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  1. Christmas party row: Tories held ‘up to seven’ parties in lockdown Seven??????? Lucky we have an UPPER limit
  2. Keep him in - the Tories and BoJo need to own this sh*tshow in all its glory.
  3. Yes, the Cap is for Domestic customers only. Business contracts are caveat emptor - which makes the furore of moving BTL into the same category so laughable.
  4. BoE has lost it's 'forward guidance' credibility so even if they did increase by 0.25, it wouldn't give markets confidence they can control inflation. They need to go big or go home. Wouldn't surprise me if someone is planning a Soros type run on the BoE
  5. There is a correlation of behaviours between Anti-Vaxxers, B*tcoiners, and Landlords - think they know the 'real' word and are working against the establishment to be the 'new' stain of humanity. They refuse LaMeStReAm opionions, only listen to their echo chambers, and when anything goes against them cry PeRsEcUtIon!
  6. Same logic as the Tr*mpoids claiming the Capitol riots were due to antifa (whatever that is) dressed up
  7. Tory FanBoyz trying to stir trouble little realising their so-called reputation for Economic control is in tatters. Their old wails of 'Tax N Spend' are hollow to the amount of money sp*nked by Rishi and BoJo
  8. RNLI and some Immigrant support charities too just to **** over some folks here ...
  9. ...and yet all the Tory FanBoyz yelled CoRbYn iS iN pUtInS pOcKeT....
  10. Ex-Tory minister Andrew Griffiths found to have raped wife A former Conservative minister has been found to have raped and physically abused his wife. A family court judge concluded Andrew Griffiths, 51, pressurised Kate Griffiths, MP for Burton-upon-Trent, into engaging in sexual activity. In July 2018 he resigned after it was reported he sent "depraved" messages to two women constituents.
  11. Your first post literally started with "Thank God Corbin (sic) never won the last election as this would be happening in the UK now.." Please enlighten me on the difference between Corbyn and a Starmer/lib Dem/Green/SNP coalition?
  12. Of course USGOV worries; they stabbed UKGOV in the back to topple GBP as world reserve. What goes around comes around...
  13. erm it is happening.. Households in England face 'double-whammy' tax rise next year
  14. Strange how you care about the poorest when it comes to Council Tax, never mind as @Tiger131 that England councils (Tory ones at that too) do that. You are quiet about the UC cuts hitting the poorest You are quiet about insane housing and rents hitting the poorest You are quiet about Public Service cuts hitting the poorest You are quiet about increased NI hitting the poorest You are quiet about Zero hours contracts hitting the poorest You are quiet about rampant inflation hitting the poorest Keep your crocodile tears safe in case you need to resign for BoJo, eh?
  15. Tory ethics adviser? The most useless job since Jimmy Saville's child protection adviser.
  16. Which party is responsible for creating most of the debt...? Which Chancellor created the largest amount of debt in a single parliament...?
  17. Have a read of the education theories by Cyril Burt...
  18. That suggests cons are so lame brained they get fooled in triplicate by Cameron, May, and Johnson. Once is happenstance, twice coincidence. 3 times and you are a c***
  19. Why am I not surprised it's the usual suspects derailing a thread....Can we stick to Bulb and related news...there is a separate thread for EVs.
  20. They know they are going up their own a*se - they don't want to accept the need for rational, critical, and open thinking. That would then lead to introducing 'new' ideas such as looking after their neighbour, looking after the environment, and helping the next generation. Far easier to be a selfish c***, eh?
  21. 200,000 people are attending a Downing St ‘Christmas rave’
  22. Go-Ahead hits the buffers as it scrambles to calculate fallout from Southeastern scandal Shares in transport operator Go-Ahead have plunged as it scrambles to calculate the fallout from "serious errors" which led to it being stripped of the Southeastern rail franchise. The group lost a quarter of its value after revealing that it would have to suspend its shares soon because counting the cost of the scandal will mean it misses a deadline to publish results.
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