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  1. Nowhere is perfect. What is undeniable in some of these messages is the snobby attitude towards other people, and that says more about the people making the remarks than their targets. This thread has a snob infestation, it seems to me.Very sad.
  2. Very fair point. My difficulty with this and other appeals from, usually, Africa is that they never solve anything and keep coming back for more. Even though it doesn't make much difference to my pocket I fear it will only encourage the miltants so I won't be paying. One solution for Gaza might be for the Palestinians to stop chucking bombs at Israel. I accept there is a historical context but it's a reap what you sew scenario and as in every conflict the idiot minority damage their own people.
  3. SaintJay - you really need to make comments which are actually reasonably accurate. Quite where you discovered that the Rail Air coach to/from Heathrow arrives at 2am I would be fascinated to learn as the last bus arrives in Woking at 11.45 according to the official timetables. In addition I find your assertion that the property is "really close" to the bus route and "wake you up" ludicrous and shows you have no idea what you are talking about. You are welcome to your other comments which are of course your opinons about Woking but you should not in my opinion then make wholly inaccurate statements simply to amplify your views.
  4. On your last point thats because they have all been working 16 hours a day for banks, busily packaging and selling sub prime loans, and now are busy sending their CV's around but finding they themselves are now toxic!
  5. Can't say I blame them for calling you. Presumably the completion was always going to happen sooner or later and I would, if I were them, expect you to be sorted. Personally I would find the mortgage and live in the place and enjoy my new home- after all that's presumably why you bought it.
  6. This is likely. The houses in Orchard Drive and Wheatsheaf Close were mostly built in the mid 1930s and often have small kitchens. I live in one and happen to know such trivia. An agent friend told me around 3-4 years back at the height of the boom that mine was worth £600K and I didn't believe it then. They are decent size homes though and usually have very good size gardens.
  7. I would say the best sample is among the people you know and are trying to buy/sell. My own experience of today is that the bottom end of the market has started to twitch and there are bottom fishers in the btl market doing good deals (they believe) with the big builders. Also we have the people who must sell for divorce etc reasons and are prepared to get out at a reasonable rather than inflated aspirational price, and these are selling, to people who are cash rich.
  8. It also assumes the bankers have huge mortgages and not a lot in the bank, neither of which is entirely likely given the size of their pay packets in the last few years.
  9. Good point about the incentives- they appeared quite late into the process but in essence you are right. As to the property you have attached this is not strictly Centrium but a nearby building next to the station entrance and is, I am confident you will find, affordable housing- ie part ownership in this case. The block is managed by a housing association, Hyde Housing, and includes a mix of part ownership- for essential workers and renting with nominations from the council.
  10. The Centrium flats started at £200K for a ground floor 1 bed I believe and each level up was £5K extra. I thought the penthouse properties were around £499k (2 bed-15th floor). Centrium was completed about 3 years ago. The views from the upper reaches are stupendous- London Eye, Wembley etc. A lot are btls. As for the other two properties they are both auction prices so that will be interesting- one is in the block Metro I mentioned earlier as a repo. There are quite a lot of 2 bed flats near the town centre which are not so expensive- around the £200K mark and less. I think the newer ones are more expensive in the market as buyers from new try to re-coup their outlay.
  11. Worried You are right to say you don't know Woking well, given the claptrap in your post. As for "deprivation" to which you are alluding in your crude reference to social disadvantage you ought to look up the statistics before you make sweeping statements. Out of the top "ie most deprived" 20 areas in Surrey, Guildford has three- 2-Westborough, 9-Stoke and 18-Ash Wharf, whereas Woking has two- 3-Maybury and 7 Goldsworth East. As for social security/benefits the story is the same. You have a downer on Woking for your own reasons and that is your right but much of your comment is your own value judgment. For example you won't get anyone disagreeing that parts of the town centre need knocking down but all of it? You forget - or conveniently ignore- the huge Peacocks centre is 1980s and houses the most popular theatres in the South East (yes I appreciate the Yvonne Arnaud in Guildford has been given a kicking and has lost its funding - sad eh?).Then there is in the town centre the year old Lightbox, an innovative arts and museum centre facility if ever there was one, the other week won the national Art Fund prize of £100,000. What's happened to the Civic in Guildford lately? As for the original poster's query..well yes prices have fallen, but it rather depends what you want. Two friends of mine have sold subject to contract in the last week, both are 4 bed houses, built in the last 4 years, one in near the town centre, one not. Both have taken big hits. Both cost £400K and are selling for £350K. The interesting anecdote from one of the agents was that he advised my friend to take the offer because prices are going to drop a lot more. We have a lot of flats in Woking, especially in the centre, and many have been bought as btls and occupied (if at all) by young professionals - sorry worried1 but thats the way it is- but are now coming on the market. Some developments have either not started (Barratts) or have stopped after being part built (Wimpey) in the last few weeks. I know one new build of 2 bed flats where offers are definitely in order and the prices on the doors are what I would call "indicative". I know of another block where at least 6 flats which were btl have been repossessed (Metro, Goldsworth Road). On balance I think like everywhere prices are dropping as people have to sell and are becoming more realistic. At least one estate agent has closed and even Foxtons doesn't seem to have many people popping in to sample what they think are its drinks cabinets and have what appears to be a smaller workforce than hitherto. There is a way to go yet though. Depends what you want, but the good thing in Woking is that there is a wide variety of property around. Personally I love the place, but then I would, as I live here, next to Horsell Common, where the Martians of HG Wells' War of the Worlds landed. Even so I can walk to the station in 10 minutes, past the Martian artwork, installed in 1997 to celebrate 100 years since the book was written. Yet another post 1960s development! Did I mention Woking's international reputation for environmental action? Where is Guildford?
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