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  1. The oldest profession in the world? But then, nobody with real money earned from a day's slog would "invest" with the slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, airheaded, hillocks of lard that constitute the average benefit dependent chav around here.
  2. Advert says it's currently uninhabitable. Then again, I'd say much the same for Middlesbrough in general!
  3. Birds Geezers Slapheads Tasty motors A nithering wind Bait boxes Bangin’ tunes Old fogies Ale Grub Our lass There’s lovely isn’t it Howay the lads Och aye The green and pleasant land Britain is, for all its faults and peculiarities, the finest country in the world. IMHO.
  4. A fine cover / good point? An eponymous post.....anyway, was somewhat intrigued by the URL of the no.2 pic if one clicks on it!
  5. In number 2's case it would hopefully be more a case of less talk, more action. Equally, she could well have hidden depths worth exploring in conversation.
  6. Having read the entire thread I'd say this looks like the winning plan! And to Jess R, the OP I say this..... My Mother found herself in exactly this position about 2 years ago, paid off her mortgage, took a trip to NZ, got herself an income with some relatively safe investments, bought some goodies to make her life more comfortable and kept some cash handy. She then, unfortunately, developed terminal cancer about 6 months ago - she's clinging on, but the moral of the tale if I may be so bold is don't fall out over it, there are more important things in life.
  7. Although that's a sharp response, the story makes me feel rather flat.
  8. Yes, good analogy. Hopefully the one eyed Scottish idiot will be the Leonardo di Caprio of the piece and slip away under the freezing water.
  9. If I'd been caught sh@ggin' Yvette Cooper I'd want to kill myself, so I believe this story has potential to run and run. (I do recognise that this assertion does not say much for Mr. Balls, but then he's clearly not a full shilling).
  10. Oh, I'm happy that there's a place in the world for Aston Martin's & Ferrari's as opposed to second hand Kia's / Nissan's etc - for mechanical Patek Philippe's compared to quartz Casio's and hand made suits and shirts versus "Man at George by Asda"! I'm not cured of an appreciation of those luxury products, much of it is completely illogical I grant you, the qualities often being rather intangible. I would argue that there is a vast difference in terms of inherent aspects of quality as well though, particularly in terms of durability, fit, form and function. However, luxury goods are just that, luxuries - to be indulged in with money you don't need for the necessities in life. Where I'm sure we definitely agree, is that financing such frivolity on the never-never, whether by credit card or via the equity on your residence is foolhardy in the extreme - as we are seeing now I am sure. How many people will have their house repossessed and move back in with their parents, transporting their Gucci loafers to the spare room in their Louis Vuitton suitcase? Oh and I'm a management consultant for the manufacturing industry - could it be worse?
  11. Good post. A few ramblings of my own...... I like your point about driving an old banger upon passing your driving test. As a fresh 17 year old road hazard I had a rust-bucket Vauxhall Viva which leaked prodigious quantities of oil and had a jammed drivers door, purchased with funds from summer jobs. My old man no doubt thought "it'll make a man of him, and give him the required drive to make some money to get something better". Parents these days perhaps mollycoddle their kids more (brainwashed with noughties Health & Safety propaganda no doubt), so new drivers get a nice new Corsa / Ka / Clio, paid for out of Ma & Pa's equity. (That damned HPI again!) I have more recently seen real monetary wealth at close hands, having worked for Middle Eastern rulers, for whom only "the best" will do. Exposure to fine watches, clothing, cars and furniture DOES have an effect - and I make no apology for having indulged while I could afford it. Now I can't I am thankfully sensible enough to realise that enslaving myself for another Swiss timepiece or Jermyn St shirts is madness. One day the Great British Public may come to the same realisation - that using debt to purchase aspirational items is the road to ruin. I blame L'Oreal - I call it the "because you're worth it" culture!
  12. Opinions, inflationary or otherwise, are like ar$eholes. Everybody has one. So far as I'm concerned, continue to spout yours.
  13. You are either Shane Warne, Monty Panesar or Muttiah Muralitharan - i.e. a spinner. Oh, no wait, those guys are good at it....
  14. Hmmm, I detect the cynical view of a Southerner in this comment, or worse still, a Lancastrian..... Though to be fair, Geoffrey was indeed a man who really did understand the meaning of the word prudence!
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