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  1. Jacqui Smith going as home secretary Patricia Hewitt standing down as mp Beverley Hughes standing down as mp How many more wheels are left to fall off?
  2. Thats unfair, a thread is not a propper black day thread if the markets don't rally strongly.
  3. Newsflash on bbc about an hour ago, but it wasn't repeated. Found this instead.
  4. Well you might have, but as a Christian I'm far to tightly clenched!
  5. This is just the usual pile of Schiff I've come to expect. I was totally taken in by him about a year ago, but his tune doesn't change no matter how the global economy changes. I just don't find him credible any more.
  6. Fantastic interview with Nadine Dorries, where she says that MPs don't deserve whats happening to them. Says that they are just waiting for the first suicide. Personally I don't think that any will top themselves (you can't claim expences when your dead). Its time to get the 'jump you fuckers' sign out in parliament square.
  7. Cool, if I have leant some money to someone, then at the first oppotunity I will not roll that debt over, take repayment in full, and lend the money to someone else at the higher rate.
  8. I assume that he is suggesting that you could pick any company you like (a name in the phone book), and take out a short position on it. Ie the siutation he is predicting is so bad that it doesn't matter who you short.
  9. I do not completely understand his latest post, and I would like to hear the opinions of those on here. 1) Does Denninger provide good analysis in general, or does he have an axe to grind in support of his own positions? 2) If foreign central banks were to start selling heavily into US treasury issues, would this cause the bond market to collapse? 3) Is it beans time again?
  10. This telegraph article suggests that it can be £100000. really? I was under the impression that the key worker loan worked like a house share with the government. If the price went down, then the government lost in proportion to the share, and if the price went up then they gained in the same proportion.
  11. I use friend in the loosest ‘acquaintance’ sense of the word. It’s just in these times of ‘green shoots’ and suckers rallies, it is nice to have some confirmation that my position is the correct one, and that my peers have not made profits by buying houses.
  12. Nope, they owe me nothing. She is just one of those people who delighted in telling me how much her house was now worth. Just sold, and contacted me straigt away to let me know that it was for £10k more that bought for. I just want to know how much she's paid in servicing the mortgage in the 4 years. I don't want to rub this information in her face, its just for my own internal smuggness (to know that I was right all along).
  13. Hi I was hoping that some of you on here could give me some old mortgage data to help prove someone wrong. A friend of mine bought a house in Jan 06 for £170,000, she had a key workers loan which I guess was for £100,000, so that leaves £70,000 mortgage which was taken from Northern Rock. The house has now been sold, and I want to work out how much money has been paid in mortgage, and what percentage of the house she owns. Can anyone give me an idea of the sort of rates Northern Rock were offering back in 2006. Edited to correct dates
  14. Didn't the terrorists already reduce those by more than 91% ?
  15. Are there any other stories we should be clicking? It's setting our sights rather low just to have the number one slot in the top 10, we should be asking the question: why not all 10?
  16. you're a day late but don't feel bad, I was a day late too
  17. I cannot believe that no one else has yet read the b3ta newsletter, so I will wait for you all to point out where this has already been posted. bullion
  18. there is a good article about this on the register
  19. will the new jobs at subway be filled by those who lost theirs at the undergroud?
  20. Do you think that that was intentional by the indy?
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