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  1. You really couldn't make this sh1t up could you.
  2. Yep Would be easier to fix the bastarn illness than keep sticking chemical plasters on it. Enough to make you Injin-like about state managed services.
  3. You have heard correct. Possible to quit but will cost you a week of total insanity and possibly some longterm brain damage. Two years in, my memory and general cognitive abilities have not quite recovered. Dipsh1t retard GP wouldn't prescribe any more benzos to taper with so had to come straight off a high dose. Weirdest experience of my life. Ends up costing the NHS more of course, since they have to see off crises by doing this surveillance routine where guys in grim municipal rooms summon you to ask you the same meaningless questions they asked last last time, so you can stay on their feck
  4. Correct. The incumbent government's increasingly far-fetched chances depend 100% on the idea of a recovery. So the idea of a recovery is what we'll see. Edit to add: giving up on this phase of ramping just after the election should also mean giving up on the idea that HPI creates wealth - at least for the time being.
  5. Usually I'm with you 100% SM, but Polly Toynbee is pretty malignant; she peppers The Guardian with statist guff which excuses any degree of infringement of civil liberties and underlines our duty to come out and support The Party. There is a strain of British Establishment apparatchik like this which is not very far behind the BNP, and is a much more real threat since it is, and pretty much always has been, in power. 'I supported Tony Blair despite the Gulf War because I thought he had one more election in him'... 42 day detention... electorates bribed with debt... no, f*ck 'em. The constitu
  6. Isn't the logic of your argument that free people don't make states?
  7. That wasn't really the point Nik, it was about working out how to tell how voluntary any trading action is, but anyway some interesting answers here.
  8. OK but this is what I was trying to ask: You come across someone who will trade the last of their grain for marbles. You think they are of sane mind, but you really can't tell because your only real concern is getting the best trade. Who is actually going to point out if this person if incapable of making decisions and acting voluntarily? Free-market psychiatrists? Well, it certainly isn't your responsibility as a trader, right? Your responsibility is to profit. If we always have a duty to get the best deal we can for ourselves and this is the only guide for human behaviour, is there any wa
  9. Not sure I'm with you. I can provide services online for you - very badly - get paid, disappear, do the same under another name.
  10. OK I see. It does though assume that this exploitative guy is well known to all. Why doesn't he just fade into anonymity? There is lots of anonymity about. You might be Merv King for all I know ed sp ffs
  11. I would be interested to hear answers for both yes and no. And does free market self interest differentiate between yes and no here?
  12. If you met a child in a food-strapped environment and gave him some marbles for the last of his bread knowing he would starve, would you consider this a normal use of free markets?
  13. I think you were talking about someone trading grain - an adult - but the result was that a small child was left starving. Sorry if I misunderstood this. So the question was about how voluntary the child's starving had been. Same goes I suppose for ads on TV which are deliberately manipulative - not direct physical violence but enough to make the question of voluntary-ness very difficult. Unless, for example, you want the kid to trade on his own. In which case, at what point does that happen? And at what age does natural trading for self-interest become theft, and what mechanism within people
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