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  1. I gotta confess I dont really understand that perspective. I dont contribute much to this site but have been reading it for over a year and really enjoy the majority of posts who, if not agreeing with all other posts, at least have a good technical flavour about them. In other words informed and educated posters putting their view often with justification (anecdotal or otherwise). Why would the forum not be interested in positive posts?? Judging by other posts which identified the instance as probably being genuine why not restrict replies to .... yes that worked in your situation but the wider picture is .... kind of responses or disagree and give reasons for doing so. And I am aware that another poster cited an incidence that put the same auction house in a worse light but surely thats all that needs to be said. Probably not put this very clearly but I didnt know this forum only existed to highlight doom and gloom. In this case it is quite probably accurate that the auctioneers are in general not that great but I found the above comment unnecessary. Standing by to be had a go at now. Rick
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