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  1. careful you don't called a LefTiE lIbTaRd LoOnIe
  2. 3 pages and not a single post from any of the Tory fan boyz ...where are ya?
  3. Yawn. The Gurdian and Observer is well known and open about their leaning - shame Murdoch and the Daily Fail still try to appear as VoIcE oF tHe PeOpLe. The BBC bends over backwards for impartiality - you mistake lack of equivalence for lack of impartiality. I've explained it in may posts - I can't make you understand.
  4. Posted earlier, the BoE won't raise rates until the masses benefit from inflation in the form of increased wages. Wages are being held with slight of hand tricks - pulling rises early, one off bonuses, new contacts - just look at the lorry drivers.
  5. Keep licking that boot....
  6. erm...that's the entire business model for a large part of UK academia. Cut the supplies of foreign students (and those lovely fees) and you kill up to 1/3 of academia (IMO) and force the rest to start charging UK students competitively. For all the talk on immigration, it's never been easier to get a student visa. There was a whole thread on this and how many 'students' will disappear to end up in the local Chicken shop and council waiting list.
  7. I'm still waiting for someone here to boast how they beat the 'system'
  8. Yet another armchair opinion. The main fabrication methods are already being pushed by Western Academia and are being surpassed by China - the chance the Military have any fabrication method that deals with Quantum noise, decoherence etc is zero. Put your attitude away and listen to the point instead of making your own strawman. Yet another strawman - I'm seeing your pattern here. Nothing about encryption, but fabrication. So much straw - Did you read the part where i said china has "Caught Up". ...and where did I say the West is ignoring it? Put the Robert Harris away. With the sole exception of the Manhattan Project, Western or Chinese fabrication capability can be estimated from manufacturing and academic knowledge. I know the latest Quantum fabrication and it's simply too complex and costly to create a 'hidden' process - the Manhattan project only worked because there was a singular outcome - build the bomb and use it. It's patently obvious from past interactions that your own inflated voice is more important to mansplan than actually listening and shaping opinion. I can't be bothered with your droning, so will stick you on my ignore list
  9. Squid Game crypto token collapses in apparent scam Last Tuesday, Squid was trading at just 1 cent. In less than a week its price had jumped to over $2,856. Its value has now plummeted by 99.99%, said cryptocurrency data website CoinMarketCap. Squid's developers have made off with an estimated $3.38m (£2.48m), according to technology website Gizmodo. No-one going to boast how they made a fortune and got out at the right time?
  10. All these ideas for everyone else. Strange how no boomer is volunteering to move into one (without massive bung...)
  11. Military ability is underpinned by Academia. There is zero chance the Military have anything greater than what is theorised by Academia. China was trying to steal UK/US knowledge on this 20 or even 10 years ago, now they don't bother because they've caught up. This isn't armchair physics, this is the off the record opinion of leaders in this field. We are losing this race and in danger of falling permanently behind.
  12. The lack of 'skill well-educated workers' has been a staple line from the 70s, all that any Government of any hue did was to open immigration more and import the problem away. I remember Physics and Engineering classes full of Chinese overseas students - ones I keep in touch with are now running departments in China home growing the next generation of expertise - I fully expect China to overtake the west in Materials Science, Quantum processing, Civil and Mechanical Engineering. The only lever the West had was the allure of a more open and tolerant society, but we've p*ssed that up the wall with the current generation of politicians I well remember Blair's obsession with opening Universities. Giving everyone a degree doesn't help and just muddies the waters for ability to shine through. As I've said before, this lot have been in power for over a decade and have done nothing to address any of the true problems facing this country - Democracies sibling is accountability so I don't care what Labour did, the Tories haven't fixed anything
  13. Is your argument that 'Chinese' kids are 'taking' these school places - despite being qualified to enter, or that there won't be enough places for all these gifted children of all hues?
  14. What do you expect from a Party that actively discouraged use of Expert opinion? What do you expect from a Party that pushes the use of 'CoMmOn SeNsE vAlUeS' instead of critical analysis? Wasn't there a push to make education 'easier to attain' for White Working Class - there you go. Meanwhile Asia, Africa, and the rest of Europe laugh at us
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-59069662 A man has described his shock at returning to his house and finding it stripped of all furnishings after it was sold without his knowledge. Having been alerted by neighbours, the Reverend Mike Hall drove to Luton and found building work under way and a new owner who said he had bought the house. A BBC investigation found Mr Hall's identity had been stolen and used to sell the house and bank the proceeds. Police initially told him it was not fraud but are now investigating.
  16. ..and suddenly they become expert virologists, statisticians, fully conversant in EU politics lol
  17. Strange how the 'Libertarian' forum members here go all quiet when you mention how much the Right own the print press and TV, but are quick to scream LaMeStReAm MeDiA wAnT To ShUT Us DoWn when their views are challenged
  18. You get called a lefty by the Tory boot lickers - they are happy to be sc*ewed over so long as they can point the finger at ImMiGrAnTs, WoKe, LiBtArDs etc etc
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