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  1. Never mind how we 'civilised' all our Colonial friends and used their wealth...
  2. Inflation is down....brought to you by the same system that says house prices are increasing sustainably.
  3. World of difference between engaging with the subject and thinking 10mins off youtube makes you find the 'secret conspiracy that every expert doesn't see' lunacy - just look at the C*vid thread
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58959620 Goto Energy has become the latest UK energy firm to cease trading amid a sharp rise in wholesale gas prices. The firm supplied gas and electricity to around 22,000 domestic customers who will now be moved to a new supplier.
  5. This site has twisted a lot of opinions. I admitted to my other half I was wrong about waiting for a HPC. Takes a true Alpha to look at a post and see the other guys viewpoint
  6. Super liars tell most of the lies, most of us are honest lazy and gullible
  7. For all the jobs being 'stolen' or 'undercut' there don't seem to be many Brits wanting them back? Come on, 'Take back control'!
  8. I've seen a 2-4% increase in mpg with E10 so my experience of 1 means that E10 is great, yeah? All this talk of a 'hidden agenda' with E10 is straight out of the 5G in vaccines playbook. Everyone here suddenly becomes a chemical engineer fully versed in internal combustion and power dynamics.
  9. I'll believe it when I see it. CPI at 6% is a trigger for game over, screwing market appetite for securitised mortgages at 1.x% rates. IIRC June inflation figures are used for Benefit and Rail uplifts - a 6% figure there would be VERY interesting
  10. NaH iT wAs GoRdOn BrOwN aNd LaBoUr WoT dId It, ThAtZ wHy We NeEd BoJo To FiX iT....
  11. Different question - The reply was to the Tories f**k up being labelled as beneficial, something the electorate didn't agree with
  12. erm the British banks exposed the most to Securitised debt financialistion which dried up after US sub prime? Nah, far easier to say 'It WaS bRoWn InNit?'
  13. @coypondboy Given the pasting you've received from your dim comments, isn't it time you declare yourself 'fed up' and flounce off to another account?
  14. Lucky we have a forum full of statistical analysts, virologists, political scientists then
  15. The French I know are more upset at losing Canada to the most awkward set of Frenchman and their linguistic idiosyncrasies.
  16. debt-to-gdp fell due to massive health and welfare cutbacks made by the Tories - remember 18 month waiting lists and the postcode lotteries for treatment? The electorate didn't buy the Tory line of 'it was good for you' and handed Blair 3 terms. Labour did keep to Tory spending plans - partly to break the TaXaNdSpEnD drooling from the right-wing media and partly to keep big Finance on side. It worked with the initial spending increases - NHS waiting lists down to 18 weeks, schools rebuilt using PFI (don't get me started on that..). Then along came GFC2007 - which everyone knows wasn't a Global crash caused by US sub prime securitisation but was personally done by Blair and Brown....
  17. If you can't boil this forum down to a single valid post - this is it
  18. The Tories tried that line - and the electorate gave Blair 3 landslide terms in return.
  19. It's a given that the Brexiteers are more bombastic with their claims for 'FrEeDoM fRoM tHe Eu' - the lack of actual detail in what it means and how we're doing it being abundantly clear. Easy to plaster cr*p on the side of a bus, harder to actually deliver - hence the whining at everyone and everything else. The idea of 'Remoan' being equally vitriolic is as absurd as claiming equivalence between the Luftwaffe and the RAF because both bombed cities.
  20. Strange how all the howling at Blair's finances goes suddenly quiet at the Tories - even though cronyism is endemic with them. Same with CrEePy BiDeN sNifS kIdS, but then go silent when Tr*mp boasts about dating his kid daughter? Same with the NaStY eU sToPs Us TrAdInG, but then go silent when we can't run our own lorries?
  21. Where's Cameron when you need him? https://news.sky.com/story/supply-crisis-overseas-butchers-and-abattoir-workers-to-be-granted-six-month-seasonal-worker-visas-to-deal-with-pig-backlog-12433884
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