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  1. Well for the loans that were given out, there has to be Sex Pistols - Liar Its a bit tenuous, but then a lot of posts have been, 'I Am The Resurrection' by the Stone Roses, simply for the opening two lines... Down down, you bring me down I hear you knocking at my door and I cant sleep at night and also the line Stone me, why cant you see Youre a no-one nowhere washed up baby whod look better dead Just thought of another Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone or almost any Dylan really. It would be lovely to complie and release the 10 best, in time to give some Christmas cheer for those BTLers out there
  2. I’m sure this point has been raised on here before I became a member, so I apologise if I’m another Johnny come lately covering old ground. People get all excited and state that the average UK wage is about £19,000, and the average UK house price is (currently) about £165,000, and then do 3.5x19k = 66.5k, then say houses have got miles to fall. The problem is, that the drop predicted would be about right only if we were to assume that there was one working person per house, but this clearly wont be the case. It would be interesting to find out how many households there are in the UK, call this number N. Then find out the lowest wage of the N highest paid people in the UK, and multiply this number by 3.5, and see what the prediction suggests. I know that my prediction will not take account of well paid people living together, and will clearly overestimate what the average value of a house should be, but I think it would be a damn sight closer than the first assumption.
  3. Come on, one different scandle per line! I could come up with a list that long on Neil Hamilton alone!
  4. That was just for starters, do you really want to waste my time and yours and continue it, there will probably be one entry per tory MP, past and present. Are you trying to be serious? I tend to get sucked in when someone is being sarcastic on the internet.
  5. Well, for a start there was Tory MPs claimed an allowance for the rent on a second home which is owned by a family trust Neil Hamilton, cash for questions Ian Oakley Jeffrey Archer jailed for perjury Jonathan Aitken's libel case electoral fraud benefit fraud racially motivated attack asked for bribes Or, for those of you who prefer the more traditional, good old tory sex scandle, there's even a quiz.
  6. Oh come on, its the good old tories, I bet that within a week he's been photographed in womens underwear with a plastic bag on his head.
  7. Shouldn't that be Mandelson Admits Loss Of Memory, Labour corrupt as Tories
  8. The housing bubble is not technically a bubble, like stock and commodities bubbles. It can blow up like a bubble through speculation, but it cannot pop like a bubble, due to the fact that it’s not possible to take a true short position on the housing market. In markets where shorting exists, there is the possibility for the ‘falling of a cliff’ type of events, whilst in housing this is not true. The obvious reason why houses cannot be shorted is that they are not interchangeable. If anyone can think of a genuine way to short the housing market then they would become unimaginable wealthy, and would cause the market to plunge in ways that many on this site couldn’t even dream about.
  9. He predicts I usually find that he is correct as he is angry. Do we believe him? If he's right how will it translate to the UK? With the Goventments supporting the whole system, will this mean no (beans and bottled water) crash? Will this mainly translate into the predicted currancy devaluations?
  10. There's a firefox addon for this sort of thing for youtube, you'll find it here
  11. I think that you're right, but you have to realise that your asking people to take the moral high ground after 5years of their friends and acquaintances rubbing their face in it. Please let me know if you think it was socially acceptable for people to constantly bring up the current ‘value’ of their home for the last 5+ years, and to do this in the company of people who they knew didn’t own a house. You must understand the anger that has built up in those that were priced out of the market. Fair enough if you are able to control yourself in the presence of people who are only getting what they deserve. I have a friend who is currently trying to sell. For the last three years he gave monthly updates on the value of his house. I must admit that I have to bite my tongue and not constantly ask him how many offers he’s had this month ZERO!
  12. You'd be supprised how much black cabbies make. Met one once who claimed they made £80,000 per year, and that would seem to be in the right ball park. 3.5 x £80k = £280k so about right! The question you should really be asking is 'what sort of world do we live in that a f**king cabbie make that sort of money'!
  13. Really enjoyed your original post as well, thanks. I particularly enjoyed reading books on these topics, Stephen Pinker, Richard Dawkins, Matt Ridley and Edward Wilson. Can you recomend any that are above this sort of pop science level.
  14. I agree, I think that (as another poster has already suggested), I am guilty of jumping on the bandwagon and unthinkingly using the term. I do think that the term nicely sums up a particular trait that all humans show from time to time. However, if you are prepared to grit your teeth if I need to use it, then I will attempt to find other more imaginative descriptions in future, and use my own words, not others.
  15. I think that there is a distinction that you are not making. There are groups to which we belong that we have no option of our membership, for example: race, gender, sexuality, age etc. Then there are groups to which we have either directly or implicitly chosen to align ourselves, for example: Football team, political party, religion etc. There are also some ambiguities such as the Jews, who fall into both the category of religion and race. The acceptability of attacking members of the first type of group is debatable, personally I find it objectionable. However the members of the second type of group are fair game due to their choice to join that group. I feel that the word sheeple fits firmly into the second category. When a person has not bothered to think about the consequences of their actions (buying a £150,000 house when on a salary of £19,000), because they have just relied on the opinion of others and the media, then I think they forfeit the right to be considered as an individual in this context. Either they are stupid, or they are lazy and have just gone with the crowd opinion (sheeple). I still have enough faith in my fellow man to think the latter is more likely than the former. I do accept your point that there is a danger in using derogatory language, as it can be extremely divisive. However I think this is more dangerous in the case of unchosen groups, rather than chosen groups. Words pick up negative connotations because of what they refer to, not because of the words themselves. Calling your shithouse a lavatory doesn’t make it stink any less. Rather than changing a noun, it would be better to address the underlying problem; otherwise the new noun will just pick up those same negative connotations. For example the work N***er became unacceptable because of the negative connotations it picked up from the underlying racism in society, the word in its own right is not offensive. Rather than changing the word to Black and then African American, it would have been far more productive to address the underlying racism in society. However when a word does attain sever negative connotations, then I agree that it should be removed from common parlance to prevent it being used in a devices way. I may have been childish to use the work sheeple, and I will happily concede that point if you can provide me with an alternative noun that encapsulates the same ideas.
  16. Sorry, I guess I didn't explain myself properly. I do not believe that genetics provides a get out of jail free morality card, but it does provide a very detailed explanation of why some events happen. Just because we have a genetic disposition to act in certain ways does not make it morally acceptable to do so. If you were to fool around with fiancé, then your genetic makeup would not be an excuse for your actions, but it may explain them. Similarly if I were to find out and then to punch your lights out, my genetic makeup would not excuse that action, but it may explain it. Darwinian selective pressures help you understand behavioural traits, but it does not excuse them. We do have a choice as to whether we act on our genetic cues, that’s where morality comes in. t moraly acce
  17. Nope, almost. Why is that relevant? I'm not sure its my finest hour, discussing my marital status on a public internet forum!
  18. Ah, the good old, 'if its associated with the the far right then its incorrect by default' agrument. I once saw a BNP member drinking a coffee, does that mean we can no longer have coffee? Just associating some one elses idea with a negative group does not a priori mean that idea is incorrect. Explain to me why the word is wrong in its own right, rather than just going with the old 'hitler thought that' argument.
  19. I think sheeple is a very accurate term for the sort of behaviour we are seeing in society. It sums up the flock mentality that a group of people can so easily display. When you stop thinking, discussing and debating and just go along with the group consensus, then you forgo the right to be considered as an individual, and earn the dubious honour of being a …….. (what’s the singular of sheeple?). I think that even this site has a certain flocking mentality, and there is a danger that if we only listen and reinforce each others ideas (which are quite similar) then we will also be deserved of the title sheeple.
  20. The problems we see now are all based on greed, which is itself a genetic trait. The altruistic members of our species died throwing themselves in front of tyrannosauruses (what’s the plural?) in order for our greedy ancestors to steal all of their belongings. The sheeple want ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ by which they can measure their own success and attract a mate who is impressed by shiny things. Back when our ancestors spent the best part of their days clubbing mammoths to death for food, those who were good at it could show just how good by wasting time chasing bears and presenting the designer bear skins to impress the ladies. Unfortunately we are all the sons and daughters of a bunch of evil greedy sods. Our genes condemn us as a society to commit these errors over and over again. To finish on a positive note, you and I can ultimately fix all this, all we have to do is to ensure that if we choose to sleep with a banker or politician then make sure we use protection.
  21. greed –noun excessive or rapacious desire, esp. for wealth or possessions. altruism –noun the principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others (opposed to egoism).
  22. No, are you stupid or something? The new world order obviously have rigged this poll
  23. Unless you are Bela Lugosi's Dad then credit (NPI) where it is due. The b3ta compo is excellent this week
  24. The question really is not whether some of the people who read this forum are deluded nutters, but to what percentage this forum is composed of deluded nutters.
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