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  1. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/19/kodak-idUSL3E8CJ20N20120119 130 year old company, invented the handheld camera and digital photography, but they just can't make a profit in this day and age. Just recieved a $930m bailout so can keep going for a while; their only real hope of life is licensing their large portfolio of patents.
  2. I'm 31, was living in London on £28k pa IT job. Always rented rooms in cheap house-shares so that I could save money, rent was always around £350-£450 per month. Felt like job and career was going no where, started applying for higher paid jobs but all over-subscribed. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was constantly being ripped off and that life in the UK was a struggle; finally had enough, so chucked it all in and am now living in Asia, teaching English. Now earning 1/4-1/3 of what I got in London, but significantly better life style; renting large beautiful flat, eat out every night, visit luxury bars and restaurants at weekends. A few friends I know have just bought, and when I see the pictures of their tiny houses and flats on FB it's laughable. Still have £25k of savings in the UK, will return once economy has settled or I become before of this new life; I estimate that'll be in around 5 years time.
  3. What an unbelievably infuriating story. As many have said, she has no chance of making it as a fashion model (too short) or a glamour model (face not pretty enough). Her dreams of being a Sun Page 3 girl are ridiculous, as The Sun stopped using models with fake boobs about 10 years ago. Thing is, I don;'t necessarily believe she's being selfish and taking her Mum for a free ride; there are probably deeper physiological issues at work. Here's what I'm thinking; she was bullied as a teen and had serious self-esteem issues. Her parents doted over her and continuously told her she was beautiful, but it wasn't enough, so they ended up helping her get a boob job hoping that would finally cure the problem. Now she needs to become a model to prove to validate herself and prove to herself that she's worth something..and mommy's got to pay.. Porn or escorting is the only way this girl will make back *any* money. Wonder what her loving Mother will make of that..
  4. This will generate an average of 3.5% interest over the year. Probably better deals elsewhere for lump sums, but good for *new* money i.e. if you consistantly want to save £300 from your wages each month.
  5. Won't happen; all it takes is one or two major bank to NOT charge for banking, and everyone will transfer their accounts to them. Same as when they tried to introduce fees to use ATMs..a few banks didn't do it, so all the other banks had to also drop their fees or go out of business..
  6. This is exactly what is currently happening in Zimbabwe; the government increases public workers pay, and then prints off more money to pay for it. They also print untold money to pay off their national debt. Their annual rate of inflation is currently 10.2 Quadrillion percent http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperinflation_in_Zimbabwe
  7. There is of course a valid legal reason for seasonal items going on sale so early. If a shop wants to discount an item that it sells (e.g. 50% off), the item must have been on sale at the original price for 2 months previously. This is to stop unscrupulous retailers setting up shops advertising "95% off everything!!". Doesn't actually mean you'll be able to buy them. My friend noticed Easter Eggs on sale in early February this year and tried to purchase one, but they wouldn't run through the till, as they hadn't been registered on the supermarket's system.
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