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  1. The moneybox scam warning articles are funny - someone professes to be financially aware but is conned by a scheme that even a simpleton as me found wanting. The basis of a capitalist system is to apply capital on a risk adjusted basis - hence the notion of interest (opposed to usury). Why do these guys think they are due to be compensated for the risk is beyond me. Probably ask for their money back after each lottery draw.
  2. All immigration debates reduce to 'get rid of the others'. Dog whistle pure and simple. Ban immigration - fine, but close the border on the biggest gateway of them all - the womb (and sperm for all the SJWs) If you want a controlled decline - educate. It is the biggest contraceptive and increased education leads to increased automation.
  3. You've talked about population increases before here. Why do you feel you need to bring it up again? UK population is close to 70M and is plateauing, as is world population at around 11B. Population growth rates drop significantly with development progress.
  4. How long before some basket case turns up on Radio 4 complaining they were 'mis sold' and want a bail out?
  5. Is there a way of listing who is being chased by HMRC (like a publication of CCJs or something?) Finding BTL LLs with their homes under threat, anyone with cash could then go to HMRC and offer to pay the balance in return for the house (HMRC take the house and immediately sell to you for the outstanding balance). Net result, HMRC paid, you get a decent house, BTL out on their a*se - what's not to like?
  6. If you think he's planning to sell make some murmuring about buying and see if they show interest. If so, string him out till the 31st of Jan then cut loose. Watch him sweat his b8llocks off.
  7. Bring it on. There is no benefit of LL picking this fight for the reasons mentioned above. Anything that removes political protection against Tenant rights and LL regulation is worth it.
  8. You lose some tax relief on your pension pot - similar to the S24 tapering. Hardly a hammering. All things equal, the money in your pocket at the end of the month increases. Now, if you really think you'll get that pension pot that when you retire is another discussion.
  9. Will this be conveniently ignored by the goons at povertylater?
  10. What do you expect. We've had over a generation where the idea of 'work hard and build yourself up' has been systematically ripped up in the quest to financialise everything. The media portray the winners as some sort of prophetic guru lauding their acumen instead of admitting they were simply in the right place at the right time - HPI being the perfect example. The focus on self gain (remember there is no society just individuals and families) meant the idea of give back - either through taxation or self guidance evaporated. What you see is an endemic of corruption to keep the plates spinning - what can a leech do when there are no more hosts to feed from. The culture of financialisation and all that support it have to be cauterised out of the economy. Conservatism, and to some extent the original Labour movement were built on earning your keep and giving back as you gained to help the next guy. I'll leave my contribution here. Inheritance wealth management fund goes under
  11. Yawn. Would you rather have the honest, balanced view that is Fox news? Living in the States is dire for any decent analysis. The BBC is establishment not left wing. In the 70s it was accused of being Right Wing reactionary. It bends over backwards to answer complaints. Look at the accusations of child abuse at the BBC - full investigation and a complete overhaul on how it was Governed. What did the News of the World do when caught ACTUALLY BEING guilty? Close and reopen as the Sun on Sunday. Don't mistake Impartiality with Journalistic Balance. You may think that the world is disc shaped on top of 4 elephants and you may even get screen time. But that does not allow you to obtain 50% air time against an established viewpoint of the world being a sphere or scream when more time is given to your opposing viewpoint.
  12. Hence the wailing over the land value tax (think of the countryside!), mansion tax (won't you think of the poor widow in her £1M house) and IHT (double taxation!) Sell the narrative of creating and owning your own future and you have the votes. Capitalism is the mechanism.
  13. ? Can you imagine it. "I refer the member to my previous answer" > "You not get me blud" "The point to which the member raises is answered by their own parties shameful handling during their time in office" > "Ur boyz wer too limp d*cked n now u diss?" "Our party has consistently shown progress against the shameful legacy left by the other party" > "Me n my fam shank you bad "
  14. +1. Capitalism has been twisted by the Tories to some bastardised version closer to feudalism. The masses are only fodder for the 0.1% elites. Adam Smith envisaged everyone having a crack at the title. Some would make it, some wouldn't but it would be judged on ability not whose f*nny you popped out of. The tories could keep themselves in power for 2 generations if they promoted this, but that would mean growing a pair and standing up to their own rabid right.
  15. As much as I want change, I want the tories until 2021 so they can carry the can / take credit * for brexit. The Tories have lost their way - no longer interested in giving everyone a fair crack at the game. TBH I don't think it was truly in their blood, the schisms from the rabid right of the party are laughable. Labour want to stop the game, but capitalism is the only game that works - not the fake elitist stuff we have where gains are hidden but losses shared. The problem with stopping the game is that 1) Too many noses put out of joint and you need a lot of muscle to keep that quiet, 2) Eventually you need another game. *delete as appropriate
  16. Won't you think of the families... https://youtu.be/Ag_AFraxj-4
  17. Demographics innit. Either you keep the masses in the dark or in check, or you try to keep them on side. I'm no Labour fan, but the anti Labour play book is well in play 1) Ask them to cost everything to the penny. If they can't or mess up scream 'uncosted spending'. 2) Take single aspect (1% shares) and scream 'state interference' 3) Take proposed policy and find past article that contradicts it, even if from the 70s
  18. The free marketers are the first to want market freedom until they are burnt, then they bleat for state help - Bailouts, TLS, HTB. I want Venger armed with a flamethrower for PM
  19. Getting their bladders ready to to p*ss on our faces and call it 'Trickle down economics'. Extending HTB is nothing more that the last few tugs of the limp tory man-chicken before zipping up and joining the rest of the elites at the party. The entire tory voter base is dying off - demographics, and they have lost their ideological raison d'être - allowing the working man to make themselves to something more. Home ownership is crucial to this and any form of BTL and rampant HPI should've been an anathema by definition.
  20. A company that couldn't judge who to lend money to wants others to trust it with more cash. Burn!
  21. You supply Heroin addicts methadone to help wean them off. Here we prescribe Crack.
  22. I do have sympathy for the strain families come under, but nothing because they used a tax avoidance trust. What is the purpose of a trust other than to contrive a legalise way of avoiding tax? F**k them all.
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