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  1. 15 hours ago, Flat Bear said:

    If you want a half decent country to live in he is your only option.

    There is no alternative. Just make sure you do the right thing.

    It is difficult to comprehend how labour party get any support from anyone, maybe just vested interest groups?

    Oh please, make sure you wipe the crack pipe before sharing it. 

    • How many times did he get elected?  - 3 times failed
    • How much did he help UK Fishermen whilst sitting on the EU fisheries committee? - Didn't turn up
    • Where are all his 'ideas' post EU? - disappeared in the smoke of his pipe dreams

    The guy is nothing more than the little runt in every gang boasting he can take you all on then promptly disappears when the spotlight falls on him. 

    Lets take a look where he is now:

    • Fighting the EU to fix the mess he made - Nope
    • Leading the charge to wipe out COVID - Nope
    • Fawning over a post US president, stroking his inch-ego - BINGO

    I can see why internet forums love him - great sound bites and no need for any depth.


    Yes, finally getting round to Labour they have lost the plot on what they stand for. After being beaten by the Right Wing Media and Tories for SoCiAliSt RuInAtIon, they are trying to find that magical '3rd way' and failing.  A simple focus on 'exploited hard working families' would be far simplier - but that is admitting where the exploiting comes from - the very parties that your Golden Idol supports.


  2. 3 hours ago, Fromage Frais said:

    No chance,

    They are stuck in a very hard place and extremely lucky to have labour at this time as opposition.

    They used to have a very nice position where the needs of their patrons (property/finance industry) aligned with the wants of their voters (high house prices).

    The conservative party is not that idealistic and you dont get money if you are not in power.  The Sunaks and Johnsons may get their seat on the board of Bovis/Jp Morgan but the low level MPs in red wall seats wont they will back out on their ****.

    It was backbenchers, fearing voter revenge, that ended stabbing Thatcher in the back.  The replacement Major was seen as a middle-of-the-road small c conservative to bring back the middle ground. Unfortunately Major didn't have the b*lls to crush the ERG rebels and the Rabid Right of his party so looked pathetic against a highly disciplined NuLabour.

    3 hours ago, Fromage Frais said:

    It will be started by Farage or another making headway on immigration and covid freedoms and standing candidates.... et voila knives out Boris and sunak gone.

    There is still time to ditch Boris, blame the recession on covid and win the next election.

    Oh dear. The Tories thought a hard right leader was the 'hair of the dog' the electorate deserved too.  Hague, Duncan-Smith, Howard....gifted Labour 3 landslides. It took porcine botherer Cameron to become the 'heir to Blair' .  Keep smoking the crack pipe if you think StFarage will save the WilL oF tHe PeOplE - just like Tr*mps comeback in 2024, eh?



  3. Evergrande chair summoned by officials after warning on debt

    Evergrande chair Hui Ka Yan was summoned by Chinese government officials on Friday after the property developer warned it might not be able to meet its financial obligations and that it planned to restructure its offshore* debt


    *Highlighting my own

    Is this 'China First' - No doubt the level of 'restructuring' becomes proportional to the military threat you pose to China?  A case of 'we can beat you because we own you'

  4. 10 hours ago, nothernsoul said:

    It is a mistake to regarde those in in charge of the BOE as confident masters, when they are in fact  fearful slaves. They are slaves to the high levels of private debt that cannot be serviced at normal interest rates( by that I mean rates of interest that reflect levels of risk and provide a real return after inflation).They are well aware that average house prices at 8x income is not sustainable,but are also aware of the horrible political fallout and recession that would follow an almighty crash. What else explains inflation running hot (temporary or not), residential property in an inflated bubble well above that, and yet they are wetting themselves over nudging up rates to under half a percent?

    Makes you wonder if the sheer incompetence and arrogance of the Tories is just a ploy to deliberately lose the GE and hand the crash to Labour to smear them?  You can almost hear the Tory FanBoyz here just waiting to get collective amnesia...

  5. 2 hours ago, dpg50000 said:

    It doesn't say that - it says:

    The documents filed on behalf of Britain’s energy regulator Ofgem reveal that allowing Bulb to be rescued by a so-called supplier of last resort, through which households are quickly transferred to another provider, would have cost £1.28bn.


    So, £420 million extra. I'm all for giving the Tories a kicking, but we should get the facts straight. The real scandal is why transferring 1.6m customers should cost £1.28bn pounds.



    The £1.28B is the cost of transferring as estimated by the receiving supplier not paid ofgem/tax payers.  I admit the article isn't clear about this, but knowing how SOLR works and being involved in the mess from earlier transfers.


    "The Ofgem documents also show that Bulb had total net liabilities of £325m by the end of October and had anticipated a total loss of £782m between October and March 2022" 


    So Ofgem expected Bulb to loose another ~£400M and none of the additional suppliers wanted to take that pain.  Ofgem could've sweetened the SOLR transfer with the £400M and even partial support towards the £1.28B, Instead they went b***s deep to the tune of £1.7B.


    Now you can argue whether administration was a price worth paying to stop market contagion (and if you agree, you might want to check your opinion of bailing out Northen Rock) - but to me that highlights there is no market, and the market doesn't always provide


  6. 12 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

    I'm not sure about Corbyn, but Blair and NuLabour did cause it and subsequent Tory governments, rather than rectifying it, have doubled down.

    By the way, what's with the weird capitalisation thing? 

    Amazing how many folks over look the deregulation led by Thatcher and her Tory backers.

    Yes Labour created a clusterf***, not going to sugar coat that unlike the Tory fan boyz that sill think 16% IRs were a good thing.

    My point is simply democratic accountability - we've had the Tories for over a decade with 'Austerity' then 'not Austerity' making everything worse.  

    If you had a headache that the doctor couldn't fix and you went to another doctor that chopped off your leg and leaves you on dialysis - who's caused the most pain?


    ..and yet the Tory Fans still come out with the same NoN tHinKinG ClApTrAp - so i highlight it for them :)

  7. Bulb’s £1.7bn rescue came despite cheaper option, documents show


    TLDR - ofGem now admit that special administration cost more compared to using the Supplier of Last Resort.  The worry being the Big 6 would baulk at taking that may customers on without government support of around £400M


    So instead of spending £400M, they decided to spend £1700M - Frugal Tories indeeded

  8. PMQs: Johnson quizzed over lockdown Christmas parties

    Boris Johnson has not denied claims Christmas parties were held in Downing Street last year but insisted no Covid rules were broken.

    Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer accused the PM of hypocrisy for flouting the rules he had ordered the rest of the country to follow.

    It follows a Mirror newspaper report of drinks parties and quizzes in November and December last year.

    The prime minister said "all guidance was followed completely".

    According to the Mirror, the official No 10 staff Christmas party was cancelled last year, but an unofficial party, which the PM did not attend, took place on 18 December.

  9. 19 minutes ago, Smiley George said:

    Yep, 24 properties currently For Sale, change the filter to include SSTC and you get 120.

    This has been like this for months, there are houses showing SSTC that "sold" in November last year.

    How many of those SSTC are sensitive to mortgage changes - offers withdrawn because of down valuations, increased rates, more stringent checks etc?

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