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  1. Why aren't you 'taking back control' of the jobs 'stolen' from you by those pesky immigrants? Laughable - you all deserve to sit in the dark with your parsimonious Christmas - Perhaps reflecting on less Cognative Dissonance and more humanity
  2. with the words 'leave me alone or I'll call the police?'
  3. Organisation and a communist Social Contract. We dropped being organised with the 'no society just individuals and families' mantra We dropped any sort of Social Contract with the idea of 'scroungers' and 'paying your way' (unless it's for a bailout)
  4. Whose to say your proverbial 'single mother with 6 kids' doesn't create value? That's your prospective (sic) My point stands - do you object to the idea of supporting others lifestyle, in which case where's your letter to JRM or is it just to people you don't approve of?
  5. Qu'el Surprise? And the same loons drool about the LiBeRaL mEdIa
  6. Feel free to say that to a Scottish lass - Let me know how well you can see past your Black eyes
  7. Tories gonna Tory and the loons will drool BuT cOrByN ...
  8. Assuming the above is True, you are writing to Jacob Rees-Mogg to complain about why he needs so much on MPs expenses given his 6 children?
  9. Disingenuous to suggest the drop in Live Births in 70s is due to Abortion Act, that was also the time of introduction of the Contraceptive pill and Women's direct access to Birth control and Family Planning.
  10. Brace yourself...the torrent of righteous indignation is coming
  11. To quote Lyndon B Johnson "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you.” Now replace 'colored' (sic) for any Right Wing 'Other' group - and you have Tory strategy in a nutshell.
  12. Virgin Money to close 12 branches in Scotland "A further 18 branches will close in other parts of the UK and a total of 112 jobs are at risk. "
  13. Cue the loons who either say : 1) Your cousin needs to take charge of his own affairs / Find the right help / Just isn't looking hard enough etc etc, usually not to your face but in some 'lEts HaVe A dIsCuSsIoN' thread. 2) The Benefit system is never perfect and its natural people fall through the cracks to stop all the scroungers (usually inserted with sh*t anecdote about someone). Never mind it's documented Tax Evasion / Extreme avoidance looses ten times more than benefit fraud.
  14. Most IT departments I know actively avoid CompSci Grads.
  15. When I lived in the midlands I used to think 'sh*t on the villa' was a socialist slogan
  16. ..and wait for the change in Power of Attorney / Euthanasia laws...
  17. Why start a new thread when there was a perfectly on topic one already on the front page https://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/241708-furlough-being-furloughed/page/3/#comments MODS: Can we merge these?
  18. I did PDE's at A-level and thought it normal. Was surprised how many of my fellow 1st year undergrads struggled with it. Interestingly the International students were fine with it.
  19. I wonder how the Tories will clamp down on the sort of benefit fraud? Oh wait.....
  20. Three more energy firms go bust amid gas price rise Three more energy suppliers have gone bust amid the surge in wholesale gas prices, the regulator Ofgem has said. Enstroga, Igloo Energy and Symbio Energy said they would stop trading on Wednesday...Together, the suppliers represent less than 1% of the UK market with a total of about 233,000
  21. I read @byron78point as using BTC as a store of Fiat (via direct purchase or though costs of mining) does get wiped out. Same way as buying an insane Tulip, South Sea or dot com share. If you bought using borrowed money then you are right in that the debt is simply passed on. I don't think BTC is big enough to make a dent in the Global economy other than sparking some panic.
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