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  1. 28 minutes ago, coypondboy said:

    Yes agree a degree in media studies with a masters in david beckahm studies and a phd in the fascination of cornation street to the masses may not become so popular in the future for the lower classes who don't have the bank of mum and dad to pay off their loans and provide a large deposit for a house.  

    Care to enlighten me how many institutions and how many students took that on?

  2. 2 minutes ago, scottbeard said:

    It’s ridiculous isn’t it - students in so much debt they can’t buy a place to live.  Meanwhile you can never get a plumber or electrician.

    Sending 50% to university was a stupid idea by Tony Blair and needs to be changed ASAP.  It would be surprising if more than 20% of people actually use their degree.

    No one forced them.

    Why do we need so many experts when we have numerous armchair experts on this very forum?

  3. 1 hour ago, Riedquat said:

    Brexit is yesterday's issue, unless someone is foolish enough to try to overturn it.

    The idea that there are lots of people enthusiastic about Johnson is a fiction; as has been pointed out often enough it's the lack of any credible opposition that gives the impression of support. Starmer really has made absolutely zero impact. There is, to all practical intents and purposes, no Opposition. Giving speeches to the CBI or being automatically contradictory in PMQs doesn't register with the majority of people; he needs to be in the news, visible to where they look, with a message they want to hear. Starmer isn't. Although at least I know who he is, I can't even remember who's in charge at the LibDems any more.

    I don't buy that. If it was 'yesterdays issue' then the NI border / Migrants from France / Electricity interconnectors / City regulation divergence would also be non issues - they are all being used to ensure BoJo is 'True' and not a 'BRINO' flake.

    Starmer hammers BoJo at PMQs, but the press is silent - compare and contrast when May was barely ripping into Corbyn and the headlines were proclaiming her as Maggie incarnate (so long as she was True to Brexit).

    It's true Labour doesn't have a core message - because they can't get past Brexit

  4. 4 minutes ago, scottbeard said:

    Did you read my post?  Never mind brexiteers what is Starmer doing to get my vote?

    I live in a Constituency with a Conservative MP but whether labour or the second biggest party. I’ll say it again: what is Keir Starmer doing to get the votes of middle-class I mean is like me? My vote is there to be won -  I didn’t vote Conservative in 2019 because I don’t trust  Boris. So what is Starmer doing to persuade me and win this Tory seat?  Nothing it seems.

    @miguel has a point. Starmer could be the most charismatic and intelligent candidate, but a large part of the electorate will still support BoJo because he is 'pure' Br*xit. 


    I'm sure Tory central office is calculating that alone is large enough to keep a majority.

  5. 3 hours ago, Bob8 said:

    I remembered this when I heard a talk in which it was said that conspiracy loons tend to think they are far less gullible than average, but are actually far more gullible than average. So, when they read the Sun or a minor blog looking to exploit them, they think they have the inside scoop.

    There is something addictive in being part of the 'inner circle' or knowing 'the truth' - somehow with all information available in the 21st Century we still have people who think they know more than Virologists, Statisticians, Physicist etc.  I'm sure there is a Dunning-Kruger esque effect where access to increased information decreases the amount of information people think they need to challenge an 'expert'.



  6. Old Tory / New Tory = Sleazy Tory

    BA Flight 149: UK admits it did not warn Kuwait hostage flight


    The foreign secretary has admitted that Parliament and the public were misled for decades about a British Airways flight which landed in Kuwait during an Iraqi invasion in 1990.

    The passengers and crew of BA 149 were taken hostage, with many mistreated.

    Newly released files reveal that the British ambassador in Kuwait warned the Foreign Office about the invasion, but BA was not told.

    The government kept the warning secret for three decades.


    Now where are the conspiracy loons when you need them?......

  7. Just now, captainb said:

    Ah so now your saying they would increase prices to cover inflation in input costs? Not "removing the need for continual increases" as "water is free dude". Brilliant.

    Ofwat set prices increases or falls which shockingly as part of their review obtain expectations of inflationary costs as well as capital replacement. If the state owned it all, the same process would still be carried out. Just assigned to state co rather than private co. Unless they expected all costs to be picked up through general taxation. 

    Right from the Cathy Newman school of interviewing. Obviously English comprehension is too difficult for you and your love of straw men shows no sign of abating. Off to my block list.

  8. Just now, captainb said:

    Ah the nonsensical gibberish of a left wing loon. Surprised you've managed to hit a weird reference to immigrants so quickly well done.

    As for your original nonsense here's a direct quote:

    "The root material is naturally free - so costs should only need to cover processing and distribution. That removes the need for continual increases and puts an onus on water companies to ensure supply for growing population"

    As distribution and processing costs are totally static.. genius.

    erm you've heard of inflation yeah?  Can you show me how the massive increases inflicted have resulted in more processing and distribution capacity instead of huge profits ?


    Thanks for admitting your straw man and being caught with it. 

  9. 18 minutes ago, Cocha said:

    There are still plenty who love and buy into his buffoonery. They find it endearing and strangely trusting. Pretty soon jabs for 5 year old kids will be getting rolled out. Perhaps you are right, but I still wouldn't be at all surprised if there is some subliminal conditioning being attempted.

    Can you imagine the apoplectic rage that would be had if Corbyn had made exactly the same speech? 


    The loons would be quoting some bizarre 11th Century statute to remove him by dint of insanity, or saying he was an anti-animal hypocrite, or claiming he'd offended all the foreskin chopping pork dodgers.


    Buffoonery is ok when it's your bufoon -

  10. 4 minutes ago, captainb said:

    That's not true. The source isn't free. Water doesn't come naturally treated, tested and safely delivered to your home. With your waste water naturally treated other side as well.

    All those process take inputs of man hours and other input costs. 

    The notion that it's a stable system that requires no work is just nonsense.

    As for increasing supply as far as I'm aware every home just about has a water supply and shortages are few are far between.. which would suggest they have.

    Thanks for calling your own straw man - try to read my post if you want to postively contribute

    The root material  is free.  I never said 'naturally treated, tested and safely delivered' water is free.  I've already covered costs to process and distribute should be the only chargeable element.


    As for shortages, restrictions, sprinkler bans etc - perhaps you miss them in your bubble? Probably looking for all those pesky ScRoUnGeRs and ImMiGrAnts, eh?

  11. 1 minute ago, scottbeard said:

    The issue is that the public sector has no INCENTIVE to increase efficiency. If 9 workers are doing a job why change it?  Whereas in the private sector the boss is always thinking “can I think of a way to do this with 8 people and keep some extra profit?”. In the public sector the efficiency needs to be forced by the CHancellor saying “I’m cutting one of your 9 people so get your thinking cap on.”

    The Public sector is prevented from having an incentive - usually to protect Tory donating private sectors from having to innovate themselves.  I don't often agree with him but @Greg Bowman has explain many times how the UK private sector sat on its laurels whilst the rest of the word modernised.


    Thatcher forbid using Right to Buy sales to fund new council houses, or for councils to become social landlords.  The NHS has a generic manufacturing process but is forbidden from selling its wares to outside parties because (tory supporting) companies don't want the competition. BBC worldwide is limited on how much profit it can make from BBC licencing. National savings is limited by statute to the amount of profit it can make.


  12. 1 hour ago, captainb said:

    As for CEOs etc being paid, yep they will be. Service isn't great and it's a semi monopoly.

    Alternative is state keeps its monopoly which is typically characterized by even worse service.

    The nirvana of clean water for free doesn't exist.


    ...and yet you are quite happy with the state having a monopoly on Military Force and Nuclear deterreant.  If the state is so much worse, why aren't you agitating for G4S to take over Trident?


    The idea that the state is usually inefficient is typical Right Wing cr*p - it is more unaccountable, but any objective measure of state institutions usually finds them on par with Private sector.  That's why the Tory playbook is to drive as many crisies in them to keep the narrative going.


  13. 2 hours ago, captainb said:

    Getting clean water into your home has collosal capital costs and significant running costs. Air doesn't. That's the difference.

    We all pay for the services provided whether that's through taxation or through price per litre, kWh etc etc.


    The root material is naturally free - so costs should only need to cover processing and distribution.  That removes the need for continual increases and puts an onus on water companies to ensure supply for growing populations.


    We all know how much UK population has grown, so have they:

    Increased processing capacity to keep water on tap?

    Increased cleaning capacity to deal with increased waste?


    If not, then they've failed at the very business they were in for and should be stripped out.

  14. 2 hours ago, scottbeard said:

    Here’s one I agree with you on - since your house only has one gas pipe any notion of competition is a sham.  Re nationalise ASAP I say. It’s what I’m economics is called a “natural monopoly”.

    You can explore the analogy further to understand the root cause.  Your house has only one front door - does that mean any notion of online shopping is a sham?  No, because you have multiple suppliers and retailers with their own supply chains.

    Energy has ultimately the same supply chain - Mid East and Russian Gas.  All 'suppliers' buy from the same and repackage it - so any competition is around the <5% of operating costs + profit. You cannot do a fig about the 95% wholesale cost, hence sham market.


    To fix that, would take a national strategy to either go mass Nuclear, Tear up COP26 and go full fossil fuel, or go full Greta and 100% renewable + online backups.


    All of the above takes a Government with b*lls and direction - we have a drooling peppa pig lover.



  15. 6 hours ago, Pebbles said:

    The price cap should be abandoned. Either we have an energy market or we don't. The government shouldn't be supplying energy at a loss unless explicitly intending to as a nationalised energy provider. Energy companies should have been forced to buy energy in advance.

    We don't.  The Tories created a fake market using the same broken model as the railways (centralised distribution (rails) and multiple 'service' providers). 


    Now they are forced to Nationalise by the backdoor.  This sh*t show is pure Blue.

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