment that cannot be traced therefore helping members/council leaders go on lots of fact finding missions on any cash in the pot.
  13. Looks like she is being stitched up . The planning consultants are ex local authority and normally this means a few fingers still in the pie. They should not have applied for planning in the first place but as lead down the path by the consultants it does look like a stitch up to send a political message to other shed like houses in the borough. This normally happens and they pick the easy targets to make a precedent of rather than the ones who do not speak english. I wonder if they were recommended these ex local authority consultants by planning officers in the first place as this is also the norm in stitch up cases ....
  14. Totton is not a great place and locally know as "Rotten" .
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