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  1. Labour was blindsided by Porcine botherer Cameron taking the centre ground with his 'hug a hoody' claptrap. Labour is still trying to push away from the hard left and hasn't got anything in the centre ground -thats allows the Rabid Right to cajole BoJo to play their tune for him.
  2. No, that's why the Tories are wailing so loudly - distratct attention from the money. It might turn up in a 'Panama Papers' exposes in 10 years time, but who will have the time to read through that when the Right Wing press will conveniently push a story about ScRoUnGeRs and RoTtEn Eu, eh?
  3. That's the implication of 'Trickle down' Economics, you need to keep people kneeling at the bottom to be grateful for whatever is splashed across their face - Bukka*e economics
  4. ...a couple of crumbs thrown from the table and everyone lauds it as the benefits of Trickle Down - same with story with the BAME kid in on the Front page getting into Oxford - never mind the stories of the masses blocked, held back, and held down by the same system. Take a walk through Yorkshire, Humberside, Merseyside, Lancashire and see the benefits of maggines 'jammed open' door - it was built on the misery of others. For that I will never forgive.
  5. I'm also old (just) enough to remember Profumo. He protested hard, but was honourable enough to admit defeat and fall on his sword without whining. Something that the current crop of Westminster miscreants of all hues could do with learning alongside Erskine May.
  6. Yes, please. Nothing screams 'Lords reform needed' than seeing JRM in ermine
  7. I'm old enough to remember Jonathan Aitken and is 'TrUsTy SwOrD oF TrUth'...comedy gold Those that doth protest much...
  8. ...and the Tories are the first to cry NaStY pEoPlE aRe MeAn To Us - just look at the Patterson* debacle * not condoning killing MPs so only mentioning Patterson and not Amess
  9. Good. As much as I don't like blind labelling of political views, if every Tory has to look over their shoulder in case of being labellled SlEaZeY tOry it's no worse than every Labour politician being labelled rEd SoCiAliSt. Perhaps they can then move from blind labelling and look at issues and positions - taking the power from the Right Wing Media and both converging on the centre ground
  10. Forward guidance is like crying wolf. If you don't deliver your credibility goes out the window at the moment TSHTF
  11. Nice to know you're comfortable that BoJo and his Tories can be over 200 times worse than now before you think it could affect your vote. No doubt if he was caught on Epstein Island with a tube of lube and a DVD series of Jim'll Fix It, it won't affect your view and you'll still be screaming BuT AbBoT hAd A GiN aNd ToNiC...
  12. ..they seem awfully quiet now...
  13. TikTok? is that just little girls dancing and old men 'commenting' on them? I'll give that a miss thanks
  14. Awesome. Do you have the link source for this? I'm going to use this every time a Tory fan boy tries BuT lAbOuR aRe No DifFeReNt, ItS aLl PoLiTiCIaNs, InNit
  15. Having been to Tory Fringe meetings, you can't caricature that. Nice throw for the LeFty IdIoTs....
  16. careful you don't called a LefTiE lIbTaRd LoOnIe
  17. 3 pages and not a single post from any of the Tory fan boyz ...where are ya?
  18. Yawn. The Gurdian and Observer is well known and open about their leaning - shame Murdoch and the Daily Fail still try to appear as VoIcE oF tHe PeOpLe. The BBC bends over backwards for impartiality - you mistake lack of equivalence for lack of impartiality. I've explained it in may posts - I can't make you understand.
  19. Posted earlier, the BoE won't raise rates until the masses benefit from inflation in the form of increased wages. Wages are being held with slight of hand tricks - pulling rises early, one off bonuses, new contacts - just look at the lorry drivers.
  20. Keep licking that boot....
  21. erm...that's the entire business model for a large part of UK academia. Cut the supplies of foreign students (and those lovely fees) and you kill up to 1/3 of academia (IMO) and force the rest to start charging UK students competitively. For all the talk on immigration, it's never been easier to get a student visa. There was a whole thread on this and how many 'students' will disappear to end up in the local Chicken shop and council waiting list.
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