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  1. Sigh. Let me spell it out for you. Care homes get guidance from the Department of Health The department of Health is a part of Government Who leads the Government?
  2. Same values that are held by small s socialists, small l liberals. Take your point on small c - I think there is enough grown up consensus amongst all of those to form a bigger centrist party and leave the drooling loons of all hues on the fringes.
  3. I'll never get the 12 years spent waiting for a Tory Government to deliver anything useful...
  4. The problem is that no one can say what the 'stuff' was...
  5. IIRC, the expected thing is for the Government and PM to resign. We know BoJo makes his own rules... Also a lot of Tory MPs now feeling nervous from the threat of a GE, especially red-wall seats. I'd expect some more letters to the 1922 suits..
  6. ..and yet the FanBoyz here would attack you say you DiDnT lAnD ThE kNoCkOuT bLoW. Knowing their mental gymanstics they'd also attack you for being over qualified (DoNt NeEd eXpErTs, JuSt FrOm ThE UnIVeRsITy Of LiFe, InNit.) or not being qualified (CaNt LiVe In ThE ReAl WoRlD)
  7. Personally, I want BoJo to stay and have ALL Tories smeared with this. The party has become utterly rotten, a sick, twisted, parody of conservative values now prostituted to the highest bidder and riddled with the dementia of their own soundbites. Labour (and to a lesser extent, the LibDems) would do well to take the center ground, ditch their far left become a new home to conservatives, leaving the ERG looneys etc to defect to UKIP/Reform/Br*xit/WhateverThe***TheyCanComeUpWithNext.
  8. Strange how they all come out of the wood work when Labour actually get off their backsides and attack the Government.
  9. Wow, 3 pages already and not a single one of the ToryFanBoyz is posting to defend him....
  10. Tribal loyalties are everywhere, the blind devotion to Labour is the root cause for a lot of local government corruption in the big cities. BoJo's FanBoyz are just loyal to not thinking
  11. Youtube - Raynor hits again - "He can run, but he can't hide"..... Is BoJo looking for another fridge to hide in..... ?
  12. Government sets the purpose and resources for the NHS... it it can't handle that, then it's by design of Government
  13. Evergrande: Real estate giant moves from Shenzhen head office to cut costs Interesting lines.. However, it kept hopes alive that it could avoid defaulting for the first time on its onshore yuan bonds.... That came as it extended until Thursday a deadline for bondholders to agree to a six-month deferral on a $706m payment....
  14. With the Tories hobbling the NHS, that scale may come down rapidly. The largest health problems in the UK are Diabetes and Obesity - Does the FT recommend charging Fat people?
  15. Warrington Council-backed Together Energy lines up administrators
  16. https://www.ft.com/content/47a26ce1-1551-4a60-8118-5363d7f18dc9A market-based solution to the anti-vaxxer problem Requiring those unvaccinated by choice to pay for their Covid hospital care is more ethical than mandatory vaccination
  17. What's @spyguy's response now? BoJo slipped, tripped, picked up a bottle and fell into the party?
  18. How do you avoid walking into walls with those gammon glasses? Remind me who crippled the North? Remind me who sold off the oil cheap to their mates, so there wasn't enough money?
  19. COVID: Michael Gove refuses to deny free lateral flow tests will be phased out in the coming weeks
  20. Wilko: Hundreds of jobs at risk as home and garden retailer plans to shut stores with expensive leases It's even better, the stores are where leases can't be renegotiated - commercial LL getting hammered again. How long before they go cap-in-hand to Rishi...
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