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  1. 1 hour ago, MarkD said:

    Difficult to see how Andrew can get off the hook. Trump can say he visited on business, fair enough, and nothing out of the ordinary there. Andrew on the other hand visited on a party guest basis. Awkward. Particularly as he is pictured with young ladies who he has no recollection of. His lawyers are now trying desperately to get the case thrown out. Looks like he won't get a fair trial cos he's guilty!

    What 'business?' Can you show calls, contracts, other people arranging and supporting these 'meetings'?


    Nice of you to exonerate on a single statement....

  2. 37 minutes ago, MARTINX9 said:

    Didn't EU freedom of movement give open door access to the UK millions of almost entirely white European people - often with few or no skills - and discriminate against mostly black and brown people from the rest of the world?

    Erm look up Surinder Singh

  3. 20 minutes ago, Sausages said:

    Yes but would they get it through now their MPs believe Covid is no longer such a threat? Doubt it very much.

    There are a lot of Tory MPs in constituencies that have gone fat from the Magic Money Tree and don't want the hard graft of putting things right; It's alright for 'others' to have cuts but they wail as soon as it comes to them (just look at the affect of May's 'Dementia Tax').  I'm guessing that would wipe out the current Tory majority.

  4. 2 hours ago, Sausages said:

    Price controls are suggested in the Guardian... have they noticed who's in government? Weird. 


    The same Government that applied Price controls on Energy.... provided massive state backing to everyone via Furlough and Bounce Back....is now pushing a High Tax n Spend agenda...

  5. 4 hours ago, Pmax2020 said:

    Yet the one remarkably obvious question millions of people never ask themselves is…. “Why are they so desperate to keep Scotland in the union?”….

    Because the Tories, and their Br*xidi*t loon brethren, idea of GlObAl BrITaIn would be shown as the utter sham it is.  A Social Democratic Scotland, would be like the NHS - prima facia evidence that the right wing model HAS an alternative that can be better.

    When people in England start questioning their Tory masters - expect Water Cannon and Armed Police....

  6. Quote

    We have social media stars giving share advice - are these the new shoe shine boys?

    FCA warning over 'risky' TikTok trading tips


    We have companies at insane valuations - is Apple really worth the same as every company in the FTSE combined?, Is Telsa worth more than Ford and Toyota combined?

    I'd say this has got even worse with Meme stocks, NFTs and sh*tcoin

    Football fans warned they could lose ‘all their money’ on NFTs..


    We have Corporate welfare at insane levels (Bounce back loan fraud), yet sanction people to starvation level if they miss a job interview

    ... just look at the drooling on the BeNeFiT fRaUdStErs ScRoUnGiNG bUt I gEt NoThInG, WaAhh thread..


    Banks want to price risk, but central banks suppress this with QE and -ve IR

    We're supposed to do backflips because the BoE raised rates by a fraction of a percent in the face of near double digit inflation?


    You have PPE and Br*xit contracts being given with zero oversight, a backroom bonanza

    It's all coming out and even the Tory FanBoyz can't spin this...


    1/3 of the workforce on state support - with no glide path.  It's either extend-n-pretend or face a cliff edge of redundancies

    I got this wrong - Furlough saved jobs and shows that massive state intervention can help.  Let's not kid ourselves this wasn't Tory largesse for workers - it was to save rich owners from crashing.


    Trading relations being made up on the hoof and for political expediency (Fishing over FS - give me a break)

    See how all those OvEn ReAdY dEalS aRe WoRkInG....


    COVID restrictions are dead in the water;

        Government p*ssed away any moral authority with Cummings 'specsaver' visit
        Track n Trace is being ignored (and badged with the NHS to take the fall)
        The NHS was denied the breathing space and resources to prepare after wave 1 in April

    I think we can agree that BoJo's Tories have no moral authority

    COVID-19: App tweak is act of political capitulation rather than pandemic management amid pingdemic




    7/8 - I'll take that :)


  7. 4 minutes ago, Dorkins said:

    If you dig into the data behind the recent polls it's not that 2019 Tory voters are switching to Labour, it's that they are switching to don't know/would not vote.

    I suspect these voters are disappointed that the Tories under Boris Johnson haven't been as right wing/nationalist as they would have liked. I would also guess that this will be easily remedied in time for the next general election, the Tories just need to go hard on the anti-immigration rhetoric which Labour will never be able to outflank them on and those voters will come back.

    The problem is the little word Accountability - it's all well and good giving the rhetoric of having Gunboats to shoot dighnies, but when more are coming over under the Tories than Labour, then words become hollow.

    I don't agree the Tory Ultras are the King makers, either - it's more the Tory central voters who liked BoJo as a CoMmOn SeNsE ChAp aGaInSt ThE elItEs (never mind about his background).  They've seen what the Rabid right is like and can't be bothered to support them, but the gulf to Labour is too large so they stay at home.

  8. 1 hour ago, PeanutButter said:

    Lawyers warn that a scammer could use falsified names and addresses to get legal document entitling them to take over the affairs of an another


    I heard a guy called Boris Johnson blagged his way into taking over the country...

  9. Brexit: One year on, the economic impact is starting to show


    The business owners I spoke to have pretty much the same reflection on different aspects of the reality of one year of trading outside the Single Market and Customs Union. It's clearly been challenging: "Frustrating. Scary. Huge drop in sales. Rendered uncompetitive in Europe."

    When I put to them what ministers have suggested privately - that some sections of British business need to be as prepared as the best-prepared bigger businesses, it got a little testy.

  10. 4 hours ago, rollover said:

    Unhappy New Year for Boris? Six in 10 Britons want PM ousted

    After grim run of sleaze allegations, 'Partygate' and Covid infighting a poll for MailOnline found broad support for the Tories getting rid of Mr Johnson as leader - with 25 per cent backing the idea and another 35 per cent saying they felt 'strongly' it was the right thing.

    Daily Mail

    Blame it all on BoJo then oust him in Summer so the Tories bask in a post Omicron bounce?

  11. 23 minutes ago, yelims said:

    Never mind recovering from covid, I’ve been a member of this site for dozen years and uk gdp per capita still hasn’t recovered 

    all under Tories


    this chart should be in front page, next to house price one

    You can almost hear the Tory Fan Bozy choking on their Cheese and Wine


    ..and after all that the 'Frugal' Tories have done


    Covid: £10m Bounce Back Loan fraudsters jailed

  12. 27 minutes ago, fellow said:

    I think this is partly down to demographics as we are now reaching the stage where more boomers are retiring than the number of school leavers replacing them? A lot of people also took early retirement and never returned to work after being furloughed.

    Also, the massive amount of borrowing to achieve this will be a drag on the economy for decades to come.

    Ah, so we should be grateful to Boomers for moving out of the way???

    Erm, you do know the Tories have created over 75% of the national debt - you might want to rethink your idea that the free market doesn't drag on the economy.


    Enjoy your cheese and wine 'meeting'..

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