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  1. 14 minutes ago, Staffsknot said:

    If the situation gets any more desperate for Conservatives I expect Bono to do a Christmas Aid single appeal for them.

    For just 2 votes a month you could help keep an endangered species like a Tory leader in a job. Did you know we a losing Tory leaders at an alarming rate and with climate change affecting their natural habitat they are more endangered than ever. The species has nearly died out in Scotland due to competition with the red and yellow species of leader.

    An active breeding programme using an elderly male in Westminster, Boris, has produced two offspring and many more in the wild, but now he too is threatened by a common disease that often strikes down already weakened members of the species - sleaze. A degenerative disease that reduces their inhibition to brown envelopes and stupidity

    So far artificial attempts to propogate the species have failed, resulting in purple off-shoots prone to madness and drooling. 

    /david attenborough voice

    The current population supported by a symbiotic relationship with Sycophantus Moronicus providing support when called with a distinct trill of 3 word slogans (Get Br*xit Done, Control our Borders, Build Back Better).  The relationship has  confused scientists as the return for support, the symbiotes receive nothing but excrement which they lap up with glee.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Lucky Larry said:

    I think they tolerate them in lower positions but as leader of the country ? Your average knuckle dragging numbnut to your Jeremy Clarkson types would be spitting . Don't think the Royals would be too happy about it either , personally I wouldn't mind seeing it just for the reaction. Scratch the surface and the UK has a large percentage of intolerant racists especially amongst the right wing.

    BrItAiN iSnT rAcIsT yOu JuSt HaVe ViCtiM mEnTalIty.....AlL lIvEs MaTtEr.....

  3. 1 minute ago, Staffsknot said:

    Javid is seen as Osbourne's man so he's fooked.

    As for foreign interference well Boris was a flagged security risk and Tory Russian donors so go figure. What kills her chance is talk tough deliver ****** all and they blame her over boat crossings as she hasn't deployed the SBS and gunships...

    HAHAHA  ah the problem with spouting populist drivel AND being in charge....

  4. 1 minute ago, Lucky Larry said:

    The problem is they have all backed Johnson to the hilt and in doing so have lost any credibility. A week is a long time in politics and Johnson has already began spontaneously combusting. They know they have to ditch him or he brings them all down . The job is a poison chalice , Starmer doesn't want it at the moment and the Tory front runners know the future is bleak . Gove is a liability due to cocaine history , Raab and Truss are village idiots and Patel and Sunak would have the Gammonati imploding . Jeremy Hunt has been very quiet of late so that's who I would put money on . 

    So long as Patel or Sunak spout Gammon policies they'll be fine.. Patel is already there but is tainted by Foreign interference.  Sunak is tainted by Associated.  Javid has a chance, since is resigned from BoJo and Cummings, but he isn't seen as 'one of us' by your Gammonati (love that term!)

  5. 1 minute ago, scottbeard said:

    I'm not so sure.  Governments usually lose by-elections - although this one was particularly disappointing the fact the sitting MP resigned due to sleaze makes it a tough one to win - but PMs don't usually resign over them.

    I think he will be PM throughout 2022.

    The time to put forward the smart new face who can do better at the 2024 election (if the Tories wanted to go that way) is in 2023, when the pandemic has subsided.  If by then Boris is tainted by Brexit and Pandemic bad memories, ditch him THEN. 

    Don't ditch him now and let the new man get tarnished by the same brush.

    I think the Tories will try to pin any flak directly on BoJo to let the new guy come in clean - Starmer will be all out trying to pin the flak on ALL Tories saying the party can't be trusted.

    So the question is who is there to show the Tories can be trusted?


  6. 1 minute ago, Roman Roady said:

    He WAS an electoral asset. They THOUGHT he could win elections. With that (and BREXIT) gone, what does he have to offer them? He is clearly not a Tory; the only reason I can now see for him staying in office is the perception of the electorate. In the grips of a pandemic, the last thing the country needs is a long drawn out leadership change bought on by the party. They might (only might) calculate that if they try and oust him now, that will be perceived as putting party before country.

    So we may even see Starmer trying to keep him in post ..for a while.

    Interesting point. Do they try a quick leadership change and use a post Omicron recovery in the new year to show they can change or hold on to BoJo and pin the sh*tshow personally onto him?

  7. 13 minutes ago, Roman Roady said:

    Can you imagine how the Tory Party faithful feel about their leader now? Was it only 2 years ago that he won the election with a landslide majority...oh how are the mighty fallen.


    For all the talk of the Tories being the party of 'Principle' and 'Conviction Politics' and 'Common Sense' - they will stab the back of anyone who threatens them.  Even Thatcher wasn't immune.

  8. What excuse will the Tory FanBoyz come up with now?

    • Slim majority? - Not really with 16% lead
    • Protest vote? - How badly is BoJo doing that he is the worst Tory for 2 Centuries!  (Interestingly enough,  the UK just installed a new Monarch as a relief against his insane predecessor)
    • Not Right Wing enough? - Erm, F*rage's Reform and UK*P got in 5th and 6th ... in  a 6 party race


  9. 24 minutes ago, byron78 said:

    Tbf, Rand's take down of communism is note perfect.

    And I'm probably being a bit grumpy that a lot of her capitalist heroes were based on those who had huge state help (in the form of US military help in SA or big military/industrial US Army contracts. The American army isn't private, Ayn...)

    I don't think she'd write any of her novels now. I would expect a takedown of crony capitalism and our return to feudalism these days instead. Someone must be writing those, surely?


    Rand suffered under communism so her critique is heartfelt and pin point.

    Her corresponding lauding of capitalism, with heroic company CEOs single-handedly averting disaster, is laughable.  Well I would laugh, but then I see how many swallow that. 

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