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  1. Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has been busy researching this affair for continuing to provide me with so much amusement. Also wanted to provide a little bump to keep our ex housing minister on the front page.
  2. Have fun. I'd love to look at the link but when using my iPhone am unable to view right move links that people post on here. Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone know of a workaround?
  3. There's definitely an ISP factor. I am writing this from an iPhone over 3G but if I were to switch the phone to my wifi the site would become completely unusable. I am shocked Fubar didn't act sooner and more effectively. PS it's not great over 3G (slower than usual over3g and some parts of site inaccessible) but i can at least access most threads. I agree that browsers are prob not the issue and wish people would post their isps (whether they're experiencing problems or not).
  4. Fine via 3G mobile (orange) but same problem via wifi (ISP is plusnet)
  5. Come to think of it, it started slowing down on my mac (lion+ safari) last week, with some threads causing the browser to hang. The browser actually crashed when trying to view hpc on my mobile last night. Something's not right but I'm surprised that some users are reporting no problems.
  6. Big problems last few days on 4 different devices (mac pc mobile) and various browsers. IE's phishing filter seemed to be slowing it down on one machine. Like other users, ive found it impossible to use most of the time. I too wondered if there was a ddos attack going on. Any word from the tech folks?
  7. Consistent hpc gold with some seriously good insights. Bbc haters take note!
  8. As per title. Well worth rewinding on I player tomorrow.
  9. It is gold but I am surprised how this thread has dropped from both the front page of hpc and more importantly the MSM. The BBC online coverage was little more than a Goldman PR piece and I didn't hear anything on Radio 4. I thought this would become a big deal.
  10. Fair play and thanks for the reply. The meat and potatoes of your post is absolutely spot on IMHO. !!
  11. It provides better value than any other broadcaster I am aware of (less than 50p a day for various tv and countless radio stations as well as a significant web presence). If you believe otherwise please enlighten me. If you genuinely don't watch anything on bbc 4 you are seriously missing out. The news, whilst far from perfect is better than any other msm channel. I'm assuming you don't have kids or you'd appreciate their children's output. Things like bbc introducing provide a chance for genuine fresh talent and creativity and are an at least partial antidote to z factor etc. Think of the children of chav parents. Should they only have access to sky and itv? I think it would be a real shame.
  12. agree with most of your post but Is stretching it a bit. The tv license is very cheap and despite all the flaws of the bbc and channel 4 they also provide some excellent and truly world class programming and services. If you'd pointed out how sky tv has pumped up footballer's salaries, contributed hugely to celebrity 'culture ' and inflated prices of decent entertainment (and therefore the prices we all pay at retail for advertised goods) I would have more sympathy.
  13. Logged on expecting to see a thread about this but couldn't see one so started this. Programme nearly finished now but worth checking on iplayer. Interesting (and upsetting) insight into various couples' attitudes to money. Check out the structural biochemist's wife - Utter C***
  14. Just noticed this: "Other priorities for him would include looking at financial crime"
  15. er, if you're referring to the last paragraph then i believe 'affect' is correct. Doesn't change the fact that that fat [email protected] can Foxtrot Oscar of course.
  16. Pleased you are keeping busy by posting drivel on the internet but you may wish to consider getting out a bit more and possibly and working on your style so that you don't come across as quite such a simpleton. I have no time for the vast majority of politicians (of any party). Various posters above have tried to explain that trying to reduce this to a party political issue is moronic. Feel free to post a reply safe in the knowledge that I won't further prolong this exchange. Bye. x
  17. +100000000000 Nail hit squarely on head.
  18. Do Re Me Me Me Me Me Me Me. Change the record mate. I'm sorry you feel pi$$ed off re not being able to afford a nice house. Life is unfair. Re the bit in bold: Yes, I judge people by their actions. How many politicians uttered a word re spiraling house prices and debt expansion? Vince Cable and precious few others.
  19. Sorry, that needed fixing. Maybe you'll understand with some pretty pictures.
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