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  1. Local authority-backed Together Energy latest to face collapse Together Energy, which is 50%-owned by Warrington Borough Council, faces running out of funding later this month unless it can find a rescue deal, Sky News learns. Trying to bring this thread back on topic...
  2. Wonder what the overlap is between people thinking getting a vaccine an affront to human dignity, and those that want to gunboat refugees ?
  3. You don't think GPs and Headteachers should be paid?
  4. Given my previous prediction ability here, I'm not going near this. Predictions are based on empirical evidence and assuming a rationale thought process - I think we know that is no where near the case here. Might as well read chicken entrails...
  5. Not all that Gold belongs to the Country - most Western nations hold it on behalf of other countries (the honesty around this is another issue). IIRC USGOV repeatedly stopped congressional attempts to audit and declare the actual amount the US holds for itself.
  6. You are only inadvertently right. Switzerland doesn't ask the world to protect them, they have f*****g mountains. They are one of the most geographically defended countries in the world. Add to that an educated and motivated population (IIRC, they have personal assault rifles*, and military service) - even the Mad Austrian and Stalin with full blood lust couldn't take it without wiping out their armies. I'll give you something for the hyprocrisy - they play neutrality to be banker to anyone from N*zi gold hoarders to offshore Tax dodgers, but you'd call that 'Free Enterprise' no doubt. *The Swiss don't have the flag sh*gging GuNsAnDfReEdOm that the US drool about, so don't take this as a pro gun statement.
  7. You might think that, but I couldn't possibly comment...
  8. You're confusing me. If he's 'Teflon Tony' then BoJo will have no impact - and, as I've said before, it's in BoJo's interest to keep this a quiet distraction If by 'making it...and back in one piece' you infer some direct action - we've all seen how impotent the gammonati are when it comes to doing anything
  9. Gotta deflect of BoJo... Seriously, this isn't great for BoJo and Co. If they go too hard against Blair, they can expect the same rules to bite them when it comes to their turn to get a gong (no doubt the Tory FanBoyz will get collective Amnesia). That disproportionately affects Tories and their Rich backers more than Labour.
  10. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/no-one-could-say-he-lacks-polish-59lz39bmr Poor Daniel Kawczynski. The penurious Shrewsbury MP was referred to the standards watchdog last month after pleading with a fixer for a job, telling them: “I need it to pay school fees!” But his entrepreneurial efforts don’t stop there. Kawczynski, 49, has claimed £22,000 under an obscure parliamentary scheme for language lessons in recent years, including £8,244.03 last year, the highest yet. What language is he learning? Polish. Which is rather strange. In March 2019 the Warsaw-born Kawczynski told his local newspaper he was already a “fluent Polish-speaker”. He repeated the claim in the House of Commons a few weeks later. And the Eurosceptic Tory proudly used his language skills to communicate directly with Poland’s government during Brexit. Erm isn't lying in the House for a sitting MP a resignable offence? But,yeah ToNy AnD hIs KnIGhThOoD iS sUcH a ScAnDaL....
  11. Evergrande suspends shares in Hong Kong as firm tries to raise cash Behind the scenes restructuring from the CCP
  12. YeAh BuT bLaIrS kNiGhTHoOd InNit.... Not a single ounce of contrition or rage from the same swivel eyed loons complaining about ScRoUnGeRs...
  13. Labour demands answers over £330k of ‘levelling up’ money awarded to fill potholes of Tory peer Viscount Gage One for the Tory FanBoyz if they can pull themselves away from Blairs knighthood
  14. Corbyn was indeed propped by momentum
  15. Tory Central office need something to do...
  16. Why bitcoin is worse than a Madoff-style Ponzi scheme
  17. Brexit: New customs rules come into effect - with warning they could cause disruption to food supplies
  18. I don't care. When has he been in power? Am more concerned with the current lot of miscreants - but hey any excuse for the Tory FanBoyz to deflect...
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJp4LaqIEWU COVID-19: PM says 90% of intensive care patients are unboosted
  20. Strange how your defence of Trump is just 6 words but that is 'fair enough'. Guess Andrew has less than 6 words?
  21. You could get a professional snagging inspection, check planning records, put your offer in time for Quarterly sales targets, ready your Deposit/AIP, retain a solicitor and you'd be seen as the timewaster
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