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  1. What has that to do with anything. Please flounce off to another account.
  2. You'd need a medium to ask In a capitalist society, one should be able to use ones labour to buy a house and not be priced out by financialised spivs and political props. I also deserve to speak with people that can understand topics and not flounce to another sock puppet account.
  3. Cue the older posters saying how they 'deserve' this and the youngsters shouldn't be so 'entitled'....
  4. Thanks for that insightful point - do we need to care about your posts?
  5. How dare you think - now go to your class to be brainwashed and aimless shout 3 word slogans whilst doing your daily 10min hate against Blair / Labour.
  6. I thought they just wanted a rise out of people and to troll but the more they drool the more I realise they actually believe this cr*p. Just look at the vitriol you get when you point out the cognitive dissonance.
  7. If you do that then how will the Elites fleece us?
  8. Look at the Fanboys here if you want an answer to that?
  9. The bitter irony is that if BoJo suggested it, his fanboys (and the loons here) would easily flip 180 and cheer
  10. That's what I was thinking, anything better than f****** bean bags and oversized chairs
  11. Labour thinks of raising tax for Public services = EnD oF ThE wOrLd FoR cOrByNs SoCiAlIsT uToPiA Boris thinks of raising tax to pay for his clusterf***k = Well thought out balancing of finances
  12. A one off wealth tax on this would wipe out the UK national debt, including into into the Taxation framework would probably solve funding and Taxation for a generation or 2
  13. How many Tory fan boys so suddenly quiet before using whatboutism to Blair?
  14. It also takes more than 10 times in refugees than the UK and shuts up when the US lobby wants a favour
  15. All treatment needs to be paid for, what I don't get is the vitriol against pooling together (and paying) on a national level than any insurance based model. You get a higher level of cover against a lower per capita cost. The loon idea is saying you need to pick up the entire cost - and I don't think you are suggesting a Stage4 Cancer patient should pay for their 'privilege' of walking on the Earth
  16. ...and there are still loons here saying they'd prefer the Insurance model for Healthcare - I wonder where they are in terms of need?
  17. Why haven't they asked all the Br*xidiots to join in - Huge Gammon Voices?
  18. Pretty sure certain posters appear with new accounts on a regular basis....
  19. The best time for HPC is <6months into a new Party's time in power - blame everything on the last lot and you taking the 'tough' decisions to fix it. That's why I can't forgive Cameron and the Tories for not lancing the boil, and doing nothing for over a decade If Starmer gets in and triggers HPC in the first few months even the most swivel eye'd loon here couldn't blame it on Labour without looking like a moron
  20. If a Br*xiteer has an accident with their stockpile of petrol... is that Roast Gammon?
  21. Why aren't you 'taking back control' of the jobs 'stolen' from you by those pesky immigrants? Laughable - you all deserve to sit in the dark with your parsimonious Christmas - Perhaps reflecting on less Cognative Dissonance and more humanity
  22. with the words 'leave me alone or I'll call the police?'
  23. Organisation and a communist Social Contract. We dropped being organised with the 'no society just individuals and families' mantra We dropped any sort of Social Contract with the idea of 'scroungers' and 'paying your way' (unless it's for a bailout)
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