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  1. Ah you want to back peddle attacking Raynor and fall back on the 'they're all bad' line. Good for you.
  2. Hahaha you can smell the fear and the gammon rage throbbing
  3. No. Your 'Female Boris' jibe was referring to someone ' who would crumble under a job that actually requires high pressure' Under pressure, Raynor is smashing BoJo. She survived the Corbyn years. Boris hardly had a pressured background writing Times articles and getting mates to help him out...
  4. Tell that to the 'Red Wall' True back in the day when everyone wasn't addicted to 10s sound bites. She then ended up falling for her 'Iron Lady' mantra and the rest is history
  5. I'd be interested in your research to support that.
  6. So did Boris...at least Angela knows how many children she has
  7. Erm she convinced an electorate to vote her in as an MP?
  8. Don'tchaknow we don't need 'experts' ? Feel free to show me your posts criticising Tory appointments... I think you need to check your libel position statement regarding the 'sc*m' comment. The Lowest common denominator has been a staple of politics since 2000 - just look at the Br*xt thread! Again, I don't see your criticisms against the Party that has been in power
  9. Yawn, I bet you forget the Big Red Bus too. Let me remind your selective amnesia:
  10. Did you complain when the Health Secretary has no medical qualifications? Did you complain when the Chancellor has no economic qualifications? Did you complain when the Home Secretary has no legal qualifications? ...Says it all really
  11. Drivers Lobby Group claims drivers are over charged.... I'd like to see some actual analysis by the RAC.
  12. Kosovo bans cryptocurrency mining after blackouts Given high energy prices, what's the likelihood of other states following? No leccy, no bitcoin?
  13. So do the Tories and their FanBoyz, so I'm expecting smears galore. My criticism of her is that her conviction means she won't be able to have the political manoeuvrability to reach out and grab the center ground. Ironically, Rayner as Leader and Starmer as Deputy Leader could solve that
  14. From the article in the 3rd Quarter: 74,210 homeowners were in arrears Around 28,000 were in "significant" arrears, meaning they had missed payments worth 10pc or more of their outstanding balance. Over the same period, banks repossessed 410 homes Over 1/3 of arrears are 'significant'. I'd guess repossessions have a 12month lag so, even assuming 90% of those significant arrears can sort themselves out, that's 3000 repossessions over the coming year. Almost a 10 fold increase - enough to impact sentiment?
  15. IIRC an independent Scotland gives an Electoral advantage to the Tories in Westminster - I accept the same advantage is obtained with an SNP majority, so it may be a longer term play. This makes me chuckle every time I hear Br*xidi*ts whine about CoNtRoL oUr BoRdErS. Some Immigrant friends can't believe their luck that the Home Office is granting visa's like mad. How many 'Students' will end up working in chicken shops claiming benefits?
  16. She is a conviction politician and comes from a real-world background. Spectacular body blows from her at PMQ left BoJo looking like a sullen child. So I have no doubt that everything will be done to smear her - from her looks and accent, to any ancient quotes they can dig up, lets not forget any link to Corbyn eh?
  17. Boris Johnson pressed to scrap £12bn tax rise amid cost of living crisis Boris Johnson has been challenged by a senior minister to scrap a planned £12bn tax rise in April, as Jacob Rees-Mogg put himself at the head of a growing Tory cost of living revolt. Let's not forget the NI rise was BoJo's flagship to 'solve the care home crisis' - how impotent is he when his own flagship is being publicly targeted by JRM ?? Come on Tory FanBoyz, let's hear you explain this one....
  18. PMQs: Boris Johnson denies saying inflation fears were 'unfounded' - but Sky News has it on camera
  19. ...and they'll still say LaBoUr FaIlEd To LaNd a KnOcKoUt BlOw...
  20. Maybe keep this thread for bulb and put your EV posts on, say an EV thread?
  21. I'd guess trying to earn something to pay for all the Social Care they've been dumped with from BoJo. There was another thread about councils becoming commercial landlords...
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