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  1. Three more energy firms go bust amid gas price rise Three more energy suppliers have gone bust amid the surge in wholesale gas prices, the regulator Ofgem has said. Enstroga, Igloo Energy and Symbio Energy said they would stop trading on Wednesday...Together, the suppliers represent less than 1% of the UK market with a total of about 233,000
  2. I read @byron78point as using BTC as a store of Fiat (via direct purchase or though costs of mining) does get wiped out. Same way as buying an insane Tulip, South Sea or dot com share. If you bought using borrowed money then you are right in that the debt is simply passed on. I don't think BTC is big enough to make a dent in the Global economy other than sparking some panic.
  3. Don't forget 30 million* boomers wanting free social care, uprated pensions, and someone to wipe their a*se all for free *figures pulled from the same place as yours
  4. erm cos democracy needs accountability - you promise something so vindicate your promise to deliver? otherwise you can spout any old cr*p
  5. Are you saying all BTC was bought with borrowed money? Put the crack pipe down Did you get inflation after the Tulip bubble, South Sea bubble, dot com bubble?
  6. By definition they didn't have the seats just a numerical position.
  7. It's a great idea in principle but the mere mention of a 'supranational' idea will get the US TFH loons drooling about 'NeW wOrLd OrDeR' and the 'Elites' controlling the world
  8. They can penalise you for falling below 'quality' and make deductions.
  9. Reserve currency is a massive pass - no wonder the US stabbed us in the back to get the world Reserve from GBP to USD. China is big, but they've shown that they wont play by Global rules - you can only break those when you are the Reserve currency
  10. Waaaa waaa waaahhh You have no idea what you actually wanted for Brexit now want to blame someone else for your own pathetic failings. You've already shown you don't understand how Westminster works. If they 'had the seats' to cancel Brexit, why didn't they? It took 4 attempts to get the same WA passed with nothing more than tinkering and vague promises about what the next steps would be - kicking the difficult decisions into the long grass - which is strange for an 'oven ready deal' The 'Impractical alternatives' were sounding boards since there was nothing concrete to pass on - even the ERG was quoted as saying the pain would take a generation to sort out. LIke your lot love to crow -you won. So stop blaming everyone else and get your finger out.
  11. Evergrande: Struggling firm to raise $1.5bn as debt payment looms Chinese property giant Evergrande has said it is selling a $1.5bn (£1.1bn) stake it owns in a commercial bank, as it scrambles to raise money owed to customers, investors and suppliers. The almost 20% stake in Shengjing Bank is being bought by a state-owned asset management company. It comes after Evergrande missed a bond interest payment last week. The cash-strapped company also faces a deadline on Wednesday for another bond interest payment of $47.5m.
  12. Blair was trying to cut a new path for Labour back towards the centre ground. Starmer is a cute 'face' from the Corbyn left, but has no idea of where Labour should be. He can argue a point, but he doesn't have a political soul and can't convince anyone to join him in a way that Blair or Corbyn could - that'll manifest in an authoritarian tendency
  13. Where are the drivers claiming it's a hoax, with the other lot claiming you don't need Petrols but can drive with Horse p*ss?
  14. It's not a HPC conspiracy until you get C*vid , Tr*mp, and R*ssia included
  15. Revealed: Government's emergency plan for dealing with fuel crises Ah so there is a plan....
  16. Energy firms' collapse hits 1.5 million customers Just to keep this thread up to date
  17. Southeastern stripped of franchise over undeclared funding Rail operator Southeastern has been stripped of its franchise after failing to declare more than £25m of taxpayer funding. The Department for Transport (DfT) said the money had now been reclaimed. If it's reclaimed, what's the issue - unless there is more that isn't reclaimed.
  18. I can't talk to someone who has no idea of how the British Constitution works. Keep licking the boot.
  19. I've already said what's worse - the boot stamping on your face or the sycophants licking the sole each time shouting 'BuT cOrByN.....'
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