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  1. No one has mentioned this but I thought Branson was liable for any debts of Zavvi for 18 months since its formation.
  2. Not been shopping yet - may wonder around the high street Christmas eve, but from what my Mum has been saying (and she is as frugal as they come) She does not think things are actually cheaper - they may have 50% off written on them and retailers maybe shouting poverty on every media outlet, but is anything actually cheaper or value for money yet!!!!
  3. You do pay for policing and other local authority services on empty property after 6 months - its called Council Tax
  4. I think you will find B&B / Mortgage Express et all are actually owned by the Taxpayer - Santander only got the name and the savers!!!!!
  5. This is all about the game - you will hear about the savers plight in the tabloids once we hit hyper inflation and interest rates are around 10%, the savers will be the ones they are trying to save hence they are the ones to blame for the high interest rates............
  6. Actually couple of years back Mercedes got rid of their franchised dealers and replaced them with fewer large dealerships 100% owned and operated by themselves - no middle man. So they do not have to pay a middleman for warranty repairs, pay for commisions, or any other middle man costs..
  7. I bow down before you - you are right nothing will save us from the police state. Better not vote either we don't want the winner to have a mandate to be above the law either..................
  8. I get to vote on my MP's performance - sadly I got no say over the police..... I would hope my MP does...
  9. So leaking some info about immigration is arrestable, but going to war on made up evidence and taking money for honours is not. Cannot remember any labour MP's getting arrested and homes searched when faced with similiar accusations of public conduct. Sadly, police state which ever way you look at it.
  10. Some people here are pretty f*cking naive. Civil Servants work for the goverment and when I last checked goverment is the collective known as Parliament, the only people who can judge if this guy has done wrong or right should be the elected members of Parliament. This is a very dangerous game Broon and Zanulabour are playing. This situation would me a company owner asking my employee to give me the current months accounts - looking bad I discuss them with my accountant - then another employee arresting because I 'leaked' information. Scary thing is the civil servant who told the MP this information was also investigated - I thought that is the whole point of a civil servant you report to goverment i.e. MP's - otherwise we would have govermental departments who did not answer to parliament or to the citizens they are meant to serve.
  11. BMW are alright - they are pleading poverty to get their hands on some lovely taxpayers money.....
  12. This is scarey. How the hell can an elected member of parliament be arrested for giving out information. Hope the if you nothing to hide nothing to fear camp will now see that labour are really turning this country in to police state hitler would be proud of.
  13. Bloody hell - I suppose in defense that 1996 / 1997 period is pretty much the low point of the previous crash. Interestingly the house I just bought in comparison has only gone up 144% in ten years as the outgoing people bought it in June 1996, either I got a bargain or they seriously overpaid in 96.
  14. What you actually put real information in?? Companies ask what they like - make it up. I go as far as having a spoof domain in which I have setup for email for signing up to all these companies - so for ourproperty I enter the following email address ourproperty@myspamalotdomain.com .
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