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  1. 3 minutes ago, Nick Cash said:

    For me the most interesting news item of recent days was the news that Tesco had agreed to a wage increase well above inflation to avert strike action. With record vacancies BofE really don’t have any reason not to raise. They surely can’t have forgotten the wage bargaining of the 70s.

    Tesco staves off Christmas strike action with above-inflation pay rises


    Widespread wage increases is the only trigger the BoE will act on.  So far this in in highly unionised areas - the question is how long before it filters out to the wider job market, especially with unemployment so slow.

  2. 32 minutes ago, zugzwang said:

    "When business wins we all win."

    If that were true then the Labour Party would never have been created.

    We all win when Businesses share their wins and not hive it off to a Tax Haven - that is standard Labour redistribution.  Blair's '3rd Way' was more radical - effectively ToryLite  (PPP became PFI,  Benefits became Tax Credits, redistribution became light touch regulation)

  3. 2 hours ago, byron78 said:

    Out of interest, what do people think motivates Starmer?

    Most of the current front bench are easy. Greed. Power. Money. Protecting all of those (and their epicentre, our tax havens).

    Starmer? I don't think he's that transparent or nakedly corrupt.



    I think he came in as an acceptable (Blairite?) alternative to Corbyn - establishment player from his days as DPP, but also acceptable socialist (named after Kier Hardie, innit).   Unfortunately he has no political Nous (and doesn't politically play on that either), so no one really knows what his Labour stands for.

    This is the problem for Labour (and the gift for the Tories); Until they agree what it means to be Labour, the Tories will play every message to every person under TINA.

    Despite the wailing from the Rabid Right and their chums in the the press, I think there is a genuine desire for a 'Social' Party - letting people decide when they can look after themselves and when they want to band together via the State. People want to help the less fortunate. People want transparency that what they contribute goes to what was intended.



  4. 53 minutes ago, Staffsknot said:

    Its been effectively pointed out he hasn't got anyone who'll defend him and all those who vote with him on anything now do so only if it is good for them, not because of party say so.

    Brady & 1922 are in rebellious mood and it all looks like the day May voted against her own bill.

    No one voted BoJo to support the man, we agree there, he was simply the most popular candidate to suck votes away from UKIP and Labour discontents - something, to be fair, he did spectacularly with crushing the red wall and 'GetTiNg Br*xIt DoNE'.

    1922 are no longer cowed by him (and there is an argument to say if they ever were) and are acting as a lightning rod to capture fear - similarly after Howe and Thatcher.  The result was Thatcher had to deal with big stalking horses and could no longer corral her MPs.  BoJo doesn't have that threat...yet.


    On a side note, for all the Labour bashers screaming about the dangers of momentum...they seem awfully quiet with the pain that 1922 can inflict.  It isn't a simple group of MPs, it is the repository of the Tory Fringe and all their nutcases just looking to see when they can push their agenda onto Government.

  5. UK financial system strong enough to withstand even cataclysmic recession - Bank of England

    The Bank said that even if there were a recession involving a rise in the unemployment rate to 12% and a house price crash of 33%, UK banks would not see their levels of capital drop to dangerous levels.


    The Bank said it would raise the capital requirements for UK banks - a metric of the strength of their balance sheets - next year.


    The Bank announced that it was planning to consult on withdrawing its mortgage affordability tests - tests which have made it tougher for many prospective homebuyers to get on to the housing ladder - but that this would potentially not happen until next year.


    If you want to relax affordability tests and think banks can hack a 33% HPC, then why are you raising the capital requirements?

  6. 2 hours ago, steve99 said:

    Al Capone got locked up for tax evasion, not murder, gun running and illicit alcohol. Any ammunition in the war against the current pscyho's running the country is good ammunition 

    True.  Thatcher wasn't defeated by Portillo, Heseltine, or even the Poll Tax rioters - it was the savaging by Geoffrey Howe that voiced the discontent of her Backbenchers.

    BoJo has a large number of Red Wall Tories now looking over their shoulders - it only takes a half competent Labour to trigger re-election nerves and the whispers of 'new blood' for the Leadership.  Thursdays by-election will be a reckoning.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Notting Hell said:

    I for one will be putting my children down for a mortgage at conception, they will have to pay it over their entire life. A twinkle in one's father's eye is all that will be needed for a mortgage (death pledge) application to be approved in the future. Why stop at fifty years?

    Multi Generational mortgages - how will that affect the 'right to die' lot - no keep Granny alive as I can't afford her mortgage...??

  8. 56 minutes ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    Until they get more stolen QE money ?

    This leveling up agenda is really leveling down, make everyone poor, total authoritarian state with a few bankers, the landed gentry and their MP puppets controlling everything.

    Maybe the are worried about what will happen when the Queen dies and big ears is put in charge (Charlie Sax-coburg, not Sunak ).


    ...and their ToryFanBoyz loons cheering them on. Licking the boot that stamps on their face as they scream ItS aLl tHe ImMiGraNts AnD wOkE LiBtArDs

  9. 4 minutes ago, rantnrave said:

    Dec 2018 monthly figure -1.5%

    Dec 2019 monthly figure -0.9%

    Dec 2021 monthly figure of -0.7% looks relatively bullish...

    On the face of it, this isn't much news.  The issue is we have no market and no price discovery as @Freki has said. No one being forced to sell, but folks being forced / pressured to buy so prices are artificially bullish.  How long people can live off Furlough / WFH savings ?

  10. 25 minutes ago, Smiley George said:

    I know this is rhetorical; but of course they don't, the usual suspects (BBC, DM,Telegraph) would be all over it and there would be articles instantly appearing on their websites trumpeting this as the best thing ever.

    They think the UK population is stupid and it would appear they're probably correct.

    Just think how low the 'average' intelligence level is in the UK population...

    Then realise that 50% of the UK is below that

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