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  1. Bloody hell, at this rate the hpc tinfoil hat brigade will manage to single handedly restart the whole global economy
  2. Get a demo accound with marketindex, you only need an e-mail address, and you can watch the mi market data in 5sec bursts.
  3. In what way did it shoot up exactly? 11:59 Gold at 909 12:00 anouncement made 12:05 Gold at 894 wow it shot up by -1.5%
  4. According to bbc 24, it was a falkon with five high ranking generals on board, flying low to avoid radar. Iran has accepted that it was a mistake and questioned and released the personel. bbc sky
  5. continuing to slide, about 4530 at time of writing (19:15)
  6. Very interesting interview, thanks for recomending it. I'm not sure that its what some on this board would want to here. Towards the end of the interview Skidelsky seemed to be saying that while this is bad, its not this huge permenant world changing event that some are talking of.
  7. The final result of all this has been put very susinctly For all you people who aspire to be like swampy the eco nutcase, your going to look pretty daft sitting in your bomb shelters eating beans. No, the world is not going to end. Yes, its going to get pretty nasty for the average person, where pretty nasty includes the following: Choosing a sweater before the electric heater Choosing ebay before a department store Having your friends round rather than going out Watching a dvd twice rather than getting a new one Even on jobseekers you can still afford Tropicana every now and then.
  8. I'm not allowed to start my own topic yet! So I'll tag this on here as its sort of relvenet. Does a credit default swap have a fixed term? As I understand it the 'seller' of a CDS recieves periodic payments from the buyer for the 'insurance' provided. Can the seller decide that he no longer wishes to sell this 'insurance' and stop recieving further payments? The figure $1 quadrillion would not be so bad if this were the case. If I started taking bets at a pound a week with an offered payout of $1 quadrillion if Elvis returned riding the lockness monster, then this does not mean that there is another $1 quadrillion dollars in circulation. Any thoughts
  9. At the rate we're going the whole interbank lending problem will be fixed by christmas
  10. You've answered your own question really. You're still sitting in your centrally heated house eating your food and drinking some beers, why on earth would you risk any sort of personal injury to change that?
  11. To everyone predicting total 'foraging for nuts and berries' economic collapse, why do you (some not all) insist we should buy gold? The only reason that gold has any value is that we (as an established trading system) place value in this funny yellow metal. If it's really going to be as bad as you say then gold wont get you anywhere. Without labs to provide independent verification, then anyone with a yellow marker pen and a little kitchen foil will become unimaginably wealthy. If there is a total Armageddon collapse, then I'm sure I'll be able to sell you a tin of beans for your gold at an ounce for ounce rate. Just interested in in the views of anyone who predicts total collapse and recommends gold as a safety net.
  12. What Will Happen To The Economy if Labour Win The Next General Election? Well for a start every bookie in the country will have to file for bankruptcy
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