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  1. ^^^ Thats kinda what I thought. America need a weaker dollar, it's a pill that may taste bitter, but it's not exactly lethal poison. Yeah?
  2. Robert Fisk's contribution says much that same with less hyperbole. So ... does a shift away from the dollar as reserve currency necessarily make America poorer?
  3. Just watched it on iplayer, yeah a bit rudderless in places, but also some breathtaking quotes and nail-on-the-head analysis ... i'm gonna watch it again!
  4. Within the past couple of weeks there was a thread in this section debating whether the ftse would break 5000. Good thread but I can't find it anymore no amount of searching has turned it up, can anyone help? Thanks
  5. ... and I don't think those are proper paragraphs.
  6. To the OP - I got about three paragraphs into your letter and couldn't be bothered reading any more, and I've got bugger all to do today, so I doubt your MP will have got much further. As someone else said tho', better an overlong and whinging letter sent than a perfectly crafted one remaining in the mind, but its pretty close in this instance, sorry.
  7. Yeah! His hair is a little more grey every day, it's astounding.
  8. So AIG (already 79.9% gov owned) can't be fully nationalised - all they can do is shovel money in and chop bits off like they've sorta half done with the two life insurance businesses. AIG has huge exposure to commercial real estate - that sector will free-fall once depression kicks in. That's a big black hole to be filling with money. 2008 Lehmans ... 2009 AIG???
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