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  1. Mr and Mrs Debt Junkie can't deal with another £50 per month on the mortgage, but are quite happy to support the Tories taking £20 per month of UC claimants. F*** them all
  2. It would be more honest to say, I like changing accounts and am appearing her to gloat at all you HPC losers
  3. With Blair there was indignation about his finances, but this sh*t shower is another league above that you just become inured to it all. A miasma of sleaze that hangs around the Tories constantly that you don't expect MPs to be better - so sad ..and yet their loons still lick the boot as their pockets get picked shouting about ScRoUnGers
  4. So long as the boot can keep stamping on your face, they can keep HPI going. Judging by the sycophants drooling over the Tories, there is plenty left to do.
  5. Unintended consequences and all that. Now you have a set of redundancies due to happen, just as the economy starts to falter, to a set of people now expecting BoJo to sp*nk money at them.
  6. Look, they've had almost a DECADE of oppression and only just come out of the ERG closet, let them express their opinions. A good morning 'Get Br*xit Done!' goes a long way to them. The fact they make up <5% of the population and are responsible for over 50% of right wing drivel is just biased reporting and mishandling of the narrative.
  7. Careful, they'll be whining when you call them Gammon - as if groups of youths went out 'Gammon Bashing' or shouting 'Do you want a Gammon for a neighbour'
  8. Furlough was massively overplay and overused, but it achieved its objective of keeping rich peoples companies viable / protecting jobs during lock down. A sign that State intervention does work. We are now in the inevitable rebalancing - some people will have jobs to go back to and pick up slack, others will return to jobs that are doomed. What will happen to people now expectant of a Government bailout when they lose their job, house, etc
  9. Lying? Come on even a moron could see what has happened. oh wait...
  10. Burn the lot - Blame Trump - Throw some benefits to the centre ground - Get another 4 years
  11. Better Still, give all MPs a base salary of 50K and Ministers can take upto £500K per year as a loan repayable from all the private sector work they move into. The Student loan system can easily do the admin using the same interest rate.
  12. Increase MP Salaries by the same rate as an average of uplift of public sector workers and UC uplift. Apply salary sanction for any MP failing to attend a Commons vote or a constituency surgery. Reduce salary using the same taper against all external income. Oh isn't that 'fair'?..... remember we can't 'afford' more... but I'm happy to clap every 2nd Thursday
  13. Bear worried about faecal outlook in woods..... Pope worried about priests outlook to choirboys...
  14. The 'command and control' attitude is my litmus test to the competency of management and how the team deals with it. Worked for a site that had offices in Reading and South coast and it was shambles getting SMEs together as each manager wanted 'their' team with them.
  15. BoJo is bending over to Putin for Gas so why not. Turns out 'Global Britain' just means 'Bend over for anyone'
  16. Cue the Br*xidiots going We DoNt NeEd AmErIcAn ChIpS wE cAn MaKe OuR oWn WiTh BrItISh SpUdS...
  17. 13 years of doing nothing, not expecting anything more..... oh well, so long as you keep drooling BuT lAbOuR...
  18. Let me guess, any 'evidence' you have is just an attack on the 'LaMeStReAm MeDiA' and when I ask for proof you will just change the subject to another topic :). Don't forget the name calling too
  19. Never attribute to malice what can be done to Stupidity.
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