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  1. Complete nonsense........... The small amount of these highly paid jobs hardly kept labour in power.... i can see why you're called gerkin.....
  2. No weasels, stoats or muttleys about tonight..?
  3. Thanks for the replies. NS&I seem to be top of the popularity charts. I've ha a look at the index linked certs an think I might open one as I have no intention of using the money I have reserved for a house for at least 2-3 years.
  4. I wanted to do a poll but do not have the option. (If someone else could do it I'd appreciate it.) Just curious as to where people are keeping their savings or STr funds at the minute. NS&I? GOLD? HIGH ST BANK? FTSE?
  5. Please elaborate, Why do you continue to post in the PM forum, if you have no REAL information to offer why waste your time no one pays any attention to your posts and i find you quite irritating therefore placed you on IGNORE.
  6. Ok so HBoS & B&B have gone has anyone got the list of 'at risk banks' handy so we can work out which one is next? edited for hsti tpyign
  7. And I thought I needed a tinfoil hat.
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