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  1. My Brother lives in Sandnes, although he would rather live in Stavanger as the night life is better. He works for an oil rig firm. He is currently renting. He has been considering buying but prices have stop raising and he is in no rush. But I think the main reason is.. He has just moved in this rented accommodation with this stunning Nog girl with large tits.
  2. I have been doing track days with different cars for many years now, and during that time I have leant lots about cars, the basic ingredients are. Very light, Reasonable power (150 to 220BHP) and, rear wheel drive. Forget front wheel drive, rubbish under steering Focus. You need a Caterham, Westfield, or Lotus. These are expensive toys, If you want to have a ball buy a 100 Quid, Pug 205, a car trailer with a few of your mates and have some fun. Start with airfield days then progress to racing tracks. This is addictive and after 10 or so track days you will be dieing to get hold of rear wheel
  3. In my super market (in Germany) you have to pay for the plastic bags at about 10p each, and they are dreadful. This system works really well I begrudge buying over priced bags. This system would work in England.
  4. Nick

    Mad Conversation

    I'm only in Hamburg on a temporary contract, (so I rent) I have never been to Berlin and have no intention of moving there. Buying a place in Berlin is like buying a jumper you are never going to ware. Why? Also if locals think these flats are a rip off who are you going to sell it to.
  5. I work in Hamburg (Germany) and I just bumped into a German friend in the corridor, the conversation went like this: Me: Hi are you about this weekend for the Harbor party? Mate: No I’m looking at getting a new flat in Berlin, my home town. Me: You looking at buying or renting? Mate: You would be mad to buy a 1 bed room in a nice area is soooo expensive, 60,000 Eu-ros (40,800 Quid) At this point I’m thinking go wild, buy a 4 bed house for cash. Me: Yes, that is expensive. Mate: You can buy a bit further out of town for less but I’m worried I will never sell it. Me: Does it take long t
  6. I live and rent in Germany (Hamburg). The cost of renting sooooo cheap I rent a 2 bed ap-artment with all bills included for 600 euros a month (408quid) I sub rent the spare room out so I pay about 200 quid a month. I also live in the most expensive area in Germany an area called Blankenese. There are much cheaper places for rent in Hamburg, but I went up mar-ket. Getting a mortgage over here is very difficult, and places can take years to sell. You only buy if you plan to live there a long time. I have no intention of buying here when I can rent at 50 quid a week.
  7. I read this site a lot, but don't normally contribute to the form. I also work / live in Germany, Hamburg.
  8. I just bought a car for a pint of beer! M reg, 114,000 miles. might get two years motoring out of it. Bit slow though! It is a Renault Laguna 1.8 TS or something. 11months MOT. I had to pay for the road tax but the car was a pint of beer. I did not need a replacement car but when one turns up for a beer you take it. I can not tell the diference between a 3000 pound car and a 100 quid car. If the wheels are ballanced and it has a radio I'm happy!
  9. I have lost 100% of the original cost of my car, but I bought it 7 years ago for 3800 quid. So I have only lost 3800 quid, Don't care it is now worthless!
  10. I have not been watching Cambridge, but I have been watching the Royston area, which is only 15 miles down the road. I agree that some houses are selling, but at a much slower pace. The market is very slow at the moment, Some of the houses that have been up for sale for a long time have reduced thier asking prices. The houses that have sold signs out side are just sold subject to contract, the contracts have not been signed. There appears to be moving vans!!! Time will tell.
  11. Hi Nick here, I did put HERTS on the end of my BBC rant as that is where I would like to live, near my family and friends. I'm working over here in Germany as engineers are well paid and respected in this country. Unfortunately this is not the same in the UK. The rented flat I'm living in is small but of a very high standard, and only costs 600 euros per month including all the bills. Leaving me with lot of saving potential for a deposit. I plan to stay here until the bubble has burst! Have a good debt free day and enjoy the summer!
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4075536.stm My rant below: The cost of housing in UK is a joke, If you bought a house / flat before 2002, you can be very smug and criticize all others who did not. Unfortunately due to other commitments education / training / working your way up the ladder and being born at the wrong time. Has prevented some of the mid twenty¿s generation from owning their own home. Life should not be about house prices, it is about living. This greedy country has a lot to answer for, I have moved to Germany. Nick, Herts That is the first time the BBC have ever printed
  13. A friend of mine is having to move house due to job location, no big deal as the house he is selling and the house he is buying is roughly the same value. Anyway, The house he has just put an offer on and was accepted at a value of 240,000. I then looked up this house on the net houses (whatever it is called) to find it has changed hands twice before at the following values: 239,995 14th Aug 2003 (first built) 245,500 28th Nov 2004 Note: This house has not been lived in since it was built, the last owner lost over 5grand on it on value alone and paid the mortgage for 6 months at a loss. S
  14. I have tried to explain this to him that he would be better off. He does not want to make the first move. He thinks he will insult the vendor. This is what we are up against! He has no need to sell, so he won't.
  15. Good Afternoon, A friend in the office wants to move to the other side of Nottingham, from his house currently valued at 220,000 to house valued at 245,000. The house he wants to move too is not much different to the one he wants to move from. BUT GUESS WHAT! His house has been on the market for over a month now and he has had 3 arranged view-ings, of which 1 turned up. No Offer. This afternoon he phoned his agent and asked what is going on, The agent explained that many have asked for details of his house but the number of viewings where very low at the moment (waiting for the bounce), H
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