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  1. http://www.livecharts.co.uk/MarketCharts/futsee.php Ftse100 is recovering now - at least he didn't make it worse......
  2. DJ is taking a breather at last but ftse still heading south http://www.livecharts.co.uk/MarketCharts/futsee.php
  3. http://www.livecharts.co.uk/MarketCharts/futsee.php sorry this is all my fault I bought into a ftse tracker this am, what a call :-)
  4. UPDATE:- Finally got into my ICICI account and the money (numbers anyway) are still sitting there. It definitely said it had gone last time so no idea what is going on. System glitch, or perhaps they just decided to ignore a load of requests to slow the flow out. Or I dreamt doing it........ So have tried to transfer it again..........guess it should arrive Monday now...hope my money has a nice weekend where ever it sits whilst in limbo :-)
  5. Transferred the last of my money out of ICICI on Monday...... its Thursday the money hasn't arrived in my current account and their web site is down :-( Is it game over for ICICI? In theory I'm covered by the FSA but how do I prove how much I had in there........
  6. Having bad mouthed (bad typed) Halifax share dealing all day I'd just like to say its up and running again nicely - now that the markets are shut and the shares (HBOS ironically enough) that were £1.41 (see earlier in thread somewhere) are now £1.80................ I wonder if I'll be allowed to trade whilst the market is actually open tomorrow...............
  7. I heard his comment about compensation too, thought that at least some researcher would have found the figure and have shouted it into his ear before the interview was over - I felt he was very nervous as he knew that he couldn't lie but equally didn't want responsibility for causing a run either - rock and a hard place.....
  8. This is screen I've been getting for >1.5 hours from Halifax Share Dealing
  9. nope Halifax share dealing site is still down................
  10. My gut reaction to anyone suggesting holding money in cash is you are nuts but then when all my electronic shares are suddenly invisible fr hours due to halifax having problems it makes me wonder if tomorrow or day after all my cash accounts too will disappear....... cash is real - internet accounts seem able to vaporise ............ can see why people might panic into holding folding dosh
  11. Halifax share dealing still not working.....................seriously unimpressed would at least expect the ability to view current holdings even if dealing was suspended.......................
  12. £1.70 :-((((((( I wanted to buy at £1.41 but HBOS share dealing system isn't working - still isn't.............
  13. Hmmm dont really see how government can let HBOS go down, they will have to announce additional guarantee on savings £50K or more by end of today or tomorrow or whole banking system won't work when we all try to get a few £k's out "just in case"................
  14. you'd think a bank as big as HBOS would be able to keep its share dealing service running even when things are a bit frisky - or at least post a message giving more info tried ringing and of course "blah blah >10mins etc"
  15. HBOS gone from £141.50 t0 £150.00 and i still can't buy as their own share dealing service is down - arghhhhhhhhh
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